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Sasaki Miyu

Sasaki Miyu is a veteran pilot and is assigned to the First Expeditionary Fleet as the Squad Commander in the 66th Strategic Bomber Wing, which is attached to the 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons". Her career has been primarily focused on piloting various crafts until she found her seat into a bomber class. An additional fact is that she is a renowned singer within the Yamatai Empire.

Played by Rawolfe.

Sasaki Miyu
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja Female
Date of Birth: 10 (born on YE 32)
Height: 148 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Organization: Yamatai Star Empire
Occupation: Squad Commander
Rank: Ittô Heisho
Current Placement: 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons"

Physical Description

Miyu has a height of 149 cm and 43 kg in weights that adds up to her slender posture, it also adds up to her cup C in the breast size. She has no notable tattoos or scars on her skin that would make her less pretty. Among her Nekovalkyrja sisters she is rather average by looks and has short brown-red hair with does bring out her yellow eyes.

She mostly walks around in her Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30 as that makes her feel comfortable and it was way easier to get out of when she got off duty. When there is something formal, Miyu uses the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30C with some make-up to bring out her beauty and looking fabulous. Off-duty, when doing her singing she uses make-up as well.


A kind, caring and yet noble and wise is the most common attribute of her personality that comes up when talking about Miyu. She is a hard-worker that follows the orders to the letter when it is given. Truely and only loyal towards the Yamatai Star Empire, Miyu always has a smile on her face when she can serve her people to the max. Some would say that she has close ethical views towards the Motoyoshi Clan, being very patriotic, loyal, having a decent level of honor and dignity. But she sees herself as a soldier towards her people that wishes to protect them in any way possible.

On duty, she is rather focused on the task at hand and does not get distracted very quickly. Miyu has no real desire to become better in other duties that are open in the army, yet focus on what she is already good at and that is piloting her bomber. She has license herself for most classes that classified as fighters or bomber classes out there. She takes care of her squad members, both her own bomber crew and that of the other bombers and takes it personally if something would happen to them, but would not show in any facial expression. Only true friends would know that it would break her apart when she lost a pilot under her watch.

Another great passion of Miyu is her singing, she is known among the stars of the Yamatai with her songs. Though she only contributes to the music world under her nickname 'Rose' and uploads her songs towards the Yamatai network and doesn't do any concerts. She has a profile picture with her wearing a mask beautiful red dress with a rose on her ear. While on duty she is known as 'Red Dragon'.


Produced or born, both can be legit said about this woman as she felt born on YE 32 as one of the new batches that would be serving the Yamatai Star Empire. She was, like all of her sisters, trained in military and social lessons to be able to function properly and correctly within the Empire. She tried her best to become an exemplary soldier for her people and at the same time found her passion and joy in her singing. After the academy, she was assigned to the YSS Namikaze, a Heitan-class Carrier that was in service of Fifth Standard Fleet. She would be a pilot in the 21st Fighter Wing assigned to a squad with Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter, her action began directly as the fleet would attack the NMX remnants on Lkihujngfv II. There she earned her first promotion in rank to Nitô Hei.

In the coming years, Miyu had been part of patrols, chasing pirates and keeping track of unknown ships passing through Yamatai space. Meanwhile, she started her singing career under the name of 'Rose' and started to publish songs every 3 months by uploading songs to the network of Yamatai. But with the war getting declared in YE 38 by the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia, the YSS Namikaze got reassigned to First Expeditionary Fleet to support their efforts in the upcoming war. Miyu was eventually even part of the fighter squad that would be part of the attack on a major Kuvexian Navy base that the First Expeditionary Fleet performed, it got her promoted to Ittô Hei for her service in this operations. Over the years she trained herself to be able to pilot bomber class ships and got promoted to Nitô Heisho in YE 40.

Due to that, she had served the First Expeditionary Fleet before and her records showed promise in her ability to command, she was reassigned towards the 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons" that is part of the YSS Tokyo. Miyu would be part of the 66th Wing as one of the squad pilots with the rank of Ittô Heisho. On her bomber, that came with her from the YSS Namikaze, she would have her best friend as her vice Akamaru Reiko and now a new adventure starts for Miyu.

Service Record

Skills Learned

Sasaki Miyu has the following notable skills:

  • Communications: Knowing the basic radio operation and procedures with regards to being able to make transmissions to and receive from other (non-) military contacts. This she can do with a normal headset, on a starship or shuttle, and in power armor in both combat and non-combat situations.
  • Fighting: Due to her training in the Star Army, she has received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training programma. This includes experience and skilled in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons.
  • Leadership: She received with her training in command and the ability to recognizing ambush points.
  • Starship Operations: She is trained in operating small spacecraft in terms of Astrometrics, navigation, etc. She advanced her later in terms of piloting more spacecraft.
  • Survival: She is trained in the survival of what to do when her ship would be damaged or crash-landed on an unknown location.

Social Connections

Sasaki Miyu is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

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