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Species: Separa`Shan
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 5'10โ€œ Tail Length 11' 10โ€
Weight: 280
Organization: Abwehran
Occupation: 69th Para-Military
Rank: Maat
Current Placement:

Sathok`Arcoss in Roleplay

Sathok`Arcoss is a player character played by Zerralgaz.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10โ€œ Tail Length 11' 10โ€ Mass: 280 Measurements: Build and Skin Color: Like much of his Pythus kind, he was burly, physically strong. His skin was slightly pale, the scales that were patch work on his upper half, and covered his lower half was dark, actually a very very deep blue, they looked black at first glance, save for when the light struck them right. The underbelly scales he had were wide, flat and a dull gray, no shine to them.

Eyes and Facial Features: His eyes were wide, thin, a dark Amber color with flecks of red in them. He had a strong facial build, slightly wide jaw, when at rest, the way his eye brows sat it would look as if he were deep i thought or angry. His ears were much like a human's save for a light point to them, slightly elongated, jutting backwards, with scales along the edges. His nose had slightly elongated nostrils, more like nostril slits with the flatness of his nose.

Hair Color and Style: He had no hair, on the entirety of his body. Tiny scales sat just above his eyes, acting as his eye brows, he had groupings of the same deep blue scales that started as a V at his forehead and slid back along his head, and down to end just above the base of his skull.

Distinguishing Features: He had several tiny horns on his body, two per ear, one at the tip, one near the base. he had a few groups of little horns at the back of each elbow, a group of scales that ended in downward jutting horns at his chin. There were two horns, one per eye brow that sat at the back edge of his eyes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: He is sometimes rash, quick to act, his movements sometimes proceed his thoughts. Yet he is highly intelligent and has an almost lust for higher technologies, things still being tested. He often delves for days at a time, doing personal research and development, especially of mechanized technologies and weapons. He also regularly depends only on himself. Despite his mentality of acting quickly, when focused on something, he has a generally unending patience.

Likes: Technology, a bit of drinking, open minded scientists Dislikes: Heavily law filled societies Goals: Money, Influence, and to build his own Mercenary group.


Family (or Creators)

A large, complex family that is long forgotten.


He lived a very lack luster life before he grew to adult age. Once he was an adult, he was finally able to indulge his hunger for technology. The fact he was born on a very low tech world simply fueled his need to push his mind towards things his kind rarely ever sees. He found his way onto a Yamatai ship. Once he was in space, moving from place to place, hitching rides where he could. Eventually he was offered a job on a space station, a simple matter, end the life of another person. He completed this task with ruthless ambition. He found himself enjoying the simplicity, with the pay out being rather hefty for such an easy thing. He soon was enjoying the thought of the Mercenary life.



Mostly learning on his own in his home, before he grew of age. He learned how to utilize his whole body in martial combat. Especially his tail, used to constrict, twist a target's body about, and crush them. He is not as good with fire arms than he is with his own body, and prefers such.


Only because of his severe almost unhealthy interest in upper technology, he has learned the higher forms of mathematics as well.


He holds an astounding mind for three dimensional visualization when it comes to designing things. He has knowledge of everything from simple concrete and steel structures, to battle ships and super carriers. Even a small amount of knowledge of things yet built, only conceived, such as a Dyson sphere. Much of which learned while moving from place to place, and reading over anything he could that had engineering specifics, blue prints, and the like.

Technology Operation

He can use any basic computer, and some advanced ones, his learning scale is very fast when it comes to computer systems. Such things were found out to be coming naturally to him, an odd thing for the fact he came from such a low tech world.


He has a complex knowledge of chemicals. He knows how to properly build things at the atomic level, if he has the equipment to do so. His home taught him of Herbology, a basic form of chemistry. It helped in his transition to the higher forms of chemistry, and eventually into Nanochemistry.


He knows how to fix most anything, Mecha, Star ships, the humble air conditioner. Mixed with his other insights of technology, it opens up this spectrum even more.

Star ship Operation

He has learned through time, how to pilot the small Fighter, and even the large capital ship. Although he has only done simulations of the larger vessels, never having actually been able to pilot one. Much of this was learned while aboard other ships, using VR simulators as he came across them, and sometime simply through reading manuals.


Sathok`Arcoss is currently a Maat in the Abwehran. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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