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Sato Akane

Sato Akane is a player character played by iaincarter.

Sato Akane
Species: NH-33 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: 1yr 1mth
Height: 164 cm / 5' 4“
Weight: 44 kg / 97 lbs
Measurements: 34-23-35 / C cup
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Medic
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Sakishima

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color

Akane has a petite body that is slender, lithely muscled and possesses the typical hourglass appearance of the NH-33 with a lean, flat waist sandwiched between more substantive hips and her 34B-sized bust. She has long, shapely arms and legs, with elegant hands and feet.

As one might suspect with her given name meaning 'deep red', Akane's smooth, unblemished skin is a rich, Venetian red in hue that almost glows with health. When blushing, her cheeks darken enough to be noticeable.

Eyes and Facial Features

Flecks of goldenrod speckle Akane's almond-shaped eyes of satin sheen gold. Her eyes are very much a window on the soul and shine a little brighter when her mood is positive or excited. Conversely, when Akane feels unhappy or depressed, her eyes seem to darken.

With a narrow and sloping forehead, high and wide cheek bones and narrow, well-defined jawline Akane's facial shape is generally a diamond, but with the horizontal hairline of an inverted triangle. Natural, black eyebrows slope upwards and outwards before tapering off in a sophisticated style. Below, Akane's eyes are framed by long dark eyelashes, shorter across the eye and extended in the outer corners. A straight and proportioned button-like nose sits above a generous cupid's bow of a mouth with full, burgundy coloured lips and a set of straight white teeth. Her chin tapers to a rounded point that compliments the elegant neck that drops down to her narrow and slightly sloping shoulders.


Akane has the standard Nekovalkyrja cat-ears, the backs of which are covered in layered tufts of black fur so as to almost look feathered.

Hair Color and Style

In what can only be described as a veritable mane of mid-back length wavy hair, Akane's raven locks are usually kept restrained by braiding them together before pinning them up into a neat, elegant coiffure against the back of her neck, to better conform to Star Army Uniform and Appearance Policy. When off-duty, she usually lets her hair down, literally as well as figuratively. The hair shines from good health and is a glossy black throughout.

Distinguishing Features

There is a small genetically-imprinted tattoo of 由, the kanji for 'freedom', at the top of her right buttock. This is Akane's way of honouring the freedom of choice she was given by being birthed from her mother as opposed to being produced on a manufacturing line.


Akane's voice is lilting and sensuous and equally capable of producing a sultry purr or hypnotic, soothing cadence. When she chooses to sing, she is a pleasing, deep contralto.

Psychological Characteristics

Having received her basic and military education from her mother in the womb, Akane has always believed in the traditions, morals and ethics of the Star Army of Yamatai. Unsurprisingly, she holds bravery, honour, tradition, courtesy, respect, long-suffering and order in high regard.


Being possessed of a friendly, affectionate and nurturing nature, Akane is usually courteous and quite comfortable getting involved in social situations, although she doesn't mind if she isn't the centre of attention. She is honest, sympathetic, loyal to a fault and willing to trust a stranger until they prove unworthy of such.

Although Akane is an emotional romantic at heart, she has trained herself to (mostly) keep her emotions under control (most of the time) to better promote professional behaviour from herself and those around her. When off duty or on leave, she allows her control to relax so that she can behave more naturally. Akane indulges in light flirtation and innuendo while in uniform and makes up for her restraint when on leave.

While she often uses logic and observations to base her decisions on, Akane is not averse to taking ambitious, risky opportunities when she deems it necessary. She also attempts to keep an open mind, approaching problems with a flexible and adaptive mindset. Curious of the world around her, Akane enjoys meeting new people, learning new things and is a firm believer in self-improvement.

Those who haven't met Akane in unofficial circumstances have mistaken her to be a stuck-up, frigid professional who is too busy controlling her life to enjoy it. Inversely, those that have only met her socially have witnessed Akane's frivolous and flirty behaviour, labelling her as an air-headed tramp with little moral fibre. When her generous and trusting nature is abused, she is often accused of naivety. Sometimes, her flexible approach to problems causes Akane to miss solutions obtained by direct thought and action. Finally, her enthusiasm to meet people and learn things can oft-times seem a little invasive, making Akane seem nosy and intrusive.


Tidyness, practicing medicine, mornings, baking, pastries, tea, Yamataian cuisine and culture, the colours black and gold, classical and synthpop music, the smell of freshly-baked goods and mint, the feeling of silk brushing against her skin, singing, karaoke, dancing, meditation, helping others, her family, children and the Star Army of Yamatai.


Messiness, improper medical treatment, emergency triage, cruelty, needless dishonesty, cowardice, military deserters, anarchists, pirates and thieves, being unable to help someone in need, synthtrash music, instant and fast food, rude and uncouth behaviour, short hair and laziness.


Akane wishes to develop both her military and medical careers and is hoping to first work up towards in-the-field Officer Training. After that, she would like to work on earning a medical degree and becoming a qualified Doctor, perhaps ending up in command of a large medical facility. Eventually Akane would like to settle down and start a family, but is currently in no rush to do so.



Father - Sato Noriyuki, 25 year old, NH-31 Minkan, living on Yamatai Mother - Nagano Yumi, 9 year old, NH-33 Nekovalkyrja, living on Yamatai Brother - Sato Takeru, 1 month old, NH-31 Minkan, living on Yamatai Uncle - Ikeda Benjiro, 28 year old, NH-31 Minkan, living on Yamatai Aunt - Nagano Keiko 9 year old, NH-33 Nekovalkyrja, First Officer on the YSS Samekirā Aunt - Nagano Ryoko 9 year old, NH-33 Nekovalkyrja, CQC Instructor at Educational Facility 1 on Yamatai

Sato Noriyuki, Father

Born a NH-01 Geshrin in YE11, Noriyuki lost his mother in YE14 when she went in with the 2nd Army of the Precious Sword during its invasion of Hell in the Second Elysian War. Noriyuki was orphaned a year later when his father died as a bystander during a protest turned riot. Raised in a state-sponsored orphanage and later a military prep-school, Noriyuki enlisted on the day of his seventeenth birthday in YE28. Upgraded to a NH-27 Nekovalkyrja, he served his first three-year enlistment as a soldier aboard the Ayame-class Cruiser YSS Celia. With the additional training he had undertaken, upon his re-enlistment, Noriyuki served aboard the Nozomi-class scout YSS Tōchi as an armourer, where he met Nagano Yumi who was serving aboard as a medic. The two grew closer, and made plans to retire from active service together when their six years were up.

Retiring from the SAoY after the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Noriyuki soul transferred into a discharged NH-31 Minkan. He married Yumi on the last day of YE34 and became a father only a few months later with the birth of his NH-33Y daughter, Akane, in YE35. He became a father again in YE36 with the birth of his NH-31 Minkan son, Takeru. Noriyuki currently works from home as a freelance technical designer and, when he isn't cooking up treats in the kitchen, takes an interest in growing micro-bonsai trees.

Nagano Yumi, Mother

One of the early NH-27 Nekovalkyrja created by Ketsurui Zaibatsu in YE27, Yumi enlisted in the SAoY in YE28 after undergoing basic and nine months of medic training. She served as a medic aboard the Nozomi-class scout YSS Tōchi for both of her three year terms. During the second term, she met Noriyuki and swiftly fell for the armourer's friendly nature and easy charm. With the end of the war, Yumi retired from service and soul transferred into a discharged NH-33 body. Finding employment as a nurse at a nearby medical centre, Yumi moved in with her love and the two were married on the last day of YE34. Not many weeks passed before Yumi become fertile and three months later gave birth to her NH-33Y daughter, Akane. Although she loved her first born, Yumi discovered that she wished Akane had taken longer to grow up and so her second child, Takeru, was born in YE36 as an NH-31 Minkan. Yumi has not yet returned to work at the medical centre and is currently splitting her time between looking after her newborn and writing a novel of military fiction, inspired by her experiences in the SAoY.

Sato Takeru, Brother

Takeru is a NH-31 Minkan boy only recently born to Noriyuki and Yumi in YE36.

Ikeda Benjiro, Uncle

Benjiro was born a NH-01 Geshrin, shortly after the end of the First Elysian War in YE08. He enlisted in the SAoY at the age of 17 and stayed in for three terms as a technician. His final tour was aboard the Nozomi-class scout YSS Tōchi, where he served with Noriyuki and Yumi. Discharging from active service at the end of the war, Benjiro started up his own ship and vehicle customisation business based on Yamatai. He exclusively employs retired veterans he formerly worked with or knows through friends and occasionally employs Sato Noriyuki. Due to his closeness with the couple, he was made godfather to both Akane and Takeru.

Nagano Keiko, Aunt

Keiko was part of the same 'family unit' of NH-27's as Yumi. When her sister went off for medic training, Keiko became a starship operator and went straight into service with the Star Army of Yamatai as a '99 day Neko'. Thanks to her strong sense of tactics and leadership qualities, Keiko impressed her superiors and was encouraged when she pursued Officer Training. Keiko is Akane's favourite aunt and has been one of her idols since she met her. She is currently serving as the First Officer aboard the Chiaki-class Escort Destroyer YSS Samekirā.

Nagano Ryoko, Aunt

Ryoko is the third and final surviving member of Yumi's NH-27 family unit. She entered into the Star Army of Yamatai straight after basic training as a soldier. She served out her two tours as infantry, earning Santô Juni rank before being seconded to train new recruits in Close-Quarters Combat during basic military training. She is currently stationed at Educational Facility 1 on Yamatai.


Sato Akane was born as a NH-33Y Nekovalkyrja in YE35 to Sato Noriyuki and Nagano Yumi. Hoping her daughter would choose to enlist in the SAoY, Yumi transferred her basic military training and early life experiences to Akane. Unsurprisingly, Akane expressed a strong desire to serve and followed in her mother's footsteps by enlisting. Also echoing her mother, she proceeded to undertake additional vocational study in the field of medicine, becoming a qualified medic.

By the time she had fully matured at three months old, Akane was an obvious representation of both her mother and father. She possessed her mother's skin colouration and nurturing nature, along with her father's friendliness and culinary gifts. As a result of her emotional, mental and social growth during her nine month medical training course, Akane has undergone much change. She is now very much her own person, although there is still plenty of evidence present in her nature of the early influences in her life.

Akane is currently in transit to her first assignment.



Fluent and literate in both Trade (language) and Yamataigo (邪馬台語), Akane is also trained in basic radio operation and procedures. Both in and out of combat, she is able to communicate through natural wireless, telepathy, headsets, starships, power armour and shuttles.


Thanks to inheriting her mother's military training, Akane has received the Star Army of Yamatai basic training in the usage of Unarmed Combat, Knives, Energy Pistols and Power Armour. She is rated for such usage in both 0G and 1G environments.

Technology Operation

As a result of her training, Akane is fully capable of operating any system operating Kessaku OS, including data input and information retrieval. She is also familiar with the operation of and basic maintenance routines of the standard equipment issued to her by the SAoY.


Having received intermediate training in this area, Akane's mathematical abilities include algebra, trigonometry, calculus, mechanics and statistical analysis. She is also trained in SAoY procedures for accounting and inventory management.


During her medic training, Akane learned how to be a first responder, including calling in medical support with the 7-line format and how to apply triage with First Aid techniques. She is also trained in operating all SAoY standard medical equipment and in the properties, recognition and usage of the standard drugs and treatments proscribed in the SAoY medical regulations. Although not qualified to perform surgery, Akane is aware of the basics and is fully capable of assisting either an automated surgical unit or other qualified medical personnel.

Trained for ship duty, Akane is also familiar with the basics of psychology, covering the identifying and treatment of common conditions.

Biology (Science)

Akane has a thorough grounding in biology, with more advanced training in the areas of pharmacology, medical analysis and the physiology of the various species making up the Yamatai Star Empire.


Having grown up with her father's excellent cooking, Akane has developed some kitchen skills of her own. Her baking is solid and she can produce many different forms of tasty treats, although nothing too fancy. She also has plenty of experience with preparing basic and popular Yamataian cuisine and while she isn't up to restaurant standard, her food is at least appealing and tasty.


Sato Akane has the following items:

Standard Equipment

Medical Equipment

Personal Possessions

  • 1 4”x6“ frame with a flatpic of Akane with her mother, father and brother taken at medic training graduation
  • 1 bottle of Heatlube Personal lubricant


Sato Akane is currently a Santô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai and receives a Monthly Salary of 221 KS (2,652 KS per year).

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Approved for Play

Appearance Notes: If from what I have written above you can picture Scarlett Johansson, with skin colour like Darth Talon (but without the tattoos) and a few other cosmetic changes, then my description has done a pretty good job of explaining what I had pictured.

Equipment: Stored here until confirmation/assignment by Ship Captain (in case of different armour/weapons/accessories).

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