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Satto Okamish

Satto Okamish is a player character played by club24.

Satto Okamish
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: Pre YE01
Organization: Freelance
Occupation: Gentleman Assassin
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Bounty Hunter Series

Physical Description

Satto is a very twig like man who stands at 7ft tall but only weighs 65kg, most of his height is in his legs with a smaller than average torso and closer shoulders than most men. Satto's arms are also longer than usual and his hands hang at his knees.

Satto's face is hard and emotionless for the most part but when he smiles it takes on a loving fatherly expression, his eyes often remained partially closed. His hair was once brown but now contains many strands of grey, the colour having faded with his age


Satto has a highly reserved personality and is very quiet among those he does not thoroughly know, only speaking the bare minimum required to communicate his ideas or thoughts with them. Satto has worked alone for most of his life with no strong connections to many people around him, only a few old friends and connections here and there.

He is not cruel or mean however and simply treats strangers as such, he is still polite towards any who have not wronged him and will lend his ear to any who haven't wasted his time.


Satto was born into a fine family and raised to always use his manners and be polite, a way of life that became engrained within his very personality. As he grew he was taught the basics of the world, mostly how to get work and get the most from his own skills and talents.

As a child and teen Satto attended an education and finished with quite pleasing results, afterwards he had several jobs in various mundane office type environments. After several years of this standard boring lifestyle he was caught up in a traffic accident and sustained major skeletal injuries. This resulted in Satto being the first to undergo a new treatment and recovery plan his doctor had been working on. However Satto did not know that his usual doctor had recently turned back alley to try and settle several debts.

A year later and his life had completely changed, after the surgery had been completed Satto's whole physiology had been modified, his arms and torso had both been extended beyond normal sizes. In that year Satto had lost his job and in fact his whole desire for jobs like it, while his mind had been untouched his outlook had changed. While it was definitely a drastic career switch, Satto trained to become an efficient and silent killing machine otherwise called an assassin, despite his physical form the man was good at his new line of work and travelled all over the galaxy doing jobs.

Skills Learned

In is time existing, Satto has had two major occupations as well as a more privileged young life and as such has picked up many skills which he benefits from depending on the job.

Technology Operation: While nothing super impressive Satto can use most forms of technology with his specialisation being primarily with software and weapons, his driving and flying skills are a little above average as is his ability to fix broken or faulty hardware. Most of these skills with software were acquired during his days in the offices, and high tech weapon handling was just part of his new career.

Chemical Science: With no one to rely on but himself in the field Satto often has to make up his own escape options and more tactical devices, understanding chemistry became a very necessary skill for the assassin to possess and so he spent 2 years learning.

Close Quarters Killing: As an assassin the skills to kill others quietly and closely are vital ones, one on one fights are unavoidable at times and these abilities can be the difference between life and death. To further compliment his CQK skills Satto always ensures he's equipped with an easily concealable garotte weapon or substitute.

Long Distance/Firearm Efficiency: While close quarter combat skills are some of the deadliest and most useful to an assassin, being able to take out their enemies from long range is also useful. Satto trained with various rifles for nearly 2 years after he became a hired hitman and can now use long distance weapons with relative effectiveness.

Stealth: Satto naturally blended with crowds even before becoming an assassin, he was always just an plainly average man and had no trouble fitting in anywhere. Since switching careers he now continues this practice as well as more 'shadowy' stealth types to remain undetected and escape pursuers.

Social Connections

Satto has no family left alive and does not make many friends, he does have contacts for various reasons however.

  • The UpStreet Tailor Constructed and upgrades Satto's Suit
  • Lead SongBird Secretive weaponsmith who tunes and maintains Satto's weapons

Inventory & Finance

Satto Okamish has

OOC Information

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In the case club24 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
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