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Scrabler is a player character played by Phantom.

Species: Android (EM-J3-1a β€œDennis” model)
Gender: Male
Age: 25 (YE 13)
Height: 6β€œ 5”
Weight: 250 lb
Organization: Freelancer
Occupation: Mercenary
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Ragnarok

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6β€œ 5”
  • Mass: 250 lb (110 kg)

Build and Skin Color: Mechanical body built like a skeleton. Wires exposed about himself. Lanky arms and legs, and a furnace like ribcage. Dark grey with green accents and slightly rusty. Stripped down EM-J3-1a β€œDennis” model.

Eyes and Facial Features: One green robotic eye. Mouth and Jaw rectangular and long. His mouth, is like a furnace with an microphone behind it.

Ears: none

Hair Color and Style: Hair is made of thin cables.

Distinguishing Features: Thin bottom jaw and mouth are long. Most of mechanical body is symmetrically built. He also has weapons attached to limbs.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: He is quiet and very to the point to strangers. He mostly enjoys company of living biological races. He once was a human on the verge of death due to causes that even Scrabler doesn't remember. His memory is clouded at times, but is trust worthy. He also enjoys friends that actually enjoy his presence, due to his ghoulish appearance. He keeps his friends close but at times he will glitch and accidently kills them due to his forgetting that they need breathe air and cant inhale acid or other dangerous chemicals

  • Likes: kindness, small animals, friends, interesting weapons, MONEY, other robots at times.
  • Dislikes: law keepers, orange juice, hot weather, annoying people, loud things.
  • Goals: to make friends, live in luxury, turn bio-logical


Family (or Creators)

Peter Kronk (Son) (status unknown) Claire Kronk (Mother) (status unknown) Henry Kronk (Father) (status unknown)


Before Scrabler became an android he was a human crook by the name of Jonathan Kronk on his home planet. He got into a confrontation with the local authorities which resulted in him getting shot several times and left him bleeding out in a back alley alone. But fate had different plans when a doctor by the name of Edward Gorgas took it upon himself to give Kronk a second chance at life. Dr.Gorgas performed an emergency soul transfer on Kronk into a nearby stripped down Dennis droid. During the transfer Kronk's human body died and severed the link early causing a serious case of amnesia. When Kronk booted up in his new body he was a shell of what he once was. His memories where gone but he still had the dark desires from his previous life. Not even remembering his own name he took to being called Scrabler after his mental state. Hating his body Scrabler hardwired himself to a database and purged all the files from it then began to attach miscellaneous parts to his body until what he has become today. He has never stayed in teams for long seeing them as things that hold him back but he is willing to work as long as pay is good and he can receive good technical services. If there is a technician present on a team he will stick to him like glue almost never leaving their side. He loves chemicals to such a degree that he has experimented with different combinations on anything at hand even humans.



He has a database of most languages known to the universe in his primary computer. He can not write in anything other than Neplesian as he sees it as unnecessary and a burden.


He is adept at chemical warfare and is sufficient in close combat due to a purge of the information from a military laboratory and a nearby barracks.


Thanks to his robotic body Scrabler does not require rest, food, or water. Also his frame allows him to traverse any terrain no matter how difficult. He can even climb up walls and along ceilings. He will not stop even if he is debilitated by the loss of a limb since he assumes that he will be able to put himself back together afterwards. He also stores two back-up drives in his frame one in the skull and the other in the chest in case he is destroyed.

Technology Operation

His many wires allow him to plug him self into computers, and access its contents thourgh a direct connection to his primary processors. While in the system his physical body is vulnerable but he can transfer to any other system hooked up to what he is connected to.


Scrabler has downloaded and learned in the field to be an excellent thief he uses these skills to steal for his own gains and profit.

Maintenance and Repair

He over time has learned how to repair and upgrade himself using any materials at hand. He can also repair and upgrade other electronical devices though preferring drones and droids.


Due to his love of Chemical warfare he can identify a number of different chemicals and can also make his own by combining various chemicals or substances together to create more deadly toxins. He is known for testing new substances on anything at hand though preferring living creatures.


Scrabler has the following items:

  • 1 massive Durandium knife with poison reservoir, concussion and shock modifications
  • 1 GP-16 Plasma Pistol with extra ammo
  • 1 Revolving Grenade Launcher with 40mm NAM Grenade Rounds
  • Fillable canisters
  • Various deadly chemicals
  • Modified Sprayer


Scrabler is currently a mercenary.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
3000 DA 3000 DA Weapons

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