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Morimoto Seiji

Morimoto Seiji is an NPC controlled by Deathevn in the Terraforming Ake plot.

Morimoto Seiji
Species: Yamataian, Minkan
Gender: Male
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Researcher
Rank: Employee
Current Placement: Terraforming Ake

Character Description

A natural-born Minkan, Seiji has been a employee of Origin Industries for a few years to date. Tall and gangly and always with a set of heavy rimmed glasses he often is seen pushing up his nose. He has nondescript except to say that it is often disheveled brown hair and equally brown eyes.

History and Relationship Notes

Seiji has had a long history of excellent education. He tended towards being the the top of most of his academic classes . Studious and hard working , he got a job working at origin industries shortly after his graduation. Initially hired on as a project researcher it quickly became apparent to origin that while he was quite smart, his interpersonal skills where lacking, and has been written up by human resources on several occasions . In the interest of making the workplace more habitable he was recently 'promoted' to a field researcher and sent out to one of the places he could do the least harm: Ake.

Skill Areas

  • Communications and Technology: Fluent in Yamatai-Go, Trade. Lives and breaths technology to the point where it has become a stark dependence in his life. He has spent extensive time and research into their operation and use and can very quickly adapt to different systems.
  • Starship Operations: Living on them all of his life Seiji is comfortable piloting many civilian ships and shuttles to a basic degree.
  • Chemistry: Seiji has a good knowledge of basic and advanced chemistry , though a lot of the knowledge is specifically in the theoretical and has rarely been put to practice.
  • Humanities: Has a strong personal interest in art. While he has not ever done such things professionally he can paint moderately well as a hobby.
  • Construction: Has received moderate training in construction and design in the more normal devices that would be deployed in his newest role on Ake.
  • Astronomy: Seiji is knowledgeable in many aspects of astronomy including but not limited to star cartography.
  • Culinary: Seiji has been forced to become his own chef, as very few places cater to a vegan diet. He can cook a variety of meatless dishes.


Morimoto Seiji has the following items:

  • 2 Origin Industries Uniforms
  • 1 Origin Industries Toiletry Kit

OOC Discussion

DeathEvn shall control this character as an NPC on Dawn Station, with the exception of the plot Terraforming Akeโ€“ which will be very short.

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