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Seiren Isbala

Seiren is a player character played by Moogle and is currently involved in the ISC Phoenix - Volume 2.

This character may not be adopted.
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 4' 9
Weight: 130 lbs
Organization: ISC Phoenix - Volume 2
Occupation: Amateur Technician and inventor
Rank: 7-Diamonds
Theme: Porter Robinson - Sad Machine


Moloko - Dumb Inc. Introduction
Porter Robinson - Sad Machine Main Theme
NOW PLAYING Time to think!
DJ GALAX - Kirby's Invincibility Candy Remix Sugar rush
Girl's Hop I can teach, too!
Kirby - Glutton Silly moments
Vocaloid IA - METEOR Construct Expansion
Perfume - Handy Man Theme of Construction
Kuroki Rei Realization
Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World Ending

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4' 10 Mass: 125 lbs

Build and Skin Color: Pale skin with a small build - almost adolescent, if you will.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color and Style: Blue-grey. More of a grey than a blue, really. The style is kept short with the back ending in a point (Not a distinguished point, but it's just the way it was cut) and the bangs kept parted into two “tassels” at the side of his face.

Distinguishing Features: The strange 'tassels' he does his hair in. And his childlike face. Has a habit of randomly having his bag on him at any given moment. Also has a penchant for crossdressing.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Quirky - Bizarre in a calm way, doofuslike. Nine times out of ten, if he's building something from scratch, it'll explode. His clumsiness factor (Out of 10) is a 7.31 (Rounded). Most of the time, he is as cool as a cat - but he still retains bizarre phraseology. Although, once in a while, he'll go on a 'spaz-attack' - either from sugar withdrawal or sugar buzz. Whenever this happens, he is at his most inventive. However, the downside is that during the spastic fits, his processing power goes to nil. So, he can invent the idea - but putting the supplies together in this capacity is a disaster.

[Minpee (Higure Samon)] Himitsu no Fumi-chan [English]

Likes: Candy, combining basic mechanical actions with modern technology, guns Dislikes: Stuck up cyborg types, people who brag too much about having cybernetic implants or owning the latest 'this or that' Goals: Not really any - mainly just to make the best things he can. That, and creating the best candy the universe has ever known.


Family (or Creators)



Seiren grew up in a small home. His parents weren't wealthy or powerful - just simple civilians living in Yamatai. They were encouraging folk, and liked to push him to further his efforts on studying technology. When he was 19, the Yamataian body was released - and he took the first opportunity he could to 'upgrade'. Nothing seemed to go wrong, and then he began his adult life. For a good bit of time, he wandered from city to city, sleeping in hotels, trying to find a job that would suit his particular talents. Finally, he found a wanted ad for the ISC Phoenix. Several inquiries, a mad lawnmower, and a few shuttle flights later, he found the planet that the crewmembers were on - and hopes to persuade the captain of allowing him to join.

Mission Interlude 4: A Hard Day's Night

Seiren joins the crew by giving the cold shoulder to a crazy jelly broad named Malice. In other words, he froze her with Liquid Nitrogen. He also gets some new weapons courtesy of the Bortelli family shop, and equips them onto some sneaky armtracks that fit them onto his sleeves. Oh yeah, and he got a Mancannon and made a nice stock for it. Whoop-dee-doo. And he made himself a little workshop in one of the bays of the ISC Big Bird.

Mission 7: Siege on Sector 72

The crew of the Phoenix (and Seiren) head to a Freespacer ship, where a gang called the Jet Bulls tries to kill Luca. Unsuccessfully. And then Mishu happened. Seiren's use of the Mancannon nearly took out his shoulder. He picked up a Ripshot along the way, but didn't really use it. Far more useful, he lifted an Aether generator and a Zesuanium plate off of a fallen Ripper, which he rejoiced for. Afterwards, he embarrassed himself with poor driving skills. Vincent was not amused. In the fray that followed, Seiren donned a WIND power armor and fought a few zombies, promptly getting paid an absurd sum immediately afterwards. The crew all gathered to watch one of Seiren's movies, “The Adventures of the Unreasonable,” afterwards. It was fun.

Mission 8: Dawning Concerns

The crew of the Phoenix (and Seiren) make their way to Origin Industries' Dawn Station for a day of business. Along the way, they are greeted by Aerin Tatst, see the remnants of an explosion that may or may not have something to do with the Frame Tester Team of the OIF Atuan, and make unflattering quips about how the inventor is “making up for something.”

Malice returned with a vengance, so the crew suited up with a corporate seal of approval and beat the bad guys yet again. Seiren came out of this one with a brand-spanking-new LEAF mecha and some other new toys.

Mission 9: Enzo's Lady of the Night

The crew of the Phoenix (and Seiren) now move operations to the Crimson Kestrel, an Origin Industries Raider. Seiren welds an Aether Generator and the plate over THAT onto the LEAF, hooking the Aether to the weapons systems and using the regular power to control movement. The inventor proceeded to do absolutely nothing but futz around with his toys for the rest of the mission.

Mission Interlude 5: The Making of

The crew of the Phoenix (and Seiren) try to start a PR campaign to cash in on Luca's fame. It does not go well. More importantly, Seiren aided in reconstructing the The Grapple Stunner blueprints into something a little less bulky and a little more efficient. The crew goes incognito before their meeting (With the inventor bringing along dangerous “Meteorite Flare” sweets) so they can get around without attracting the USUAL attention. They failed. A crime syndicate targets Luca this time, with the intent on spoiling his good public image by destroying an entire city. Seiren assisted the gang with copious useage of his new toy. The machine is put through its paces, taking some damage along the way but holds up admirably. Seiren jury-rigs an Electrolaser rifle to its shoulder, planning on working in the targeting later. He proceeds to do nothing for the rest of the mission, as is the norm.

Mission ???: What the hell happened to Seiren

In-between the present and the previous mission, the inventor fixed up the LEAF with all sorts of things (see below), most notably its YamiNekoNeko colouring and decals. He heard about the NMX attack on Yamatai and headed off to his home planet to assist with relief efforts, seeing as it was his home planet and his parents lived there. They're still fine. And that's all, folks.

Epilogue 2


Seiren heard the news down the grapevine from Robert, having kept in touch with his fellow craftsman, but refused to believe it on account of the lack of body found. Which, one would suppose, would be a par for the course in terms of reactions. His volunteer work on Yamatai after the Battle of Yamatai continues, though he is also trying to start up a candy company in his spare time. His flagship product, the Phoenix is finished, and he hopes to launch a company with some of his remaining finances. He left his LEAF on the Crimson Kestrel in hopes that he will someday be called to go back and use it.

Personal Mission 1: Dude be cray cray

Seiren meets up with a certain individual after being contacted for a very lucrative proposition for business, their place of meeting being Funky City where the terms were discussed and agreed upon. After this meeting, Seiren left, flying first class.

He waited for the message to come.

ISS Phoenix, Volume II

Prologue: Seiren rejoins the Phoenix

The pint-sized pipsqueak comes face-to-face with his hero once more after a call went out. The inventor, overjoyed at Luca's living, snapped up the opportunity to join. He spent a good amount of time at Lina's bar while waiting to head out on the first real mission, getting to know the new folk and rekindling old friendships.

Personal Mission 2: The Reading

Seiren's call finally came, and he took a little time to head down to the Shattered Shell for the second time to meet Aiesu for his contractual obligation. There, they discussed business before heading to scan himself for the first reading. A few rather personal inquiries were made, and they spent some time afterwards getting to know one another before Seiren went off to do heroic things.

Mission 1: Feel the Pain

The crew of the newly-arisen Phoenix (and Seiren) head out to a settlement on Nepleslia, where strange things are afoot. The citizens there have either disappeared or layabout in the streets and buildings, completely unaware as to their surroundings and past. Luca and company go in to try and fix this. Seiren finds out the drug is probably Lorath, and there's a nekovalkryja named Aoi somehow involved. He and the Gartagen member, Bronzi, trace her down to find out she's trying to stop this horrid mess from spreading. And then things go to shit when night comes around. Seiren and a few others unite in order to protect Aoi's friends while Luca engaged in a struggle to rid the town of this poison. Somehow, Seiren's end of things involved fighting off mutant crocodiles with a now-upgraded GP-13 pulse pistol. Go figure. In the end, he saved the kids with Bronzi, Echelon, and Aoi's help.

Side Job 1: Most Peculiar Way

Seiren talks business with Luca to get things set in motion for his candy factory, among other thing. (Grapple stunner upgrades)

Interlude: Splish Splash

The Crew of the Phoenix (and Seiren) relax at Lina's after the previous mission's trials. Seiren passes along his porta-still to Enzo, and meets P. Reeves, threatens an IPG agent, and waves to Vincent. Grand.

Later, he meets Rebeka for the second time and teaches her that his strange candies are for eating. Also argues that he is a boy.

Even later, they interrogate the head of the construct of the lagrange bag man - and Seiren is unnerved by Rebeka's ability to eat the heat.

Mission 2: Choke

Seiren is woken up by the mission announcement to find Rebeka is in his bed. After getting the mission specs, he got innuendo'd at by Sura, Bronzi's daughter. He was accosted by security guards on the way in for some strange reason, and Rebeka managed to get him out of it due to her. . . natural charisma.

Seiren spent most of the mission teaching Rebeka about various aspects of hotels and service industry (from tipping to vending machines). . . and then finds out that she is functionally blind. Also biscuits.For good measure, this.

Post Mission 2: All The While

Seiren spends the beginning of this mission enjoying breakfast and explaining kigurumis to Rebeka. And then he gave her her first Water Mochi. And Aiesu was a pervert Also something about somebody else with a LEAF.

Later, he went on a sugar high and took a picture with Luca and prototyped what may very well be the next generation of Phoenix Punch.

Side Job: Humoresque

Seiren engineers the Modular Grapple Stunner's first form change, true to rider fashion. Things go awry, but the prototype is almost workable. Too bad he has to hid from Allison for a while. Link

Later, Vita came around to get a guitar fixed and ate the thing that caused so many problems in the first place. God the pavones are WEIRD.

End of year 2014: Can You Imagine?

YULE SEASON AND GIFTS. Seiren gets everybody else things and he got some nice things in return. All in all, a good haul! (Also, a blind-assistance ring that Seiren got on special-order for Rebeka).

Mission 3: Rock the Casbah

They start the day with a game of Ogres and oubliettes, and Rebeka learns about dice and probability. The gang finds out that it's a pirate raid on a pleasure convention cruise, and Seiren immediately suits up in his LEAF for the first time in ages.

They arrive on ship through elevators and immediately kick some ass.

Mission :

(Construct) The Lost Child

Task 1: (Re)Awaken

Seiren wakes up, only to find that it isn't his first time in the Golgotha facility. He murders a MOTHER clone of Aiesu, and exits. Mindfuck ensues.

Task 2: (Re)Acquaint

Seiren meets Sana Nakamura, another individual entangled with lazarus, and frees her with a fair amount of luck and thinking, then proceeds to the next room.

(Construct) Roommate Shenanigans


A surprisingly accurate replica of Seiren, this construct of his person was awoken as a house-mate to Aiesu Kalopsia for the purpose of filling the requirement of two to a room after discovering her large and very active pet Ey'tis Albert did not qualify as a room-mate.

Day :

(Construct) Ω

Task 1: Enter Mr. Grunder

Task 2: Encounters and Exploration

Task 3: Empty House


Technology Operation

Having been pushed by his parents to do so, Sieren studied computers and manuals quite often - even taking classes on them. He is somewhat adept, but has no field experience with anything other than domestic computers. He could take one apart or customize it however he wanted - if it weren't using some form of nano-tech. But, once again, most of his knowledge lies on paper instead of in the hands. Theoretically, he could operate just about any computer he wanted. Theoretically.

Maintenance and Repair

He studied this for a period of time (It was in the same tier as Technology Operation at where he was taking classes.). He knows basic repair techniques to fix up minor to mild problems in machinery. As for maintenance, Seiren can't be fooled very easily if somebody fiddles with the circuitry of his inventions and doesn't tell him. Both skills were deemed necessary to him in order to maintain his creations (When he gets the supplies to make them), as well as the (probable) fact that just about any ship would hire him in just for this basic ability.


Same reasons as the first skill. However, this skill is mainly limited to mechanical mechanisms and (Hobby-type) construction. Also, he can modify guns (Ballistic or laser) - which got him thrown out of one or two shooting ranges because they exploded in his hands. However, Seiren is currently studying (A book that he picked up) in order to learn about how to design and modify Power Armors. He has successfully modified a LEAF to contain both embedded weaponry and external generator hookups to specific systems, proving to be a testament to his skill.


His extent into this skill is manufacturing his own candy. Honestly, that's the only thing he ever learned it for. Joking aside, he also knows how to make a variety of sweet pastries - but he still mostly sticks to candy. His sweet-tooth is what drove him to learn how to cook (From a chef at a hotel he stayed at once).


The memory skills of this individual are fairly superb due to a youthly diet of fish and brain foods. Other than that, he knows quite a bit on gun statistics and types, as well as various melting points of materials and god knows what else having to do with basic materials.


Seiren has had no proper training in fighting - just a few small martial arts classes here and there, studying Power Armor manuals, shooting galleries, and combat simulations (A.K.A video games). The hand-to-hand knowledge would be sufficient if he were to take on a civilian or an inexperienced robber. Or, if he had a gun and were engaged in combat, could provide back-up. He has had a very small amount of experience piloting his own personal LEAF mecha, but remains aloof with other models. He's also taken part in numerous firefights, but proved to only be minimally effective without his mecha.


The only reason Seiren learned any chemistry at all was to apply a scientific knowledge to cooking in order to make a better candy. Essentially, just what things would fuse to make the candy more chewy, or have a different texture, taste differently, and so on. He's only focused on the culinary aspect of this, so any practical use (Other than melting two pieces of metal together) for chemicals is unknown to him. Figures, eh?


Seiren is currently a helping hand on the ISC Phoenix.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 KS Starting Funds
2,220 KS 780 Bought Vial
4,720 KS 2,500 Given for helping Luca
4,320 KS 400 KS Paid for guns
24,320 KS 20,000 KS Helped in battle w/ NMX
14,320 KS 10,000 Bought OI-M8-1A Light Enhanced Armored Frame
12,070 2250Bought Heavy Infantry Plasma Rifle with a charging base and an extra box of plasma caps and a OI-M1-W3106 Plasma Pistol/Saber
6,720 5500Bought a lot of things


1 bag of nondescript plain clothes, including jackets
1 GP-13 Pulse Pistol
1 Little Killer
1 Ulti Tool
1 Vial
1 Styrling Ripshot
1 Bunsen burner kit, complete with cookware.
1 A case of various tools (now useless thanks to the ulti-tool) and various metal scraps and pieces)
1Heavy Infantry Plasma Rifle with a charging base and an extra box of plasma caps
1OI-M1-W3106 Plasma Pistol/Saber
1OI-M8-1A Light Enhanced Armored Frame, equipped with NovaCorp Electrolaser Rifle on shoulder, a Styrling Man Cannon, .455 Loud Boom built into the left hand w/ autoloader, a Portable Aether Generator with Zezunium plating, and coloured Yamatai Blue with YamiNekoNeko decals.
1 Box of Precious Gemstones
5 cows
1 Tape Measure
1 Polished Marble Statuette of Hanako
1 Barrel of Nepleslian Whiskey
1Charged Particle Launcher
1Rolling chair, cushioned
1Vibrating Egg
1Crazy-ass candy experimentation machine with parts to create and experiment with effectively any thinkable permutation possible. Has volumetric projection for manipulative interface, and one for viewing. For whatever reason, there is a sawn-off shotgun as an insertion mechanism. Foam machine for multi-purpose.
1Hydrogen Cell
1Broken NAM Ultra-Compact Fusion Generator
1Chilled nuclear-materials container containing Hafnium
1Chilled nuclear-materials container containing Uranium
1Complete Exo-Skeleton Arm
1Crate of exotic spices (insert planet here)
1Crate of exotic spices (insert planet here)
1Crate of refined metal
1Crate of scrap metal
1Expensive designer swimsuits (female)
1Finger sized shard of zesuaium
1Large box full of towels
1Pneumatic Nailgun
1SSCC-XL containing energy cells
1Shipment of brand-new female undergarments
2Thumbnail sized shard of zesuaium
1Barrel of Nepleslian Beer (Halloween, TC: 3-76, IC: 63-3021-72)
1Andrium Armor bulkhead, intact (Halloween, TC: 78-89, IC: 6141-3617-158)
1Rolling chair, cushioned (Halloween, TC: 59-57, IC: 3538-2394-106)
1Large jug of massage oil (Halloween, TC: 91-35, IC: 8338-1527-120)
1Polished Marble Statuette (Halloween, TC: 57-19, IC: 3249-874-72)
1Various Medicines (Halloween, TC: 26-72, IC: 707-3297-95)
1Used Te-G5 Adante Keyboard, (S Halloween, TC: 82-71, IC: 5879-2116-152)
1New EM-J5-6a Flying Assistant Robot Series Public (S Halloween, TC: 54-14, IC: 813-477-67)
1Used EM-G9 Series Flashlight (S Halloween, TC: 78-82, IC: 6453-2599-159)
1Plastic Human skeleton - glows in the dark (S Halloween, TC: 18-70, IC: 1317-2297-88)
1Refurbished EM-G12 “Teikei” Advanced Communicator (S Halloween, TC: 75-50, IC: 3807-1707-124)
2Crate of Medical Supplies (Halloween, TC: 48-98, IC: 4761-2115-141)
1Shipment of old Nepleslian War Film Movie Disks (Halloween, TC: 19-56, IC: 1102-1289-73)
1Coolers (Halloween, TC: 32-86, IC: 2809-2035-115)
1Starship Environmental Systems Installation Kit (Halloween, TC: 16-36, IC: 633-957-51)
1CIWS plasma blade
1HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’, with 50 S-NAM (FMJ) and 50 S-NAM (JHP) rounds

Candy Recipies

Seiren is currently trying to start a candy company, and has several recipes that he has perfected after a long time deveoping.

Something somethinghave one which changes the taste of one's own saliva.The wetter their mouth gets eating the candy, the more DELICIOUSNESS.far in excess of normal candies.
Fruit Rollup thing? Fruit Rollup thing
Pizza frisbeemagical motherfucking pizza record maker
Magical drink

<`Osaka>Or the angle of the glass <`Osaka>Affects the colour <`Osaka>So as you tip it further up <`Osaka>The initial colour changes. <`Osaka>Since there'd be some component in the neck of the glass. <`Osaka>That “triggers” it. <`Osaka>Like a low electrical current that bonds sugars to different lengths. <`Osaka>So the optical return is different. <`Osaka>as a result… The temperature corrisponds to the angle poured. <`Osaka>Since the longer chains which produce red <`Osaka>Involve more chemical work. <`Osaka>Wheras the ones used to make blue <`Osaka>Involve almost none. <`Osaka>Maybe the sweetness and the flavor changes too. <`Osaka>So one end is sweet <`Osaka>And the other end is sour. <`Osaka>So you always get your preferred flavor. <`Osaka>I can see it being poured over ice. <Mog>“I can never get the pour right. . . always tastes like Mai'le. <`Osaka>And then adding a splash of alcohol, which doesn't actually mix but displaces it. <`Osaka>Floating like oil in the mixture, like clear bubbles inside it. <`Osaka>Cuz its hydrophobic. <`Osaka>Or alcophobic. <`Osaka>So you always get the alcohol in crisp snappy bursts. <`Osaka>And then its already chasing itself. <`Osaka>With cool refreshing tang or sweet. <`Osaka>SPACE COCKTAIL

Invention Designs

Phases: Idea Phase: It was born of a far of dream from the tear of sleeping gods. It's a thought, nothing more.

Design Phase: Seiren has summoned the willpower to start blueprinting the design.

Testing phase: Somehow, Seiren managed to scrap together the resources to match his dangerous blueprints. Now he's a guinea pig.

(Unmarked): Finished design, works just fine.

GrappleStunner Not technically Seiren's design, but he aided in reorganizing Luca Pavone's design so that the overall tool was more efficient.
Hidden-Gun Tracks Seiren's go-to design. He's worked out proportions for larger tracks, but originally these tracks were used for tool storage. Now they hold guns. They're triggered by a string tied to a ring on his hands that must be jerked quickly, so slower movements don't trigger it.
Spice Bomb A spherical weapon that holds in compressed air and an ungodly amount of cinnamon. This thing, hypothetically, would explode into an area roughly the size of a large New York loft with choking dust, causing foes without air recyclers to cope with troubled lungs.Design Phase
Cryowatch A simple digital watch with a mentally triggered mechanism underneath that sprays freezing fluid on its intended target. Usually handy in case one has to deal with a handcuff or a foe made of jelly. Design phase
Shot-Knuckle A shotgun brass knuckle. A shotgun shell with a minimalistic casing and trigger (where the thumb is) is used as the grip for a knuckle. A work in progress.
Holopad Something more useful, versatile, and intuitive than a standard datapad. Re-sizable hologram screen with plastic frame or something. idea phase.
Electrothingy A two-pronged electrical conduit that slips between the knuckles. Works a little like a crossbreed between a tesla coil and a jacob's ladder. A secondary hybrid like a railgun is also being thought of. Ideas: Can be swung like a sword, and at the apex of the swing emits lightning. Variant: A hinged part allows electricity to build, and once the bars are flipped parallel, it emits. Variant: Punching shocker, electrocutes when embeds. Prongs are three to seven inches long. Idea Phase.
ENGPak An innocuous looking backpack that has wires that can hook up to (with the right conversions) any energy-powered weapon, thanks to the mass reserves in the packpack. Good for infiltration and reloading. Idea phase.
Weapon integration Magazine A magazine that runs a current through the bullets when it connects with a weapon on an arm track, causing it to wrap around like an armband. “Shape memory alloy - remembers 'stiff' position when a charge is applied.” (See: Batman: The Dark Knight's wings)
Multigrenade slingshot See also: That slingshot guy, Experimental MIRV
Wubgun it makes noise. plasma based audio conduction that produces both a barrier and an attack based on the sound put through it.
Energy Drink gun it's like it shoots electric grenades.
Superbat (Name pending) Collapsible bat made of carbon-fiber bits so it doesn't break easily but it's light as a feather. Uses a gravitic centrifuge for added oomph

Style references

OOC Discussion

Yeah. First character in Yamatai, but not my first RPing character. I saw the ad to this site on my normal RP site, and thought, “Why the hell not?”.

Character Data
Character NameSeiren Isbala
Character OwnerMoogle
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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