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-====== Septimael Caius II ====== 
-Septimael Caius II is a [[:​characters|player character]] played by [[user:​luca]]. 
-^    Septimael Caius II    ^^ 
-|   ​{{:​character:​anonymous:​anonymous_elysian_male.png?​300|}} ​ || 
-^  Alias: ​ | None.  | 
-^  Species: ​ | [[species:​Elysian]] [[species:​patricians|Patrician]] | 
-^  Gender: ​ | Male | 
-^  Age:  | 27  | 
-^  Zodiac Sign:  | Libra  | 
-^  Height: ​ | 215.4 cm  | 
-^  Weight: ​ | 61.3 kg  | 
-^  Organization ​ | [[faction:​elysia:​military:​navy]] ​ | 
-^  Rank  | [[faction:​elysia:​military:​navy#​ranks_of_the_elysian_celestial_navy|Semeai]] ​ | 
-^  Occupation(s) ​ | Security ​ | 
-^  Current Placement ​ | [[faction:​elysia:​units:​thule_task_force]] ​ | 
-^  Theme Song  | "​Master'​s Theme" from Soul Blazer ​ | 
-===== Physical Characteristics ===== 
-**Build/​Skin:​** His skin is stark white as alabaster, and smooth to touch. Muscular if compared to the average Patrician. \\ 
-**Facial Features/​Eyes:​** White eyes with flecks of Grey. His face appears to have been cleanly chiselled from stone. Medium nose, thin lips. Wrinkles and imperfections are virtually absent.\\ 
-**Hair Colour/​Style:​** Fair blonde, long, tied back into 3 separate ponytails.\\ 
-**Distinguishing Features:** The usual Elysian statue-esque beauty. Might have a bruise or two on him somewhere from a boxing match or Pankration match. Also has a pair of functioning wings. 
-===== Psychological Characteristics ===== 
-He can never resist a test of strength or mettle, and has a highly competitive nature. He does show a sportsman'​s honour during the match and will not use underhanded tactics. He does have a soft spot for the arts though, and will enjoy [[faction:​elysia:​culture:​theater#​high_theatre|Elysian High theatre]]. Poesia in particular. 
-His faith usually tends to come into question, praying before a challenge, and sometimes praying that his family was able to get out of the Heavenly Wars alive. 
-When he isn't enjoying himself, he's usually arrogant, somewhat greedy and has a short attention span, unless he's on security duty. 
-Septimael also exhibits a curious nature towards [[species:​nepleslian|Nepleslians]],​ their society and how it generally manages not to crumble apart at the seams day to day. That said, he still holds Elysian Society in high esteem. 
-**Likes:** Throwing the Discus, Running, Physical Competitions,​ Order, His Family\\ 
-**Dislikes:​** Laziness, Bad behaviour in sports, [[faction:​yamatai_star_empire|Yamataians]]\\ 
-**Goals:** Become a sporting Legend. 
-===== History ===== 
-=== Family / Creators === 
-  * Father - Septimael Caius I 
-  * Mother - Romanael Pelagius 
-  * Younger Sister - Tacitael 
-=== Pre-RP === 
-Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and good intentions from a long-standing family of fighters, Septimael Caius II was born with good intentions and a rather thorough physical and academic education along with a bit of extracurricular activities for entertainment. He enjoyed all of this. 
-During the [[faction:​elysia:​history:​third_elysian_war|Heavenly Wars]] and , his family migrated to [[system:​veritas|Veritas]],​ the Gas Giants, and Septimael was too young to fight, but his father did, almost getting killed. Through this held a burning dislike of Yamataians and just about anything associated with them. His father even vowed to do something about them. 
-In particular, he enjoyed his physical activities has a hard time resisting a challenge of strength or skill. Relishing the [[faction:​elysia:​culture:​kleos|Kleos]] to his name and the victory. 
-Looking for another good challenge, he decided that the ECN could do with a leg up from him. His parents didn't seem to disprove of his actions, but did want to make sure he didn't get hurt. 
-===== Skills ===== 
-**Fighting:​** Septimael is proficient in wielding [[faction:​elysia:​equipment#​personal3|Elysian Weaponry]] and is versed in [[martial_arts:​pankration|Pankration]] and other sports. He was taught how to use both sorts of armour, [[faction:​elysia:​equipment:​anthedon|powered]] and [[faction:​elysia:​equipment:​sestina|archaic]].\\ 
-**Physical:​**Septimael'​s wings are capable of flight for a fair period of time. He also likes to keep in top shape for show and for purpose.\\ 
-**Survival:​** Occasionally the tests he puts himself up against will leave him in the wild for a week or so. He knows how to get by in the wilderness, find water, erect shelter and use Camouflage among other useful skills.\\ 
-**Culinary:​** Septimael likes to keep an eye on his diet, and will at times cook his own food. He enjoys making salads and meat dishes.\\ 
-**Technology Operation:​** Septimael is able to use of most Starship Computers and the SQUID interface.\\ 
-**Mathematics:​** Although he doesn'​t enjoy this, he is able to do mathematics up to algebra and trigonometry.\\ 
-**Demolitions:​** Along with his curiosity towards Nepleslians,​ he found that their skills with demolitions (For means of certain savoury or not) quite good. He took up a side course during training and knows how to create, set, detonate, diffuse and dispose of bombs and explosives. 
-===== OOC Information ===== 
-In the case [[user:​luca]] becomes inactive: 
-  * Can this character be used as an [[:​characters#​non-player_characters|NPC]] by a [[guide:​game_master|GM]] or [[:​faction#​faction_managers|FM]]?​ NO 
-  * Can this character be [[guide:​adoption|adopted]] after I've been gone for a year? NO 
-This character was originally created on 2007/12/21 22:39 by [[user:​luca]];​ [[user:​frostjaeger]] updated this article on 2017/07/20 16:35 in order to finish the process of moving [[:​characters|characters]] from the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php|forums]] to the [[:​start|wiki]],​ and did his very best to match the formatting and wording of the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​threads/​septimael-caius-ii.1019/​|original forum post]].