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Serra Evangelle

Serra Evangelle
Species: Elysian - Patriarch
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Family (or Creators): Adara Evangelle - Mother Heilos Evangelle - Father
Zodiac Sign: -
Height: 6'2
Weight: 115lbs
Bra Size: C
Organization: None
Rank: None
Occupation: Engineer/Technician
Current Placement: None

-name- in Roleplay

Serra is played by Chris Young and is currently involved in the Cirrus Station plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'2 Mass: 115lbs Measurements: 45-30-38 Bra Size: C

Build and Skin Colour: A tall, well matured, yet still slender build that shows Serra is a woman, but also conscious of her appearance. She has rich, cream colored skin.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: She has a long, almond shaped face with high set, slanted violet eyes, an extreme oddity among Elysians. She has a sharp thin nose above a pair of ruby glossed lips.

Hair Colour and Style: Long silvery white hair, at lest reaching the backs of her knees. She keeps the hair managed with a long elaborate French weave braid.

Distinguishing Features: She has a single mole above her lip on the left side of her face. She also has a unique condition based on her particular eye color. As it stood, Serra was unable to see in natural and unnatural Ultraviolet radiation, or sunlight and some forms of artificial light. Her family managed to subvert the affliction, rather then use artificial genetic tampering, they used a pair of glass lenses treated with a UV blocker serves as a means for her to retain her eyesight in sunlight.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Serra is an unusual contradiction of personality types. At first glance she appears well-educated, worldly, responsible and all around sophisticated. However, it wouldn't take long to realize that she is, in fact, an absent-minded klutz; misplaced tools and forgotten tasks are common place for her. In fact that was the primary reason she was transferred to the Zilant test team, long considered a joke by the Divolis corporate partners. Despite her faults, however, she can still do her job, and does it well, especially with the aid of her new assistant, Saja. Her general antics were not really all that destructive, a misplaced item here or there, or an improperly sorted tool, and even the occasional dropped drink now and then. In most regards she was well liked by most of the staff at Divolis because she kept the day interesting with which piece of buffoonery she'd do next. Thusly it was quite surprising that she was transferred.

Likes: Cute things, machines working properly, friendship, Saja Dislikes: Ugly things until she can make them cute, broken machines and no one trying to fix it, antagonism Goals: To make the best machine in the galaxy that relies solely on conventional means.


Serra Evangelle


An Elysian Patriarch born to a Technical advisor and Theoretical Physicist. Serra had a hard youth due to an odd genetic mutation that caused her eyes to be hypersensitive to Ultraviolet radiation. Her parents were surprised and decided to fight it in a manner that would help her, but would not compromise her inherent genetic makeup. As such, Serra was the first patriarch in several generations to wear physical glasses for something more then decoration. She made sure to hide her deformity with exaggerated clumsiness to draw the attention from her face. A few years later, Serra, surprisingly, was given a special scholarship to a technical university that her father suggested when she scored a rare perfect score on a standardized IQ test. Though honestly, she knew most of her score came from her very detailed memory.

She left soon after, making a promise to her family, that she'd be recognized, despite her malfomity. She breezed through her classes and graduated with honors in engineering, mechanics and, interestingly, Counseling. She left shortly after and began her career as an engineer. She gained employment several times, not really staying anywhere long though, due to automation and prefabrication making actual mechanics obsolete in Yamatai. She packed up and traveled to Nelpeslia, where she gained employ in a hover bike track where she learned about the abstract machines. She purchased one shortly before leaving the circuit due to a drop in attendance and the track itself closing. Since she left, she's bounced from one job to the next, bartering passage from ships in exchange for her services repairing parts.

She eventually made it to Morant and got a job with Divilos Heavy Industries as a mechanic/secretary. One day out of boredom, Serra picked up what looked like a catalogue that detailed something called a Helashio in the Lorath language, apparently a new race obtained by the Yamataians. Despite her crude understanding of the language, she thumbed through the pages, stopping onto one called, in her translation; โ€œAttendants.โ€ She made a call to the number on the page, and after a moment, made several selections, not really noticing that she was actually buying a slave, though she didn't really mind. Help was help after all. After she was told that her purchase would be sent in a few days, she was notified that she had be transferred to Higa to work on the Zilant project.


It was a suprise when Serra was served her walking papers. Apparently Divilos, and by extension Higa were major stock sinks on the Capitol, and as such served their bankruptcy papers a few weeks after her transfer. Now without a job and means to support herself and Saja, Serra searched for more work and found open placement on a research space station named the Cirrus.

Luckily she was hired. Though she was told only she was going, so she told Saja to stay home and keep practicing her language skills while she was gone.


Rogue (Deception)

Serra uses her natural clumsiness to sometimes make herself appear more disorganized then she really is. This can be used to her advantage at times, as people often have a hard believing she is as skilled as she claims. And generally are even more surprised when she can actually back up her claims. She also uses her clumsiness as a cover from other Elysians to disguise the fact she needs to wear corrective glasses due to a genetic fault.

Engineering (Mechanics and design)

The primary reason Serra managed to get her job at Divilos. Serra is a naturally skilled engineer to the point of being peerless. She's been known to do solo work on several of Divilos' projects, and have generally been able to follow through and get the project done on deadline.

Knowledge (Procedural memory)

One wouldn't think about it when they see how she acts normally, but Serra is amazingly gifted with a dedicated procedural memory towards her profession. Infact, she skilled enough to be able to memorize entire mechanical layouts from just looking at them for a moment.

Maintenance and Repair (Mecha and most standard vehicles)

The profession that got her started in engineering. Before she started building machines, she repaired them. She spent several years working in random garages and even spent a few months working at Hover bike tracks on Nelpeslia.

Technology Operation (mech OS)

Despite her general status as a support crew member, Serra is skilled at the application and use of most standard Operating systems developed by Divilos and it's satellite corporation Higa.

Vehicles (Mecha, hover bikes)

Due to her procedural memory, and aptitude towards machines, Serra has unconsciously managed to learn how to pilot several different types, mostly she can use several mecha who's OS' she's handled, as well as hover bikes, surprisingly enough.

Humanities (Counseling/Mentoring)

When Serra was transferred to Higa Heavy Industries, she was told she was going to be filling the role as Unit councilor to a group of young adults who were using the newly built Zilart multi-role mecha.

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