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Sesshoseki Tamamo

Sesshoseki Tamamo was a player character in the ISC Phoenix played by Eistheid. She was last seen on Nepleslia Prime with the crew of the ISC Phoenix before vanishing. After her disappearance, she entered the employ of the Lorath Matriarchy and left the multiverse aboard the LSDF Herald.

This character may not be adopted.
Sesshoseki Tamamo
Kanji: ๆฎบ็”Ÿ็Ÿณ ็Ž‰่—ป
|Abomination in the making.
Species: NH-33 (Tennyo) 1)
Zodiac: Ophiuchus
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years 2)
Height: 145cm/4'9โ€œ
Weight: 51.3kg/113.1bs
Organization: ISC Phoenix 3)
Occupation: Pilot 4)
Rank: Seven of Hearts5)
Current Placement: Crimson Kestrel

Physical Characteristics

โ€œShe's it?โ€ the Taii asked as the hatch closed. โ€œI imagined her being taller.โ€ -Taii XXXX, SAINT

Handedness: Left dominant, tending toward ambidexterity

Build: Lithe, and built much like a swimmer, she sports a defined musculature, wide hips, and a subtle emphasis of her body's curves producing the illusion that she is more shapely than her slight frame allows. This with her lengthy toned legs provides an air of fey grace and beauty, that one so short would not be expected to have.

Measurements: 28B-20-32

Skin Color: Dark grey-blue skin.

Facial Features: Tamamo has a round, soft face dominated by wide, round eyes, gifted with long, full lashes beneath high, arched eyebrows, pale violet in coloration. In the centre of her face is a small nose that is darkened by a genetic tattoo making it appear perpetually ink stained. Her small mouth with soft lips are of a slightly lighter blue cast than that of her surrounding skin, while her jaw supports a trio of genetic tattoos on either side of her jaw taking the shape of parallel black bars angled to point toward the centre of her face. On the crown of her head rest a pair of large, long, triangular fox like ears covered on the outer side with soft pale violet fur as well as tufts of fur near the ear canal.

Eye Color: She has jade green irises surrounded by a black sclera.

Hair Colour and Style: Pale violet soft fur-like hair of medium length with jagged locks of a length that reaches her nose with a pair of longer knee length locks on either side of her face framing it. The fringe that would normally rest on her face and obscure her vision is usually brushed back exposing her eyes, eyebrows and forehead. Additionally she sports a long ankle length mane of hair that she typically tightly braids.

Defining features: She is has blue skin, as well her hemosynth is altered slightly to appear royal blue instead of red. Additionally, at rest her facial features naturally fall into a state that could be interpreted as surprised. Her thighs and lower legs are the same length as her torso making her legs proportionally very long.

What truly stands out however are her ears that rest in a position not typical of Nekovalkyrja on the crown of her head. This coupled with the presence of eight pale violet furred, fluffy, fox-like prehensile tails that sprout from the base of her spine are each nearly three feet in length, terminating in an inky black tip.

Also of note are her genetic tattoos, most often taking the form of a trio of black bars, present on the outer side of her shoulders, staggered and wrapped around her forearms near the elbow, wrapping around her hips on either side, wrapped around her outer thigh, on the back of her calves just below the knee, as well as the pair of three bars located on either side of her jaw.

Exceptions to this rule, are the double band around her wrists and ankles, the black smudge darkening her nose, a pair of bars starting at her armpits and travelling a quarter of the way in toward the centre of her chest, the branching bars that start on her back curving down under her breasts, with a couple of 'branches' that extend up toward the nipple, and a 'winged' tattoo centred on the space between her shoulder blades.

A final oddity is that her sclera has been recoloured to black, this is coupled with the capacity to resize her irises, and a cat-like slit pupil structure.

Of note as well she has a distinctive soft, high voice.


At present Tamamo is augmented with:

Psychological Characteristics

โ€Yeah she's basically a chilled out, perfectly amicable person. Just don't touch her without asking.โ€œ - Luca Pavone, when asked about the odd, small individual in his employ.

Personality: Fey would be the best word to describe Tamamo's disposition, even though her mind works in an organized and logical manner, that logic does not often match up with that of others. This leads her to frequently make decisions that others find odd, unexpected, or disturbing.

While her mind may work in unfamiliar ways, it should not be underestimated. Her capacity for assimilating and refining new knowledge is monstrous, lending to a canny, coldly calculating core persona that is constantly analyzing and reviewing circumstances while comparing it to previous experiences and projecting possible outcomes of any given situation.

Aware of the repercussions of being other, or uncanny, she has adopted the habit of limiting her natural behaviours in favor of emulating a persona featuring traits that are popularly considered pleasant when around others. While she can be quite effective in her facade when needed she finds it extremely taxing and dislikes having to emulate normal behaviours for long.


Tamamo is a Pilot aboard the Crimson Kestrel. She holds a rank of Seven of Hearts among the crew as well as a tentative rank of Santรด Hei among the SAoY.


  • Real-time Learning: Tamamo is capable of learning and updating her behaviours in real time, largely eliminating the need for practice and greatly reducing instructional time. She is capable of preforming this on the fly if need be. This gives her a rapidly intimate familiarity with whatever craft she flies improving her performance with time as she learns exactly what she can get away with in a craft.
  • Support: Tamamo has experience flying missions in cooperation with mixed forces allowing her to assess and provide support to her allies where needed by they in the air or on the ground.
  • Energy Weapons: Preferring to eschew solid munitions with their varying weight over time and limited operational time, Tamamo is skilled with the use of energetic weapons mounted on craft knowing how to apply them to maximize their effectiveness while also avoiding damage from overuse.

Past Occupations

Infantry, Technician, Medic

  • Marksman: Tamamo is gifted with steady and sure aim improving with distance to target, naturally this lends her to being better suited to using rifles over other firearms.
  • Support: Trained as both a medic and a technician for the SAoY as well as continued study allow her to provide allies with repairs or medical service ensuring that both equipment and personnel that she is assigned to remain functional, or at least in mostly one piece.




It began the same way it has for millions of Nekovalkyrja, for Tamamo an alarming rush of information and sensation, then a world that her nascent mind could barely comprehend. The instructions that followed were difficult to focus on, but obeyed without thought, and quickly things proceeded. Information flowed from unknown sources, accepted temporarily, to proceed and keep calm in the alien environment that identified itself as life.

In the time following her creation she learned many things; of particular interest to her was her status as the last of a production series giving her the first small scrap of an identity. More development arose during the socialization training where Tamamo preformed poorly, due primarily to being more interested in gathering information than interacting with her peers, quickly leading to strongly suggested courses of action to correct her erring ways. Chafing at the insistence to be social Tamamo constructed a cheery, peppy mask based on what she observed was responded to positively for interacting with her peers, though it was hardly convincing.

Making it out of her socialization training despite doubts voiced among her instructors and peers, Tamamo happily fell into the routine of her basic training enjoying the increased flow of information. During her training she was notably asocial, observed to prefer dedicating her time to reading or accessing PANTHEON and SYNC for information in her free time instead of interacting with her peers.

Following basic training Tamamo happily transferred immediately into medical training, a program which Tamamo greatly enjoyed as she was able to gather information about how she and those around her functioned. With the completion of her Medical training, Tamamo was enrolled in training to become a technician, learning the anatomy of electronics and machines with a fervour equalling that which she had given as she learned of biological systems.

Upon completing her second stretch of training, Tamamo boarded a shuttle with the orders to wait on standby in Kyoto until she received deployment orders detailing her first tour as an enlisted solder of the Star Army. During a brief stop in a starport along her journey, Tamamo was approached by a group of individuals seeming to belong to a cohesive group, though she could not identify their affiliation.

Curious about the group, Tamamo tried to talk with them, managing to mention Kyoto, and part of a question as to their purpose. Events unfolded quickly, and while uncertain as to the circumstances that had led to it Tamamo found herself thanking the group and being guided to a shuttle with the assurance that it was the one she required to reach her goal.

Eventually finding herself aboard a strange ship with many people partaking in activities that Tamamo didn't quite understand, she became increasingly certain that she had been misled and wondered as to the purpose of the deception. With these questions in mind she attempted to locate a useful source of information that could direct her to a shuttle off of the ship.

In the midst of an unfruitful search, the atmosphere of the ship changed rapidly the drone of conversation punctuated by odd sounds suddenly became hushed, almost as if a wave of silence had washed over the ship. Short moments later, distant sounds followed, growing louder by the second, quickly identified as yells some of distress and others ringing of command, followed by gunfire and screams.

Unarmed and lost in a sea of unfamiliar people, Tamamo could do little in the situation. Finding herself herded with the rest of the occupants of the ship at the whim of those who had seized it, Tamamo was soon left quietly mixed in with those in her local section of the crowd. Unable to come up with a plan that wouldn't result in the death of hundreds, Tamamo resorted to the only option she had and waited patiently for an opportunity to present itself and improve her circumstances.

YE 36

Rocking the Casbah (MISSION 3)

While trying to bide her time hoping for a suitable opening to escape from the captivity of the the GAO Pirates that had seized the Fruna Ruica, Tamamo came in contact with the ship's chef whom had also been captured. The man stuck up a conversation with the Nekovalkyrja and in a moment of audacity encouraged by an assault upon the pirates by an unknown force he managed to secure a firearm for the wayward Nekovalkyrja allowing her to engage in a surprise assault upon their captors killing several of the pirates while attempting to contact the hopefully friendly force getting shot twice in the chest in the process. A moment later a man she would later identify as Luca Pavone as well of a portion of the ISC Phoenix's crew.

After a brief clean up of the present pirates Tamamo was partially introduced to the crew through their medic Shayla McBelle while receiving treatment for her wounds. Having acquired permission to feed herself Tamamo set about alleviating her starved state and allowing her to acquire additional supplies before the second wave of Pirates arrived to address the threat. During the ensuing combat Tamamo took shelter in the halls of the Fruna Ruica avoiding the majority of the chaos before using her knowledge of the ship's layout to flank the remaining enemies earning two more kills.

While on the ceiling attempting to observe the battle and judge what to do next, Tamamo was struck by the aftermath of friendly fire as Rebeka attempted to alter the combat circumstances to better protect Seiren whose LEAF had been momentarily disabled. Shredded by shards of glass and plaster Tamamo struggled to remain conscious and lost the remainder of her uniform as well as her meagre equipment.

Healing and aiding in the clean up post-combat attending to the injured passengers of the Fruna Ruica, she proved to be unperceptive to the attempts of the crew or passengers to seek her attention instead moving to remove the unconscious form of one of their foes from Luca Pavone where upon she was offered passage aboard the Crimson Kestrel to Sargasso.

Finding herself in the lounge of the Crimson Kestrel once events had wrapped up on the Fruna Ruica, Tamamo was introduced to a unique candy made by the small Yamataian inventor Seiren, after eavesdropping on an exchange between the doctor Aiesu, and the Fruna Ruica's former chef finally identified as Redrick Callahan.

We Know What We Want Pt. 1

A few of days of travel had the Crimson Kestrel on its way to the home port of Sargasso. Before it set down in it's home port Tamamo had occupied herself with the apparently unrestricted access to public information networks. Using the ship's systems as a proxy she used the resource to acquire massive amounts of general knowledge, references, news, and a large body of knowledge on her present company the crew of the ISC Phoenix both past and present.

Even as she processed the massive influx of raw data Tamamo had taken some time to process and review her experiences after her deception and kidnapping that had resulted in her presence aboard the Fruna Ruica. She had experienced kindness from the Phoenix Crew without apparent motives, an experience the small Nekovalkyrja did not fully understand.

An additional worry was the inability for Tamamo to find a place aboard the Crimson Kestrel where she felt safe this had resulted in her delaying and suspending important functions such as allowing her body to process the physical and emotional pain she had experienced during the events of the Fruna Ruica as well as more base functions such as sleep.

Her first interaction with the crew was a solicitation from Shalya encouraging the small Neko to acquire clothing after being chastised for sitting on the ceiling. After a brief instance of applying volumetric clothing Tamamo was directed toward a store of extra clothes aboard the Kestrel granting her something to wear for the first time since her Star Army uniform was destroyed aboard the Fruna Ruica.

While her clothing choice was commented upon as being rather drab, Tamamo was distracted from an encounter between Melissa and the crew's conman Vincienzo Bortelli as she discovered the presence of a gutted airframe belonging to a Ki-V1 "Hoplite" Variable-Configuration Fighter. Her imagination caught she explored the craft briefly before being swept up in a shopping trip at the behest of Shayla and Zeta Five.

Travelling to the local Ori-Mart Tamamo had her first taste of what a Nepleslian settlement was like taking in the sights of Sargasso around her before she had expectantly looked to her companions before being sent off to acquire a simulacrum of YSE standard issue. This task would result in her first encounter with the trials of poor network infrastructure. As well the first notable demonstrations of the mental strain that Tamamo had imposed upon herself, manifesting as notably delayed reactions.

After collecting the items and the question of pay arose Tamamo was forced to admit her poverty, all of her possessions having been shipped to Kyoto on Yamatai without her. Thankfully it seemed that the crew was to be generous and she was able to acquire the basics of possessions.

When the items were decided to be delivered to the Crimson Kestrel, Tamamo found that her task of shopping had been completed. Considering her options Tamamo set out abruptly leaving behind her shopping companions as she wandered across Sargasso eventually ending up at the premises of Seiren Isbala 's candy factory. Wandering inside Tamamo was greeted by the Yamataian inventor and his Separa'Shan employee Abhiya Verinas.

Greeted as Tamanegi, Tamamo was presented with candy and given a slight overview of the purpose of the facility, however her mental lag was increasing and it was becoming apparent to Tamamo that she was running out resources and that she could no longer delay the need to process.

When Luca and his daughter Vita arrived at the candy factory, Tamamo made minimal efforts to interact with the newcomers instead rapidly excusing herself before rushing back to the Crimson Kestrel, injuring herself along the way before stuffing herself into the hull of the gutted Hoplite.

Peace wasn't to be had however as Vita inquisitively approached the small Neko finding her in a half feral state uncontrollably sobbing within her chosen hiding spot, the anguish and mental burden of nearly four days having overcome the small girl. Instead of being left on her own, Vita dragged the tormented Neko from her hiding place and carried her off, the experience inspiring a reaction of dread in Tamamo as she realized what Vita was.

Instead of her worst nightmare coming true, Tamamo instead found herself placed into a soft bed, comforted, and lulled into the first instance of sleep she had experienced since Fort Hankou.

Introduction to Invention

Later drawn by her curiosity to the sounds of machining in the cargo bay of the Crimson Kestrel, Tamamo enjoyed her first encounter with Seiren at work. Poking her head into his workshop she observed and startled the Yamataian inventor as he worked upon some form of strange sonic weapon.

Commentary was exchanged on differing methodologies of research and the high expenditure of materials was noted by Tamamo. The encounter was joined by Enzo who had been drawn by the noise, apparently not of a high opinion of Seiren's science.

In spite of the apparent opinion Enzo was gifted with a combination weapon while Seiren inquired after the usefulness of his Yuletide gifts, to which Seiren was informed of Tamamo's fondness for the glove, as well as eventual elaboration that Tamamo was more interested in dry adhesive gear extrapolating upon the possible need for equipment that wouldn't give off any form of detectable signature.

Between the more productive events Seiren and Enzo had begun to snipe at each other bickering for a time with a notable break when Enzo inquired after Tamamo's willingness to bed another. This resulted in a convoluted explanation resulting in the final word being that one had to earn her heart as a friend.

Eventually Seiren's patience ran dry and Enzo was chased from the premises of Seiren's workshop, leaving Tamamo and Seiren alone once more. This time however she was roped into helping, though in a minor way, with one of Seiren's inventions, a collapsible shield.

During the effort and conversation surrounding the shield Tamamo learned that the ship's doctor Aiesu, was a potential source of additional income. As well the possibility of acquiring the means to preform an ST backup was brought up reminding Tamamo that she had lost easy access to many things she had taken for granted.

The encounter ended with a discussion of tactics and the admission that Tamamo didn't feel the need to be as impressive as the other members of the crew. She simply wanted to be safe.

Where the Light Won't Find You

Seeking further information on the terms offered by the Captain Luca Pavone, Tamamo solicited the man catching him on the tail end of a workout routine. Having made a possibly dangerous decision Tamamo engaged in private secure conversation requesting that she not be returned to the SAoY, and that hopefully instead she might be set free into the universe.

The conversation shifted, into a more public one discussing the circumstances of her arrival aboard the pleasure ship, as well as briefly touching upon the encounter with the pirates. The conversation was derailed however as Tamamo suddenly inquired after the identity of the supposed Ki-V1 Hoplite in the Kestrel's cargo bay. After confirming its identity Tamamo inquired after the ability to learn to fly as well as the possibility of restoring the craft, and the offer to join the ships crew was made in passing.

The conversation with the Captain of the Phoenix left much in the air however Tamamo was quick to track down the childhood friend and pilot of the crew, John. Soliciting the pilot for flight lessons Tamamo was startled to discover that she had been payed for her actions aboard the Fruna Ruica, as well as the knowledge that she was already considered a part of the crew. It seemed things were more complicated, and beneficial than she had initially assumed.

Breaking off the meeting with John once satisfactorily concluded, Tamamo found herself in the Crimson Kestrel's engineering section observing both the Freespacer Echelon, and the ex-SAoY mechanic Alisson at work. After a moment she solicited the Freespacer asking after her for knowledge and training, which the other seemed more than happy to oblige with, giving Tamamo a crash course in a unique method of data organization and grouping that seemed largely similar to an idea web.

After a brief experience in the new data structure, Tamamo noted that by labelling the groupings with the things on her mind, that she had a problem. She was sure to be missed from the SAoY, and despite Echelon's apparent efforts to remove her from being notable in the system, Tamamo noted that she had a room full of equipment that someone was bound to question sitting in Kyoto.

The solution it seemed was as insane as it was practical. Joining Echelon in a Ge-E1-1a - Tenba-Class Transporter Tamamo found herself brought out to a remote asteroid location where upon Echelon acquired a pair of uniforms and assumed the identity of an ensign Shoi Minazuki Yuuko. Falling quickly back into military habits Tamamo found the experience somewhat troubling, as he first true experience as a subordinate came not during her proper career, but outside of it.

Planet-side on Kyoto the acquisition of her issued equipment went with surprising ease, Echelon proving her worth as Tamamo was guided through what would have otherwise been a nightmarish series of events. The only true trial, seemed to be one of patience as a group of possibly younger Nekovalkyrja started to gossip, poking fun at Tamamo's appearance eventually despite attempted polite answers.

The situation was eventually diffused however when Echelon's assumed identity snapped threatening to assign the chittering Nekovalkyrja to an unpleasant punishment should they continue. Following the outburst, a quiet shuttle ride, and a quick passage through a space station had Tamamo transferred back onto the Tenba ostensibly to join the crew of a fictional vessel the YSS Hinotori. For the time so long as no one went looking, Tamamo had free range of the local universe, a gift she wasn't about to forget.


Following up on the information provided by Seiren, Tamamo found herself standing outside of the quarters of Aiesu attempting to meet with the reclusive doctor within. To the point Tamamo immediately asked after potential employment opportunities desiring to increase her potential pool of resources to hopefully improve her odds.

After a moderately unsuccessful pitch of her skills, Tamamo found herself signing up to be a guinea pig of sorts, a startlingly brief procedure severing her automatic uplink to PANTHEON before she was presented with a curious package.

Proving to be the beginning to a Lazarus MODUS universally compatible passive powered-endoskeleton installation, Tamamo casually dealt with the suppository before engaging in a conversation hinging on questions of identity and the perception of others of the self. While the conversation was relatively benign Tamamo found that it provided a large amount of insight, not only into herself, but also her new employer.

We Know What We Want Pt.2

Recovery and the acquisition of new knowledge instilled a new energy into Tamamo which she had largely been using to fuel the restoration of the Ki-V1 that had come to be her possession in a way. Visiting the lounge of the Crimson Kestrel with contemplations about the Pavones aboard the vessel occupying her mind Tamamo hoped to acquire information and fulfil her needs for a liquid diet by imposing upon the Crimson Kestrel's Chef.

Discoveries included the exhausted state of the ship's inventor Seiren, as well as the presence of a ward belonging to Redrick by the name of Nightraider Piat Baker 95-1809-0103. Tantalized by the prospect of a test flight of her Hoplite, Tamamo was eager to get started with the day and set to work. Her actions however proved rather mercurial.

After requesting a milkshake from Redrick, Tamamo wandered into the den of Aiesu where upon she encountered a curious iteration of the woman, and learned many things about the doctor, including the presence of multiple versions aboard the ship. A conversation between Tamamo and the odd Aiesu resulted in the small Nekovalkyrja being given a trio of gifts with the potential of creating something much greater than the sum of their parts.

After a brief detour to store her prizes safely, Tamamo acquired a monstrous concoction from Redrick and Piat, more than satisfying her expectations as she once again wandered back toward the cargo bay where she intended to start to work on finishing up the Hoplite with Alisson and Vita.

Instead of her intended plan Tamamo was delayed by an event calling away Echelon's attention and delaying the acquisition of a Queen AI Suite and in turn the completion of the variable fighter. The solicitation of a curious Enzo however provided an alternative with Tamamo accepting an offer from the conman to get the opportunity to fly in his Lady of the Night, giving her additional flight experience in a new craft. One that she did not pass up.

Once in the air in the heavily modified Mule Ultralight Freighter, Tamamo learned a little of the more romantic side of Enzo as he spoke of the freedom, and joy of being able to fly where he pleased as they decided where to fly and what to experience before being called back to the crew they for the moment belonged to.

To Fly, Scream, and Squeal

Continuing with their flight, Enzo insisted that Tamamo choose their destination, leading to her decision to take the Lady of the Night out of Nepleslia Prime's atmosphere and eventually Hill Sphere to set them on a course for warm and sunny Hope.

During the flight the subject of payment arose resulting in a discussion that turned to the worst when the conman attempted to press the Nekovalkyrja for an attempt at sex once again leading to her attempting to diffuse the situation by opening up and admitting one of her dreams, albeit in a poorly worded manner.

In the ensuing heated argument Tamamo question the motives behind Enzo's desire to press problems and issues onto others projecting anger instead of taking the effort to try to understand. This effort of insight greatly taxed the small girl leading to an exhausted descent to hope and eventual reluctant acceptance to offer a small amount of companionship to the conman, resulting in an awkward hug and brief exchange of kind words.

The eventual return to the Crimson Kestrel and crew of the ISC Phoenix was left implied.

Hot Neko on Neko Action!

Spurred by the lack of experience of her own, and a desire to better understand the universe around her, Tamamo ventured out into the stars taking time away from the crew of the ISC Phoenix to visit the various planets and systems in local space, even if only briefly.

Her journey and quest for knowledge found her on the streets of Kyoto, wandering aimlessly in the unfamiliar megacity. While looking up information on her locale, Tamamo was noticed by an individual that she would learn to know as one Sakamoto Hina. In the attempt to help what appeared to be a lost Neko, the older woman would soon come to regret her decision to approach the uncanny girl, ending up bound in company with one another by morals, social nicety, and politeness.

An awkward period of interaction followed while Tamamo tagged along with Sakamoto, learning little by little about the world around them, the history of her companion, and various bits of social information, eventually ending with an invitation to dinner and the awkward excuse of an injury that necessitated a liquid diet as Tamamo struggled not to make the existence of the still installing Lazarus MODUS universally compatible passive powered-endoskeleton apparent.

After brief trip to the store for ingredients, and some innuendo the pair eventually made their way back to Sakamoto Hina's residence where Tamamo's choice of apparel became a subject of discussion, teaching the young Neko about the impact of clothing on those around her.

Further discussion touched on love, word play, and further social complexities and beliefs while the two talked over dinner. Eventually with the food depleted another awkward round of politeness ended with Tamamo accepting to stay the night with the older woman.

Upon making it clear that no relationship physical or otherwise was desired, the two women found their way into bed, the younger falling asleep almost instantly suggesting a prolonged period of sleep deprivation, the reasons of which unknown.

To Lie, Cheat, and Steal

Later awoken in the middle of the night by the noise of Enzo's sudden inspiration to clean the Lady of the Night, Tamamo decided to make the most of her consciousness and negotiated training and guidance from the conman desiring skills in subterfuge.

Moving into the heart of the Lady of the Night, lesson one started with negotiations, learning how to get the most out of someone while giving nothing away; teaching how to gain without returning anything as well as the best ways to get information out of potential targets. The lesson then moved on to a session of roleplaying in which Tamamo ended up getting the mark too interested in her failing the scenario. Even in failure however she had learned much, and the next application of the skill would hopefully be more successful.

Following a short discussion highlighting ways to best acquire what one wants from a potential mark, Tamamo guided the conversation into the time honored art of theft, where she learned the basics of item acquisition from a party. Following a brief demonstration Tamamo was encouraged to attempt to negotiate the return of the pilfered item used during the demonstration.

After a somewhat successful exchange the conversation briefly visited Enzo's passions before moving on to the important subject of disguise. Something Tamamo was in dire need of. After a brief discussion on the philosophy of giving sex Tamamo was soon set up to be painted, acquiring a wig, bandana and her first taste of the time honored Nepleslian tradition of smoking.

After an awkward instance of unexpected emotion Tamamo found herself in possession of clothes that didn't really belong to her, and that had never really belonged to the conman either, completing her disguise and taking up the alias of one 'Cayllyn Westwood' a Nepleslian shell for Tamamo, one that she was sure she'd get use out of.

Parting ways with the conman some new items, and more importantly a set of skills acquired Tamamo set off to teach herself how to be a Nepleslian in a more organic environment, cutting the lessons short for the moment.

Can You Imagine

After her first experiences aboard the Crimson Kestrel, Tamamo found herself taking part in a strange twist of the Yuletide festivities that she had previously experienced during her time at Fort Hankou. Only this time she was actively encouraged to participate. Finding herself occupying a position on the ceiling wearing donated comfortable clothing, and self decorated in bells and ribbons, Tamamo observed the odd festivities with curiosity.

There were many gifts exchanged, some with obvious use and others of a symbolic nature that evaded Tamamo's attempts to rationalize them. In the end she herself received an electromagnetic glove from the inventor Seiren, a gift that she discovered was quite useful.

YE 37

L'appel du vide

In the middle of the night, detecting the activity of Rebeka Renata within the workshop of the ship's local tinkerer Seiren Isbala Tamamo on a whim approached the unknown alien with an overture of companionship.

Rebuffed with suspicion and the implication of past pain and manipulation, the pair slowly continued to communicate largely owing to Tamamo's persistent attempt to display sincerity and social openness that she was not equipped to manage. The conversation eventually picked up pace with the discussion of the theoretical absence or existence of a race much more advanced than their own, and the repercussions of contact and the very behaviour of organisms.

The conversation eventually resulted in the clear question of, โ€œWould you trust someone claiming to be a friend in a dangerous place?โ€ A question that would result in Tamamo staring down the barrel of Rebeka's weapon. A situation that the Neko appeared to be content with.

A brief continuation of the encounter resulted in a moment of mutual understanding, a painful moment of enlightenment as Rebeka revealed that those like her had ceased to be.

The Monitoring Core

Another night featured the culmination of AK-101's gifts, a new intelligence born of hard work and dedication to a cause that had not been fully explained. The result was one Kanshi Koa, a surprise that was readily accepted and delighted Tamamo greatly.

The gleeful interaction was interrupted by the arrival of the local construct of Aiesu who had come to attempt to reclaim the hardware that she believed had been stolen from her. While Tamamo tried to keep the interaction peaceful, and indulge the gleefully curious Koa in regard to her visitor, it became quickly apparent that Aiesu intended to dismantle Koa to reclaim her possessions.

Willing to murder the construct to keep Koa safe for a while longer, Tamamo was startled by the activation of the IRI-Type Hard light Apparatus array that had been installed with the hardware, giving Tamamo a physical glimpse of the one she had been talking to.

While holding onto Aiesu, the trio worked out the status, and ramifications of what had been done, eventually resulting in the overture by Koa on behalf of herself and Tamamo to do contractual work for Aiesu, wanting to be put to use productively rather that remain a test subject.

This would result in the gift of maesii detailing Lazarus' catalogue and technologies, as well as the task of constructing another โ€œKoaโ€ for the Consortium to use.

Holiday For Strings

Having reached out to a Freespacer craftsmen Tamamo was pleasantly surprised to receive a notification that she was to meet the contractor that she had sought out for the purpose of acquiring a set of drones that were a little heftier than most on the market.

The introduction with Dollmaker Diharmonious Phase 46-9084-314 was exceedingly pleasant and the demonstration of a variety of drone types was warmly received many offering unique features that Tamamo was rather fond of. It was made clear however that Tamamo was looking for a combination of effects, and a couple features not present within the displayed models giving Phase additional input to work with.

During the meeting Echelon arrived adding her input and presence to the meeting while creating a sense of community that Tamamo was lucky enough to be a provisional member of. Upon the completion of the demonstration and additional feedback from Tamamo as well as the assurance of proper pay, Tamamo bid farewell to Phase until their next meeting.

We Know What We Want Pt.3

The unexpected announcement that the crew was to gear up and prepare for deployment in not one but two possible missions distracted Tamamo from working on the project of actualizing the gifts from the Unique Aiesu. Packing up the tools she briefly stopped in to visit Seiren dropping off borrowed tool set before collected the completed adhesive boots.

A brief trip to drop off the second set of tools in the Kestrel's engineering section had Tamamo returning to her camp in the Crimson Kestrel's cargo bay where upon she requested elaboration from the ship's Captain. The answer given to her informed that she'd have to wait for the briefing to make a proper decision.

It's all a Game

In a chance encounter Tamamo was invited by Vitalia Pavone to participate in a gaming session that started slowly with Tamamo unaware of how to interact with the game, before rapidly learning the mechanics and forcing Vita to challenge her to allow any sort of entertainment to be had from the then too easy game.

While the two competed ostensibly a Neko and a Nepleslian teen, Vita began to inquire after the status of her father, and wondered after how he had been coping with the missions and activities in the field. Expressing some regret or bitterness relating to his activities.

Drawn into the conversation, Tamamo found herself sorting through the archives of information that she had gathered about the ISC Phoenix and its crew compiling an analysis of the past and present state of things to properly elaborate on what she thought the present issues with Luca were.

While overheating as a result of the massive amount of data processing Tamamo did her best to provide insight and comfort for the worrying Vita, eventually providing the assurance that she'd let the daughter of Luca know if he was ever troubled or upset during his work. With the discussion coming to a close Tamamo accepted the offer for a final game.

From This My Hand

Once again in the company of the ship's crew Tamamo pointedly ignored the presence of the ship's somewhat threatening IPG attache as she awaited elaboration on what they would be doing.

Slowly the crew filtered into the briefing and soon enough they were chattering and commenting in the brief time before Luca outlined the dual nature, and purpose of the missions. The first was an assault on a Lagrange facility that was involved with the production of a drug previously encountered by the ISC Phoenix before Tamamo's time.

The second was a covert mission intent on the extraction of a person of interest implicated with the illicit activities of Lagrange. In which the crew would infiltrate and remove the target from a hotel on Albini.

Suited to both tasks, Tamamo was uncertain as to what route to take before the idea of her flying the Hoplite into combat was raised. Unable to resist the opportunity to gain combat experience in the pilot seat Tamamo offered herself for the 'loud' mission.

With her placement determined, Tamamo left the rest of the crew to determine the specifics of the mission while she went to the Cargo Bay to prepare and ready herself for the mission ahead.

My Head Explodes (MISSION 4)

As a part of the 'loud' half of the mission Tamamo had flown out in her refurbished Ki-v1 Hoplite โ€œMoonsongโ€ equipped with ordinance lent to the Phoenix crew through a connection with the IPG Agent Nostrovia. While the others preformed a vehicular HALO drop. Tamamo continued to circle the mission area, remaining high in the mesosphere of Kennewes to avoid AAA fire.

While the assault on the ground unfolded Tamamo idly flew, enjoying the time in the cockpit, and the simple, peaceful beauty of the upper atmosphere of the planet. When the order came for Tamamo to begin her bombing run, with the intent of disabling the Lagrange Foundation plant, Tamamo fell into a dive and put herself into a full burn, hurtling down toward the planet.

Forced to disable a couple of the remaining AAA with her weapons systems, Tamamo dropped her payload of three bombs and pulled away leaving a smoldering crater in her wake. At this point Aiesu panicked and demanded that Tamamo return for a second pass and fire into the hole she had created only moments before during her bombing run.

At this point Tamamo reversed direction and blindly fired all she had into the hole, only narrowly avoiding the discharge of an anti-starship anti-orbit cannon. Blown away by the resulting atmospheric aftershocks, Tamamo chose to slowly wheel back around while the others in the group began to fight what appeared to be a prototype autonomous weapons system.

Working with the rest of the crew to disable to weapon system and prevent it from shooting down the Crimson Kestrel in orbit, Tamamo was forced to evade further Starship grade weapons systems while the crew around her was slowly brutalized.

Eventually the weapon system initiated a self destruct, with the crew of the Phoenix working valiantly to mitigate the fallout. In the end most of the crew survived, though with two in questionable states.

Called back, Tamamo exited her Hoplite, moving to ground level to seek out and provide medical aid to those who needed it. Particularly heavily bandaging and treating a catastrophically injured Luca Pavone, and checking upon the remains of Rebeka Retena's prototype Winter model.

Unable to do anything for the crew's resident alien, Tamamo decided to take samples at the crash site, for later study, deciding that if she was to make the most of the situation she could at least learn something.

While the rest of the crew boarded the recently landed Crimson Kestrel, to evacuate the battlefield and leave the analysis to more qualified elements of the DIoN forces they were working with, Tamamo transported the damaged husks of Rebeka's Winter, Seiren's LEAF, and the totalled Havoc MBT using her Hoplite's strength.

Upon completing these tasks she returned herself to the Kestrel's hangar and prepared for their trip back into space.

Keeping her med-kit turned sample bag with her, Tamamo made her way to the Kestrel's medbay and did what little she could for Luca, providing a hemosynth drip as well as getting out a pain killer should he need it. Here she was thanked by Zeta Five for her work, before proceeding to Echelon's debriefing, where the situation was outlined and the Freespacer's enraged nature was made clear.

From here Tamamo travelled to the medical bay to collect supplies to begin her analysis of the samples she had collected before returning to her Cargo Crate to check up on her nearly lost companion Koa, as well as begin the process of discovering the true nature of the samples she'd collected.

Outside in the cargo bay however she couldn't help but hear an exchange between the construct of Dr. Aiesu Kalopsia, and Echelon in which it was confirmed that Aiesu had been a driving force in the incident. With the knowledge of the hostilities between the Phoenix crew, and Aiesu's functional betrayal, Tamamo was compelled to quietly begin taking steps to improve her own independence, and make up for what would soon be a termination of her research and development contractor status with the Lazarus Consortium.

To The Doorway

Following the tragic and shocking events of Mission 4, Tamamo took action to accelerate her efforts to stabilize her situation. Primarily this took the form of reinvesting and growing her post mission pay as rapidly as she could, effectively quadrupling her funds and ensuring that she had resources to work with for the near future.

She had also put in effort to acquire more material resources, such as research materials and even a droneship to begin asteroid mining as a supplementary constant income source. Additionally during the time she took effort to improve both herself, and Koa, preforming research and operations to improve their hardware in an effort to ensure that they would persevere into the future.

With modifications made, seeds sown for the future, and much considered Tamamo stepped forward into both the Phoenix's future and her own, knowing that more change would be coming soon on the horizon.

Drifting Specks of Light

After beginning mining operations in the Kotoku System, Tamamo discovered an anomaly that prompted an investigation of the local planets. A discovery of an abandoned research facility on Kotoku I belonging to an unknown alien race. Unable to contain her curiosity Tamamo negotiated a mercenary contract with the Lorath Matriarchy offering to explore and secure the facility to save on Lorath Self Defense Force resources. During this time she negotiated the purchase of a 'Wind' Armor Series, Gust Armor Kit, QNC, and a Unified Manipulation Technology Suite.

After a week spent in overclocked simulation space to learn the alien language and operating system Tamamo elected to request the aid of Luca Pavone for the purposes of securing the facility. Unwilling to risk Luca's person, Tamamo insisted that the legendary mercenary accompany her through the use of a telepresence enabled, modified "Militant"-Series War Automaton.

Their initial progress through the facility was quiet only punctuated by strange bio-luminescent plant like life, and featureless corridors. Upon reaching a deeper portion of the facility however they drew the attention of aberrant creatures that had grown within the facility. While Tamamo worked to gain access to a security station, Luca was left to hold off the horde of creatures that seemed torn between hunting the intruders and each other.

After the bloodbath and the security systems were activated, the progress through the facility was once again uneventful aside from the occasional encounter with a security drone cleaning up the aberrant creatures.

Upon reaching the central control hub of the facility, Tamamo set about gaining access however she was interrupted by the appearance of an advanced drone model that proceeded to destroy one of her limbs temporarily putting the Nekovalkyrja out of action. Following this Luca had to once again engage the hostile entity on his own assaulting it in a last ditch effort to destroy it. The effort succeeded only moments before supplementary equipment arrived that would have likely made the encounter fatal.

Recovering from having her arm blown off Tamamo disengaged the locks and secured the control centre of the facility. Now secure she let Luca disconnect before she contacted the LSDF in orbit to let them know that the facility was under control.

Shortly after Tamamo returned to Luca aboard the Crimson Kestrel where they shared a tired moment uncertain what would come of the genetics facility.

Go Lively

While performing maintenance work on The Rigs while the majority of the PSG forces were out during training exercises, Tamamo was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the Freespacer Phase, who had stopped by to show off her progress on the drone project that Tamamo had solicited months earlier.

During this, between greetings and idle chat Phase displayed the new form factor, and some aesthetic functionality of the drones, while at the same time explaining how the requested functionality had been integrated into the units.

After the brief explanation, Phase alluded to her possible career path leading to her participating in Frame Running, and the chance that she might be present around Nepleslia prime more often for that point forward. A prospect that Tamamo found intriguing.

At the end of the encounter Tamamo was left with four of the eight drones, and the promise that the completed set would come soon.

Already 80 Years Old

With a slightly better grasp of what Yuletide celebrations were Tamamo with Koa, arrived this year with bad Yuletide sweaters and mugs in tow to give as gifts to the crew of the ISC Phoenix. She was given gifts that made her question whether she had chosen properly, including a Fox Custom Spotter Rifle, a Pilot's headgear, and Uno Sunglasses.

Additionally a visit from Phase was interrupted by an interaction between Enzo and Melissa as an argument broke out over the acquisition of land on Delsauria.

YE 38

Beautiful Erasure

A day spent helping out around the Rigs in Sargasso was interrupted by the arrival of the Sunburns a PMC from further up the coast following the issuing of a bounty on Tamamo and Echelon by the SAoY. At the same time a SAINT cell that had been watching the anomalous behaviour of Tamamo set into motion trying to mitigate the damages done and ensure that their objective was not lost.

After this a brief discussion and change of clothes occurred leading to Tamamo leaving in the hands of the SAINT agent Hirasawa Yuna, and the SPP Sakamoto Hina. This lead to a preparation and encounter with an individual dubbed โ€œThe Specialโ€ who began in interview in digital space intended to judge just what was to be done with Tamamo. 8)

Highly Ambient Domains

Taking a turn toward being even more reclusive Tamamo had decided to spend her time in the untamed brushland of Nepleslia Prime well outside the borders of Sargasso when a wave of infrasound from Sargasso indicated an explosion.

Expecting another assault on the Rigs, Tamamo rushed to Sargasso only to discover nothing apparently out of the ordinary. After getting in contact with the PSG, Tamamo was informed of an event at the Sargasso Starport leading to her travelling to the location only to discover Phoenix Reeves in the presence of an Iroma and a VANDR, two entities that Tamamo knew nothing about.

Deciding to give Reeves some support Tamamo tagged along as the VANDR was loaded onto a cargo drone and flown over to the Rigs Beta Platform. On the way Tamamo advised that the PSG isolate and secure the platform making sure to isolate the construct of Aiesu Kalopsia still in the Phoenix's hands.

Once landed John arrived and began to puzzle out what exactly to do with the alien and their machine. Observation was carried out as the PSG made initial contacts with the odd alien and discussed how to address their damaged equipment, a problem which was further compounded by the discovery that the 'machine' was organic in nature posing an unfamiliar problem to the majority of the PSG's mechanically inclined service crew.

At the end of the day the PSG had gained a new ally and things had turned out peacefully with the potential for new learning experiences for all those involved.

Mission 5: Right By Me

The last mission Tamamo would field with the crew of the ISC Phoenix involved a trip to the the Nepleslian frontier where upon they arrived at New Remo where the crew were introduced to their latest odd foe in the form of a jumping maglev train.

While the problem proved initially offputting the team managed to quickly asertain a means of entry and after a brief few minutes had managed to disable the device controlling the train and for the moment halting the delivery of the shipment. While a fairly quiet mission, many questions were left unanswered, including just who had commondered the train in the first place, as well as why.

Project Herald

Having bid her farewell to the few members of the ISC Phoenix that she knew, Tamamo vanished into space making her way quietly and carefully back to the Kotoku system where her lone Caernarfon drone had assembled an ad-hoc space station out of conjoined cargo containers built from scrap materials rejected by the Lorath Matriarchy during their monthly pick-ups.

In this lab, Tamamo spent her time refining the knowledge that she had gained as well as considering what her future would be as she began to accumulate a critical mass of resources from her business with the Lorath Matriarchy and the UMC. While in the process of deciding what her next move should be she received a cleverly delivered job offering from the Lorath Matriarchy which drew Tamamo into the heart of the Matriarchy with Koa and on an errand to both sign up for the job as well as apply for citizenship within the Matriarchy deciding that it would be best to expand her horizons and provide herself with a potential home given that she was likely to be persecuted in the other main stellar nations.

Her trip to Lor resulted in a quick relocation to Biesi as the secondary portion of the assessment procedure was undertaken, proving to be largely a bluff used to disguise the aquisition of a small group of individuals including Danny Hanley-Lewis, a man she had read about in the ISC Phoenix's past, and Taela Kaila a nekovalkyrja whom Tamamo had met in Sargasso and befriended.

Following a quick briefing and interview, Tamamo and the others progressed through a thorough training regiment preparing them for their mission ahead aboard an experimental spacecraft destined for a truly unknown goal. Upon their departure Tamamo and her recently built SILVER-series duplicate piloted the Herald along its course to a supermassive blackhole, and thier departure from the known multiverse.

OOC Notes

โ‡’ Joined Phoenix Crew in Oct YE 36

Timeline: Rocking the Casbah โ‡’ We know what we want Pages 1-4 โ‡’ Introduction to Invention โ‡’ Where the light won't find you โ‡’ Contract โ‡’ We know what we want Pages 4-8 โ‡’ To Fly, Scream, and Squeal โ‡’ Hot Neko on Neko Action! โ‡’ TKxST โ‡’ To Lie, Cheat, and Steal โ‡’ Can you imagine โ‡’ L'appel du vide โ‡’ The Monitoring Core โ‡’ Holiday for Strings โ‡’ We know what we want Page 8 โ‡’ It's all a Game โ‡’ From This My Hand โ‡’ My Head Explodes โ‡’ To The Doorway โ‡’ AKxST โ‡’ RRxST โ‡’ LPxST โ‡’ VBxST โ‡’ LPxST โ‡’ SIxST โ‡’ AKxST? โ‡’ KKxST โ‡’ Kotoku โ‡’ Go Lively โ‡’ Already 80 Years Old โ‡’ SAINT โ‡’ Highly Ambient Domains

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Manufactured December 17th YE 34
Strange ISC Phoenix/SAoY allegiances
Also a Medic/Technician/Engineer
Five minute operation limit with a four hour recharge cycle due to a lack of proper power source.
Full EM spectrum. Scent faculties comparable to a blood hound. Infrasonic and ultrasonic hearing.
In progress

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