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Sesshoseki Tamamo

Sesshoseki Tamamo is a player character in the isc_phoenix played by Eistheid.

Sesshoseki Tamamo
Kanji: ๆฎบ็”Ÿ็Ÿณ ็Ž‰่—ป
|Abomination in the making.
Species: nh-33_tennyo 1)
Zodiac: Ophiuchus
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years 2)
Height: 145cm/4'9โ€œ
Weight: 51.3kg/113.1bs
Organization: isc_phoenix 3)
Occupation: Pilot 4)
Rank: Seven of Hearts5)
Current Placement: crimson_kestrel

Physical Characteristics

โ€œShe's it?โ€ the Taii asked as the hatch closed. โ€œI imagined her being taller.โ€

Handedness: Left dominant, tending toward ambidexterity

Build: Lithe, and built much like a swimmer, she sports a defined musculature, wide hips, and a subtle emphasis of her body's curves producing the illusion that she is more shapely than her slight frame allows. This with her lengthy toned legs provides an air of fey grace and beauty, that one so short would not be expected to have.

Measurements: 28B-20-32

Skin Color: Dark grey-blue skin.

Facial Features: Tamamo has a round, soft face dominated by wide, round eyes, gifted with long, full lashes beneath high, arched eyebrows, pale violet in coloration. In the centre of her face is a small nose that is darkened by a genetic tattoo making it appear perpetually ink stained. Her small mouth with soft lips are of a slightly lighter blue cast than that of her surrounding skin, while her jaw supports a trio of genetic tattoos on either side of her jaw taking the shape of parallel black bars angled to point toward the centre of her face. On the crown of her head rest a pair of large, long, triangular fox like ears covered on the outer side with soft pale violet fur as well as tufts of fur near the ear canal.

Eye Color: She has jade green irises surrounded by a black sclera.

Hair Colour and Style: Pale violet soft fur-like hair of medium length with jagged locks of a length that reaches her nose with a pair of longer knee length locks on either side of her face framing it. The fringe that would normally rest on her face and obscure her vision is usually brushed back exposing her eyes, eyebrows and forehead. Additionally she sports a long ankle length mane of hair that she typically tightly braids.

Defining features: She is has blue skin, as well her hemosynth is altered slightly to appear royal blue instead of red. Additionally, at rest her facial features naturally fall into a state that could be interpreted as surprised. Her thighs and lower legs are the same length as her torso making her legs proportionally very long.

What truly stands out however are her ears that rest in a position not typical of Nekovalkyrja on the crown of her head. This coupled with the presence of eight pale violet furred, fluffy, fox-like prehensile tails that sprout from the base of her spine are each nearly three feet in length, terminating in an inky black tip.

Also of note are her genetic tattoos, most often taking the form of a trio of black bars, present on the outer side of her shoulders, staggered and wrapped around her forearms near the elbow, wrapping around her hips on either side, wrapped around her outer thigh, on the back of her calves just below the knee, as well as the pair of three bars located on either side of her jaw.

Exceptions to this rule, are the double band around her wrists and ankles, the black smudge darkening her nose, a pair of bars starting at her armpits and travelling a quarter of the way in toward the centre of her chest, the branching bars that start on her back curving down under her breasts, with a couple of 'branches' that extend up toward the nipple, and a 'winged' tattoo centred on the space between her shoulder blades.

A final oddity is that her sclera has been recoloured to black, this is coupled with the capacity to resize her irises, and a cat-like slit pupil structure.

Of note as well she has a distinctive soft, high voice.


At present Tamamo is augmented with:

Psychological Characteristics

โ€Yeah she's basically a chilled out, perfectly amicable person. Just don't touch her without asking.โ€œ

- Luca Pavone, when asked about the odd, small individual in his employ.

Personality: Fey would be the best word to describe Tamamo's disposition, even though her mind works in an organized and logical manner, that logic does not often match up with that of others. This leads her to frequently make decisions that others find odd, unexpected, or disturbing.

While her mind may work in unfamiliar ways, it should not be underestimated. Her capacity for assimilating and refining new knowledge is monstrous, lending to a canny, coldly calculating core persona that is constantly analyzing and reviewing circumstances while comparing it to previous experiences and projecting possible outcomes of any given situation.

Aware of the repercussions of being other, or uncanny, she has adopted the habit of limiting her natural behaviours in favor of emulating a persona featuring traits that are popularly considered pleasant when around others. While she can be quite effective in her facade when needed she finds it extremely taxing and dislikes having to emulate normal behaviours for long.


Tamamo is a Pilot aboard the crimson_kestrel. She holds a rank of Seven of Hearts among the crew as well as a tentative rank of Santรด Hei among the SAoY

For additional information see: Skill Details


  • Real-time Learning: Tamamo is capable of learning and updating her behaviours in real time, largely eliminating the need for practice and greatly reducing instructional time. She is capable of preforming this on the fly if need be. This gives her a rapidly intimate familiarity with whatever craft she flies improving her performance with time as she learns exactly what she can get away with in a craft.
  • Support: Tamamo has experience flying missions in cooperation with mixed forces allowing her to assess and provide support to her allies where needed by they in the air or on the ground.
  • Energy Weapons: Preferring to eschew solid munitions with their varying weight over time and limited operational time, Tamamo is skilled with the use of energetic weapons mounted on craft knowing how to apply them to maximize their effectiveness while also avoiding damage from overuse.

Past Occupations

Infantry, Technician, Medic

  • Marksman: Tamamo is gifted with steady and sure aim improving with distance to target, naturally this lends her to being better suited to using rifles over other firearms.
  • Support: Trained as both a medic and a technician for the SAoY as well as continued study allow her to provide allies with repairs or medical service ensuring that both equipment and personnel that she is assigned to remain functional, or at least in mostly one piece.

More Information

This aberration was created 2014/11/10 14:54 by Eistheid and is not up for adoption.

Manufactured December 17th ye_34
Strange ISC Phoenix/SAoY allegiances
Also a Medic/Technician/Engineer
Five minute operation limit with a four hour recharge cycle due to a lack of proper power source.
Full EM spectrum. Scent faculties comparable to a blood hound. Infrasonic and ultrasonic hearing.

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