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Se'verem Keri'cruen

Se'verem Keri'cruen is a Shukaren Daur serving in Youth Corps division of the Shukara Volunteer Navy. He currently works aboard the SNV Gam'trosha in the position of Hardware Engineer.

Keri is a player character created by Khasidel in February 2012.

Se'verem Keri'cruen
Character Profile
Name: Se'verem Ene'si Keri'cruen
Nickname: Keri
Title: Zel'on
Species: Shukaren Daur
Age: 16 (Born: ER 761 / YE 3)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Nesha Prime
Family Profile
Mother: Se'verem Rho'suni, Age 45
Father: Se'verem Ta'cruen, Age 49
Sister: Se'verem Shi'ara, Age 14
Sister: Se'verem Xi'alara, Age 8
Occupation Profile
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten Kingdom of Neshaten, Shukara Volunteer Navy Shukara Volunteer Navy - V'kaste's Legion
Rank: A'Fuereb A'Fuereb
Occupation: Hardware Engineer, Apprentice
Assignment: SNV Gam'trosha
Physical Profile
Height: 4' 8β€œ (142 cm)
Mass: 115 lb. (52 kg)
Build: Slender and athletically muscled due to military training.
Fur Color: Silver-white, platinum colored fur.
Ears: Fox-like, silver-white ears with black-furred tips.
Tail Color: Silver-white from base to tip.
Facial Features, Eye Color: Luminous, blue-green eyes and a youthful visage comparable to that of a human male in his teens.
Hair Color, Style: Same as his fur color, though usually kept cut short to around neck length.
Distinguishing Features: Wears contact lenses due to extreme short-sightedness.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Keri'cruen is a kind, loyal and compassionate daur adolescent. While an innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge is widely considered to be a racial trait of the shukaren daur, Keri's is particularly voracious. It is his desire for knowledge and new discoveries that drove Keri to join V'kaste's Legion and the Volunteer Navy – even though he is pacifistic by nature and has little desire to fight.

Due to the fact that the Navy would be at the forefront of the Kingdom of Neshaten's efforts in space exploration, at an early age Keri'cruen dedicated himself to joining the military's ranks so that he might be assigned to an exploration vessel and experience the wonders of the galaxy first-hand.

His interests and skills lay mainly in the fields of science and engineering – topics which he continues to study with vigour even when off-duty. He also has a passing interest in a variety of other subjects including language, religion and history. Outside of the pursuit of knowledge, Keri is fond of a variety of entertainments such as Meer'tro, Quare'tro, and especially enjoys Xes'trena.

Due to his privileged lifestyle prior to joining the military, Keri has previously experienced little in the way of real hardship, though this has begun to change after experiencing real-life combat situations. He can also be considered over-kind and naΓ―ve; at times he has been easily fooled by lies and deceptions that were obvious to others more experienced than himself and can be easily mislead because of his overly trusting nature.

Keri'cruen is also something of an eccentric bookworm – even his friends think he's a bit odd, and on occasion he displays the habit of jumping from one topic of conversation to another randomly or skipping parts of his sentences when he's excited.

Likes: Sports, racing, games, books, science, learning, gentle music, making friends, fruit drinks, fine foods, sword-fighting, starship engineering, tinkering.

Dislikes: Idiots, liars, laziness, prejudice, arguments, cold weather, unnecessary conflict, cruel jokes, politics.

Goals: To learn as much as he possibly can and one day captain his own exploration ship.



Keri'cruen was born in the capital city of Netoshen in the year ER 761. He is the eldest and only male offspring of three children born to Ta'cruen and Rho'suni – two well-known and wealthy aristocrats of the Neshaten noble-caste. The patriarch of the Se'verem, Ta'cruen, provides leadership for the Se'verem Industrial Consortium; a collection of businesses which almost rival the Yuina'cema Merchant Family. The consortium is easily the second-largest contributor of new technologies for the entire Kingdom of Neshaten. Keri's mother Rho'suni works in politics and serves as a member of the Royal Family's advisory council representing the governments Division of Expansion.

For most of his early life Keri lived in the capital within his family's estate – he was guided and trained by family servants and paid tutors before being given a more formal education through private schooling at the Shi'ka'ma Academy. The Shi'ka'ma Academy was located in the city of Ne'ushae prior to it being bombed by the Netrunu'marol and has since been reconstructed as the She'na Academy. It was during his time at this school that he met and became close friends with Quin'trema Xeui'na – the daughter of a Levian noble family engaged in a historically close and friendly relationship with the Se'verem nobility. During his enrolment, Keri also formally joined V'kaste's Legion.

Keri spent most of his free time studying whatever peaked his interest; including history, language and the arts. But his primary focus had always remained increasing his aptitude with space-related sciences and starship engineering. Totally fixated on his goal of joining the Navy and joining a starship crew, Keri proved himself an intellectual prodigy by managing to graduate from the Academy with multiple Jui'ashen-level certifications at an exceptionally early age – most Neshaten do not manage to attain such high qualifications before the age of 20.

After graduating from the academy, Keri'cruen enrolled in and completed the Navy's basic training before applying to join the engineering career track. After several additional seasons – during which Keri received a more in-depth education on the vehicles, systems, equipment and engineering skills utilized by the Shukara Volunteer Navy – the kit successfully finished the training course and was reassigned to his first posting aboard the SNV Gam'trosha.

Service Record

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OOC Notes

Khasidel created this article on 2012/02/25 00:33.

Artwork is commissioned work done by AquaZircon.

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