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Shadow Wraith

Shadow Wraith is a player character played by Quantumditto.

Shadow Wraith
Species: IDSOL
Gender: male
Age: 9
Height: 9'2“ (2.80416m)
Weight: 267lb
Organization: Civilian
Occupation: engineer/mechanic
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 9.2ft (2.80416m)
  • Mass: 267lb
  • Measurements 40 39 40

Build and Skin Colour: Shadow has a well toned, muscular build, covered with obsidian black skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Shadow has angular ice blue eyes. His face is roughly oval and seems rather androgynous.

Hair Colour and Style: Shadow has white hair the he leaves hanging as a mess just past ear length.

Distinguishing Features: Blood red tribal style dragon tattoo on back

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Shadow has a very rough personality, which tends to push other people away. He is distant at times, but he is intensely loyal to those he considers friends, even though they may detest him. He is continually driven by the need to survive, and prove he is as good as anyone else, feeling this will make his existence meaningful. Despite wanting to make friends, his blunt approach tends to make this difficult, and his cold, survivalist logic makes some people uncomfortable.

  • Likes: Weapons, freedom, friends, 'intimacy'
  • Dislikes: Betrayal, cheating, unnecessary damage
  • Goals: 1.Survive 2.Find out who made him and why 3. Finally make a working omni tool


Family (or Creators)

Damansk cloning group (later taken over by the Nepleslian military)


Shadow woke for the first time in a cold white lab room, his only thoughts of survival. He couldn't move. His heart hurt. He heard a voice say “another failure, dump him”, and then was dragged off, and thrown into an incinerator. His body finally began to respond, and he crawled to the dump chute, pulled himself out, and collapsed into the rubbish. Eventually, he climbed out of the dump, and walked toward the heart of the slum looking for food.

Stealing and murdering to get by, Shadow became a jack-of-all-trades, hiring on for any work he could find. He spent several years as a mercenary before realizing a love of machinery. He learned what he needed to from the streets before becaming a mechanic, building and maintaining anything that he could be paid to work on, and occasionally killing those who cheated him (or had bounties large enough).

While he was not unhappy, Shadow yearned for thrills, and began to invent random devices, or pull of daring heists until finally he went too far, and stole from a major local gang, earning their ire.

He ran from the slums, vengeful gang pursing him for stealing, and headed to the space ports to escape, either to space, or at least somewhere not there.


after travelling to a station Shadow found an advertisement for a job on the Wayward. It sounded like an adventure that was fun and would give him a home for now at least.

After meeting everyone in the shop and deciding he liked the crew and touring the ship Shadow retired to his room to sleep.



Shadow speaks trade and Yamataigo, learned from the streets and stolen books. As a result, he may sometimes not know how to say something, making expressing himself difficult with his more limited vocabulary at times. He can only write in trade.


Shadow enjoys creating things with whatever parts and scraps are around him. He has designed a few rather rudimentary weapons, but has been unable to build them due to a lack of parts. Shadow has also created several designs for 'omnitools', but has so far been unable to create a version which does not explode in his hands. He is much better at weapons that anything else.


Shadow was literally born to kill, and became proficient at doing so with any weapon he could get his hands on. This includes knives, ballistic rifles, and energy pistols. In unarmed combat Shadow only really knows how to brawl, and has been unable to find anyone to learn martial arts from.


Shadow grew up on the streets stealing what he could to survive, and when your next meal is behind a locked door, you find a way to open it. He is able to move with surprisingly little noise for his size, though he is far from silent, and knows how to move without being seen. He is able to instinctively recognize some areas of cities similar to his home.


Shadow can traverse his environment with parkour. and cat like agility running faster than anyone in the slum. he also has amazing stamina, is adept at climbing. He has very well practiced agility and speed, thanks to his time in the slums, and has plenty of stamina to go with it. He is an adept climber, though primarily as relates to buildings, not natural environments.

Technology Operation

Shadow can use the basic operating systems found in nepleslia and can figure out roughly how to use more advanced systems given enough time. While he has no experience with other systems, he could learn them with time.

Maintenance and Repair

Shadow loves taking things apart and putting them back together, and years of maintaining everything he owned, as well as living off the skill, has made him excellent at repairing things. He can maintain and repair any basic mechanical system he is familiar with, as well as other basic systems, given time to experiment, and the finished product in the first place.


Shadow Wraith has the following items:

  • “Door Breaker” Lockpicks basic set
  • EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit
  • Ulti-Tool Multiple Purpose Tool
    • Holosight
    • 7 40 round magazines
    • foregrip and carrying strap
    • Sound Suppressor
  • durandium monomolecular retractable knife
  • Brown leather(8) trenchcoat w/ composite(2) hidden plating and impact armour layer 2 hidden pockets and one holster
  • black leather boots
  • 1 large duffel bag
  • 6 pairs underwear
  • 6 pairs socks
  • 5 t-shirts
  • 2 trousers


Shadow Wraith has no consistent source of income.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
24 DA 5976 DA starting items

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