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Lu'man Yar'ica Shar'ica

Lu'man Yar'ica Shar'ica is a player character played by ShotJon.

Lu'man Yar'ica Shar'ica
Species: Neshaten - Shukaren Daur
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height: 4'9โ€ (145cm)
Weight: 110 pounds (50kg)
Organization: Neshaten Shuakara Navy
Occupation: Marine
Rank: O'Eytene
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Theme music: Death by Murder - Good Morning, Magpie

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'9โ€ (145cm)
  • Mass: 92 pounds (42kg)
  • Measurements: C

Build and Skin Color: Shar is a slightly taller for Daur woman. Her body is athletic with well toned muscles from all the physical training. She is quite slim and bony though. Shar's fur is slightly more visible, then of other Daurs and black coloured.

Eyes and Facial Features: Shar's eyes are black and with promimnent lids. Her nose is rather small with small scar on it. She has slim lips, rose coloured lips. Her teeth are completely white, with rather large fangs.

Ears: Fox-like ears on her are of brownish colour, with black tips. Her inner-fuzz is white. There is clearly visible cut on her right ear.

Hair Color and Style: Shar'ica's red hair is shaved on the side of her head, but the rest is long, going down on her back. She ussualy just let's it hang, but also ties it in pony-tail so it won't get in the way.

Distinguishing Features: Shar has many small burn marks on her body, creating cuts in her fur. She gained these during explosion she barely survived. She has rather poor sense of smell.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Shar lived trough much in her life. She used to be cheerful and nice person, trying to help others. She tried to see good in the world and did her best to punish the wicked who threatened that. She had great sense of humour and liked to laugh a lot. After her Rite of Honour when she found supposed partner for life she was even more happy and it seemed nothing could go wrong.

It all changed when her partner died. Shar was supposed to die too when confection got severed, but she survived. She still felt her partners death though and that scarred her for life. She was never the same since.

She lost all that pulled her trough the life and became just a husk of a person she used to be. With her drive gone, her will to life was too. She was suicidal and only after long therapy she regained control of her feelings again.

She emerged as rather bitter loner. She did not laugh much anymore and became quite a cynic. She is troubled by nightmares and while she controls herself now, thought of dying is still there. Shar does not really care about herself now. She also drinks heavily whenever she gets chance, since it helps her forget for a while.

What she cares about still are other. Her comrades in arms and civilians of Neshaten Kingdom. She would gladly gave up her life in their defense, which is actually her plan.

  • Likes: Combat, alcohol, cigarettes, cynism
  • Dislikes: Terrorism, unlawful acts, explosives
  • Goals: To die honourably in service of the Neshaten Kingdom for the greater cause.


Family (or Creators)

Ra'ic Lu'man (father, age 53) Yar'ica Lu'man (mother, age 57) Ha'kar Lu'man (brother, age 33)


Lu'man Yar'ica Shar'ica was born fairly regular family as a younger child. Her father worked as manager of furniture store and was just ordinary Daur man. Her mother though worked as a cook in royal palace. Shar was growing up fast into happy-go-lucky little rascal. She was often running around, breaking things, getting bruises for all the exploring. She also often went with her mum in the work, helping in the kitchen.

There she met many of the royal guards, who used their free time to get some grub and flirt with cooks in the kitchens. Young Shar'ica always tried to pry a story from them. Most were ex-soldiers or town guard and always had a experience to share. She always absorbed every word they said. She then always played as one of them saving royal family. These make-belief games were one of her favourites.

Still, people do grow up and so did Shar. She moved and as she grew older she found out she was not exactly clever person. She had problems in school and had to study hard especially with things like math or chemistry. She had not problems with history and she excelled in sports and athletics. When time came that she needed to chose her future career, she remember the old royal guards she used to spent time with. She started to want to be like them again and now she knew it was possible. That was what made her choose career in Law Enforcement.

Shar joined the City Guard as a first step towards her goal. She had a little trouble memorising laws of the Neshaten kingdom and procedures she was supposed to follow, but when it came to combat and physical training she did very well. She soon started patrolling and doing her job. She was fuelled by simple enthusiasm and belief in good. She though she was making the difference and that was enough for her.

After few years she already ranked up a little in the City Guard and was offered a spot in special guard unit. It was fast response unit trained to free hostages, do assault and arrests. Thinks like that. Shar of course accepted. Training was long and tough, but it made an excellent markswoman and fencer out of her. She also met Lu'trintrakos, a young My'leke who joined the unit same time she did. They hit it off very fast and spent a lot of time together. When they finally started serving, those two made a good team.

Over time Shar and Lu'trin saw more in each other. They found out they were spending more and more times together and were not happy when one had to be away for long. It was clear that relationship between them was more then just friendship. Soon they started living together and became real partners. It was not long after that, they went through Rite of honour. After completing all the trials, they become truly one.

Life was good at that time. Shar was very happy, she had job that meant much to her, partner for the rest of her life and it seemed nothing could ruin that. She was mistaken though. Shar and Lu were called on duty once to a restaurant, where few Shukaren Laibe anti-Daur terrorists took everyone there hostages. They were armed with swords and firearms. Guard response team was there fast and surrounded the place ready to breach. It was deemed necessary to try negotiate though. Shar herself wanted to move in fast, because she though there will be no reasoning when hateful and fanatical Laibes. They were out for Daur blood.

Shar was right, it did not take long for terrorists to loose patience and execute one of the hostages. Guard officer leading the forces presented ordered his men and women to attack. Shar and Lu went in first ready for tough firefight. But just as few first shots flew through the air, one of the terrorists held up a box with a button he pressed. His backpack was full of explosive material that detonated. Shar had not time to even react, Lu was faster though. He jumped in front of her, shielding most of the blast wave with his own body.

Lu was dead on the spot and Shar looked very bad. Her heart was not beating and she was most likely to die with her life partner. One of the doctors on emergency team decided otherwise though. Lu could not be saved, that was clear, but he though that he might still save Shar. Even though one of the guardsman told him it would be better not to, since her partner died. Doctor did not listened and started reviving Shar. It took a long time and it seemed like it was in vain, but then her heart started beating and she was alive again.

She woke up after few weeks of coma. She woke up screaming since she felt and remembered Lu's death. She felt it as he did. It is uncommon for only one of the partner who came together through Rite of Honour to survive. Shar felt her partner dying and it was as if she died herself too. It driven her crazy. At first she just usually lied in her bed, blankly staring at the wall. Her thoughts was hazy and she could not focus. She just knew that she was alone and he is gone. She did not want to live in such a wall.

Shar attempted a suicide. She was about to jump out from a window, when her brother came on visit and stopped her in just a nick of a time. She was restrained and left in care of expert psychiatrists. It took years of healing and therapy. Her brother was the one who helped her most. He was often with her, trying to convince her and give her reason to live again. He made clear that Lu would want her to live on. It took time, but Shar learned to accept it.

She then tried living on her own again. She could not go back to Guard again, since it made her think of Lu too much. She gave up on becoming Royal Guard too. Mostly she only wanted to fall asleep and never wake up. But she made vow to stay alive, she could not kill herself now. But she wanted to be useful again, to do something. IN her civilian life she usually just drank herself to sleep most nights and that meant nothing.

After some time, her brother mentioned that she could join the navy. She was still decent fighter and she had will to help the Kingdom. If she could not be in Guard again, she could go to Navy. After thinking it trough, she agreed and joined the navy. She knew about herself not to be smart so marines were easy choice. Even if it was some time, she did not forget her previous training and boot camp was easy for her. She still did not see much value in living, but it kept her busy at least. After completing her training she prepared for receiving her first assignment, hoping that it will be somewhere dangerous.

Skill Areas

Fighting (close combat):

Shar was extensively trained in many sorts of combat. She started in Guard with its hand-to-hand training that utilised mainly all kinda of limb-locking and holds. She was also trained with spears, swords and clubs. This was all given even more focus when she joined speciel response unit. Her abilites were even better then, especially since hand strikes and kicks created to disable and hurt her oponnents were added. She was in many fights with criminals, either with melee weapons or just her hands and feet. When she joined the marines she was given a combat training, that was more focused on disabling or killing oponnents. WIth her current state of mind it fits her very well. She is able to use her hands and weapons to strike fast, fiercely and with deadly precision.

Fighting (ranged)

As a guard, Shar was trained in use of ranged weaponry. She learned fast and gave it a lot. She spend a lot of time on firing range, practising and honing her skills. She became accurate and precise marksman. Although ranged combat is generally non-liked between Neshaten people, she disagreed. She put the pride away focusing on the fact, that she can disable enemy much faster, then if she had to go at him with swords. Shot criminal could not hurt anyone else. Her focus on ranged weaponry became even greater, when her partner got killed. She believe that if she were better shooter, she might have gotten the terrorist before he triggered the explosive device. When she joined the marines she got training with military weaponry and other equipment. She can use rifles, pistols and other ranged weapon extremaly well. She is also trained at using grenades and knife throwing.


Upon her joining of the Neshaten Navy and its marine corps, Shar received a traning focused on surviving on her own in the wilderness. She know how to build shelter, find water and food in the wild nature of Neshaten homeworld.

Moving through terrain is important skill for military infantry. Shar trained to read maps and using compass to find her location and heading. She can navigate trough open terrain and knows how to look for landmarks.


Because of how important history is, but also in order to curb the racial problems that would naturally exist in their culture, all Neshaten are taught about their past and what lead up to them having to colonize a new world but also about their allies the My'leke or the Shukaren. Shar also has extensive knowledge of Neshaten laws, as she was member of City Guard in the past. She knows what is right and what is wrong.


Shar has learned how to move quietly upon her joining of City Guard special response team. She was learned how to move quietly trough urban location and how to sneak up on criminals. She also know how to look for good hidng place or ambush spots in towns. As she joined the marines, she received similiar training, but focused more on wilderness. She can move stealthily in woods and bushes. She knows how to utilise a colour and how to camouflage herself. She was also trained how to do silent and deadly kills with knife or bare hands.


Shar spent a much of her childhood with mer mother, who was excellent cook. Even today her mother cooks for Royal Family itself. Shar learned a lot from her and is quite a good cook by now. She knows many recipies and tries to cook as often as she can.



Lu'man Yar'ica Shar'ica is a A'Fuereb in the Shukara Volunteer Navy she receives 175 RN a OOC month.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5,000 RN Starting Funds

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