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Shar Galviotta Idam

Shar Galviotta Idam
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5'6β€œ
Weight: 113 lbs.
Organization: Rapid Reaction Force
Occupation: Exo-suit Pilot/General Infantry
Rank: Troop Master
Current Placement:

Shar Galviotta Idam in Roleplay

Shar Galviotta Idam is a player character played by SentientRace.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6 (167.64 cm) Mass: 113 lbs. (51.25 kg) Build and Skin Color: Idam is mixed with various bloodlines, giving his skin tone a pale blueish-purple hue. His body is muscular yet lean enough to leave room for acrobatics.

Eyes and Facial Features: Idam's eyes are a very bright green, complementing his skin tone. His face, like the rest of his body, is very muscular.

Hair Color and Style: Hard Hair. Spiky and 'combed' upwards.

Distinguishing Features: On his back is a tattoo of a jaguar-like creature standing on top of a mountain summit. He also has a metallic colored tattoo sun on the top of his right hand, the identifier of his clan.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: At first glance, Idam seems to be a very stern, very silent character; like some sort of martial artist monk. He is very reserved for a lot of things, but once one becomes a friend or an acquaintance, he begins to loosen up considerably. Idam loves to bait others into bringing out certain reactions and enjoys joking from time to time, but he rarely has enough spare time for idle banter. Most of the time Idam will be seen studying books or reading into logs of any kind. Lately he loves reading up on the newly discovered alien races, their languages and their technology. The rest of the time he is training his body through rigorous physical and mental exercises and practicing martial arts. Idam is a perfectionist through and through, even though he may lack somewhat in social skills.

Likes: Weapons, alien cultures, martial arts, reading, drinking, puzzle games, Peluu. Dislikes: Bigotry, ignorance, mathematics, sloppyness. Goals: To be able to travel into the galaxy and meet other alien races. To meet Peluu again someday.


Family and Relations


Shar Galviotta Dinfa, adopted father (military veteran, survival trainer); Galviotta Jon, adopted mother (history teacher)


Ginderiiv Mini, childhood friend (deceased); Gunvaa Kuulvenilis Peluu, childhood friend (diplomat); Maujeing Leena, bootcamp friend (Rapid Reaction Force)


Idam was adopted at a very early age. He didn't even know he was adopted until later, when he was told of his actual lack of biological ties with his family. Regardless, he has always loved his family. Since he could walk, his father was teaching Idam how to survive on his own in the wilderness, teaching him about star and solar navigation, what fauna and flora were best to eat, how to distinguish whether they are edible or not, etc. During his whole childhood he was home schooled, so he was always a very strange child that never wanted to play with the other kids in playgrounds or parks. His mother taught him everything he needed to know academically, while his father trained his body and mindset. Into his teenage years he began intense martial arts training in a martial arts school, and often attended several Hunts with his father. Like his father, he joined D'jashii Shar, and swore loyalty to the clan. During this time he had met another martial arts student that became close friends with him. In an unfortunate accident, however, he and his family died in a house fire.

He later met up with Peluu at a military veteran party of his father's. Peluu and himself became rather enamored, and dated for several years. She was great with computers and had a talent for talking with others, as she was set to be a diplomat. However, this relationship would not last, as he had finally reached the pinnacle of his training and was ready to enter the military as his father did once. Thinking it may some day bring him back to meeting Peluu, Idam joined the Rapid Reaction Force to be able to see if he could have a second chance at the relationship he lost due to his father's persistence. In his time in the RRF he became an experienced soldier, hunting down rebel groups in the Union and its colonies. He rose through the ranks until he finally reached Troop Master. At that moment, the Union had first contact with the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. About a week later, he was summoned to be part of an invasion against alien territory. The Union's first space war was about to begin.


The Space War

Skill Areas


Idam has been trained to be capable of operating all alien communications technologies. He can speak in low level code talk with ease, and can concentrate on speaking when under-fire or in a combat situation. He knows how to communicate with the alien's version of morse-code, through flashlights as well as smoke signals. He is also currently learning how to use Trade (Nepleslian).


Idam has extensive experience with combat of all sorts. In hand to hand, he is a master at the Art of Pursuit and the Art of the Trap, often seamlessly combining both arts and using them to great effect. He was also trained in Standard Military CQC and underwent extensive physical regimes when joining the Rapid Reaction Force. He is proficient in using handguns, personal defense weapons, assault rifles and machineguns, and has had some amount of training using bladed weaponry in CQC. Finally, he is an expert exo-suit pilot; something not easily achieved in the Union Military.


When it comes to knowing things, Idam makes this his personal hobby. From alien history to alien law, Idam is well-versed in all things book-worthy. Whatever one would think would be a boring encyclopedia to read, Idam sees it as an interesting book to learn more about his culture. Idam even keeps himself updated regarding the political and cultural standings of the new-found sentient races across the galaxy. Finally, Idam's memory is exceptionally good: he quite literally has photographic memory. Using his well-versed mind and his exceptional memory, Idam makes a great detective and often can deduce things with very little information given to him.


Experience in the field has given Idam enough understanding of the battlefield to know when and when not to make calls. With the aid of his already strategic mindset, Idam has become an able commander in the field able to guide soldiers through successful courses of action that have earned him his rank. He can identify ambush points and other enemy strategies fairly well, and find ways to counter said strategies soundly. Idam is also good with words, capable of reasoning and understanding fellow brothers in arms… when time allows, anyways.

Maintenance and Repair

Being interested in military weaponry made Idam become interested in building them, or at least repairing them. Idam has above-average knowledge of proper weaponry maintenance and can repair most firearms and other alien weaponry with enough time. He also has a broad insight with exo-suits, and knows how to repair their circuitry and fix them up after combat with the proper tools.

Survival & Military

Idam had training surviving in the wilderness before he came into the military provided by his father and in supplement to his martial arts knowledge. His know-how allows him to live in desert environments unassisted for two weeks, and generally for an unlimited amount of time in more favorable environments. He can craft hand-made knives, tools and traps, that allow him to catch and kill local fauna to survive. He is an expert land navigator, using the planet's star as reference for directions.

Technology Operation

Idam is proficient in the use of alien computers, and other pieces of technology. Before entering the military he had already known how to hack computer systems at a decent level, provided the right software. He has taken basic classes to get an understanding of modern computer operations, as well as how to interact with alien neuro-computer systems. Being an exo-suit pilot, he has used much of his spare time to study exo-suit systems with further detail.


Shar Galviotta Idam is currently a Troop Master in the Union's Rapid Reaction Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 GC Starting Funds

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