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Shar Khirijian Vetel

Shar Khirijian Vetel is a player character played by Frown-chan.

Shar Khirijian Vetel
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Height: 5'1β€œ / 155cm
Weight: 115lbs / 52.16kg
Organization: Union Navy
Occupation: Combat Medical Technician
Rank: Solar Trooper 1st Class
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'1” / 155cm
  • Mass: 125lbs / 52.16kg
  • Measurements: 32D-22-34

Build and Skin Color: Vetel is curvy and voluptuous, with a thin layer of fat concealing thickly packed muscles and giving her a feminine appearance. Her leathery flesh is royal blue in color.

Eyes and Facial Features: Vetel has cat-like pupils with full, lime green, starburst irises. Her face is thin, with her cheeks slowly sloping downward to a slightly pointy chin.

Ears: Vetel's ears are simply holes in the sides of her head, like other aliens.

Hair Color and Style: Vetel has thick, royal purple dreadlock-like tentacles protruding from her head and pulled back to rest along the rear of it. The tentacles which are closest to the front of her head / her face wear three small silver bangles near the base, touching eachother.

Distinguishing Features: The right side of Vetel's face is scarred white from an oil burn, starting just above her brow and ending at the bottom of her jaw. The scar is not visible on her nose or lips.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Vetel is a generally optimistic and happy-go-lucky person, with a charming and cheerful demeanor. She revels in the joys of being alive and sees each new day as an opportunity to spread happiness and compassion. She is very outgoing with most people, especially her colleagues, but has a tendency to be shy and withdrawn towards those in a position of authority. She has a deep-seated feeling of shame over her failure to achieve anything in the field she originally pursued as a career choice (cooking), but also has a strong moral conviction that her decision to change careers to medicine was the right one given the circumstances. When in combat, Vetel adopts a more serious and composed mien, in order to improve the chances of survival for both herself and her comrades. Somewhat uncharacteristically of aliens, she has a hearty appreciation for β€œuseless cleverness,” and enjoys partaking in the arts of alien cultures more than her own.

  • Likes: Eating, drinking, partying, reading, singing, painting and generally having a good time.
  • Dislikes: Being put β€œon the spot.” Also, dealing with authority figures, bigots, jerks, depressing people, or staunch traditionalists.
  • Goals: To one day explore the galaxy and spread her ideals of love and joy.


Family (or Creators)

Shar Khirijian Geevolus (Father); Living on an alien world Shar Khirijian Oshaka (Mother); Living on an alien world Shar Khirijian Mosuul (Brother); Serving in the RFF Shar Khirjian Hijjan (Brother); Serving in the Navy


Vetel was born into a very traditional Sermac family, and was brought up as a stereotypical serving girl from a young age. She was taught how to clean and how to cook, and was eventually sent to a cooking school by her parents in order to become a chef. While there, she thrived, until she one day suffered from severe chemical burns to her face when a vat of boiling oil splashed on her. She became completely downtrodden by the event, feeling like a weak failure, and quit school. She returned home to her parent's ridicule, and quickly searched for a way out. She finally found it when she realized her calling in medicine after saving the life of a stranger at a restaurant by performing an emergency tracheotomy using only a steak knife and plastic straw. The technique was one she'd learned about online, and never actually studied in school. Raw beginner's luck contributed to her success, but she nevertheless took it as a sign that there was more out there for her than just cooking. She immediately signed up for the Union Navy as a Combat Medic, and was assigned as a first responder after completing basic training and combat medical technician school.



Vetel has trained and studied the art of fighting. She is proficient in the use of alien small arms, bladed weapons, and standard military CQC training. She is in excellent physical shape as a result, and able to endure the stresses of combat in space or on the ground.

Technology Operation

Vetel is proficient in the use of alien computers, and other pieces of technology. She has taken basic classes to get an understanding of modern computer operations, as well as how to interact with alien neuro-computers systems.


Vetel has been trained to be capable of operating all alien communications technologies. She is capable of speaking in low level code talk with ease, and can concentrate on speaking when under-fire or in a combat situation. She is also proficient in the language of drumming.


Vetel has been trained as a combat medic for the Union Navy, and thus has all of the skills associated with pre-hospital first response for both combat trauma and common medical emergencies. She is capable of performing simple field surgeries and has extensive knowledge of basic medicine and first-aid. She is capable of diagnosing common conditions, and has in-depth knowledge of the alien pharmacopoeia.


Vetel has studied anatomy and physiology extensively on her own in order to bolster her medical skills in the field. She has an intermediate understanding of alien biology and basic knowledge of Nepleslian biology.

Art and Vocations

Vetel has broad and extensive knowledge about alien culture and the arts, both traditional and popular, as well as alien arts. She is capable of basic sculpting and is adept at painting and illustration. Her artwork is not exceptional enough to grant her a starring place in the cultural consciousness of the aliens, but it is unique in that it is a blend of alien styles.


Having attended culinary school when she was young, Vetel has a rather extensive knowledge of alien cuisine. She is capable of cooking meals for small numbers of people or large groups, and knows how to prepare most common dishes.


Vetel has broad and extensive knowledge about alien music, both traditional and popular, as well as alien music. She is an extremely capable singer and dancer, and knows how to read music as well as play many traditional alien instruments.




  • 2 Rapid Reaction Force duty uniforms (w/ Navy rank patches)
  • 1 Rapid Reaction Force duty boots

Personal Clothing

  • 1 red and gold coin-sequined skirt
  • 1 red hip scarf
  • 1 red and gold coin-sequined bra w/ plunging neckline


  • 3 Silver bangles per forward hair tentacle (at the base)
  • Small silver naval piercing (Vertical barbell, appears as 2 beads)
  • Large silver naval piercing (Captive bead ring around the naval hole w/ 3 dangling diamond pendants, 1 large in the center flanked by 2 small ones on the sides)
  • Silver tongue piercing (barbell, appears as 2 beads, one on the top and one on the bottom of the tongue)
  • 6 Silver bangles of varying size (telescoping from the base to the tip), worn along the tail

Personal Hygiene

  • Personal Hygiene Pack


  • 1 Networked Relay System
  • Electronic Money Card

Combat Equipment

  • 1 Set of Ballistic Armor
  • 1 XRASER Pistol
  • 1 XRASER Rifle

Medical Equipment

  • Medical bag
  • Bio-scanner
  • Medical robot


  • 4 Ration Packs


  • Matchup
  • Clarity


Shar Khirijian Vetel is currently a Solar Trooper 2nd Class (E2) in the Union Navy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 UD Starting Funds
500 UD 4500 Bio-upgrades
2600 UD 2100 Pay

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