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Shasta Archeletta

Shasta Archeletta is a player character played by Charmaylarg.

Shasta Archeletta
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Mutant Female
Date of Birth: YE 15
Occupation: Drone Operator/Technical Security Consultant
Current Placement: Bounty Hunter Series

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunter Series

Physical Description

Height: 5'11โ€œ (71 Inches)

Mass: 120bs

Build and Skin Color:

Shasta stands at an average height with pale, unblemished skin. She is rather thin with some noticeable muscle.

Eyes and Facial Features:

Shasta has sharp facial features with eyes that are hazel color, With long eyelashes and thin, plucked eyebrows.

Hair Color and Style:

Shasta has very long and wavy black hair that has streaks of white highlights coursing through it that falls well past her shoulders.

Distinguishing Features:

Shasta has two long, Canine like ears that extend forward from the top of her head, And a long lupine like tail that joins with her tailbone. Both are the same color as her hair and move in concert with her moods and activities like a canines would. Other than these traits, Shasta can pull off looking like any Nepleslian female if she chose to hide her lupine traits.


Shasta is an outwardly positive person to the point of seeming to have a sunny disposition. She finds it easy to look past the faults or troubles life gives and openly promotes a reassuring optimism in any situation to those she might come across.

Besides her outwardly positive demeanor, Shasta is an overly energetic person and does gets easily restless and prone to bouts of wanderlust. Finding it almost impossible to stay put or be confined to the same place for any prolonged period of time.



Shasta Archeletta was born and raised in the bustling megacity of Roger Wilco by Keiji Archeletta and Shani Archeletta, A Yamataian man and a Nepleslian Mutant who fell in love under extenuating circumstances. Despite this, Shasta was raised to maturity under a mother who spent most of her time away on a business neither of her parents ever spoke of. And a father too busy with his work at a nearby campus as an IT consultant to give a growing child the proper attention needed to grow and develop properly, Often leaving Shasta alone with nothing but the small, colorful flying toy drones that always flew around his office playing music and coaxing her into chasing and playing with them to keep her young mind occupied while her father worked.

As the years went on, Shasta found herself to have a natural affinity with the robotics and handling that composed her intricate toys her father made. By breaking down, Re-assembling, and bothering her father with questions. Shasta had found an interesting hobby in dronecraft. And under the occasional tutelage of her father learned the proper coding and work necessary to even build and maintain her own.

By her late teens, Shasta had developed an uncontrollable wanderlust. At some point it even threatened her fathers job when she couldn't stay put and would wander the labs and campuses. With the consent of her father, and a small, unspoken loan from her mother for necessities, Shasta traveled deeper into the city to offer what skills she had in order to buy or work her way onto a ship to anyone that would pay, All to fund her own private adventures through the stars.

Social Connections

Shasta Archeletta is connected to:

Keiji Archeletta (Father)

Shani Archeletta (Mother)

Kasper (Online Alias, Shasta's long distance InterNep boyfriend)



Shasta is Fluent in Trade and Yamataigo. And can read, Write, and speak both with little to no difficulty.


Shasta, Out of necessity has learned to operate and maintain a varying degree of small arms and equipment, And is no stranger in the fast paced and physically demanding actions of close combat.


Shasta is a capable coder, And hacker by trade. Learned through a mentor ship by her father, Keiji Archeletta, Shasta is proficient in coding and general cyber security.


Shasta is an adept in the field of Robotics. Learned through a childhood spent around dissembling, resembling, and building drones as a hobby, the concepts and principles are simple to her to the point where she can find out the inner working of even foreign robotics with ease.


Shasta is an overly energetic person, Spending hours every day simply running, climbing, and performing other activities on a daily basis just to burn excess energy. She can run at a compelling speed, Jump an impressive distance, and can perform feats of acrobatics as well.

Inventory & Finance

Shasta Archeletta has the following items:




  • x1 Em-G3-2a (150 KS with Knee Pads.)
  • x1 White, Full Skirt Dress.
  • x1 Mesh shirt.
  • Several black tube tops.
  • Several pairs of short-shorts
  • x1 โ€œMaidโ€ Outfit
  • x1 Black Overalls.
  • Severals pairs of T-Shirts of various sizes.
  • x1 pair of suspenders.
  • x1 Long, black duster.
  • X1 black infinity scarf.
  • x1 Styrling Muur Armor torso armor (700 ks)



Deposit WithdrawnReason total
3,000 KS Starting funds3,000
2,775 KSEquipment225 KS
2,000 KS Bounty Collected2,225 KS

OOC Information

Art by Primitive Polygon

In the case Charmaylarg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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