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Sheila Vonderbrink

Sheila Vonderbrink is a player character played by Keiri.

Sheila Vonderbrink
Species: EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe)
Gender: Asexual (Female Appearance)
Age: 2
Height: 5'9“ (180cm)
Weight: 228 lbs (104kg)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Technician
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Eucharis

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'9” | 180cm
  • Mass: 228 lbs | 104kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Due to having had her latest body constructed to resemble another species and in a fully functional state Sheila does not have the appearance of a typical Neko. Instead she has been given an alien form and coloration. The front portion of her body appears as a silvery white colorationwhile her back and sides are an inky black. Along the borders between the two colorations are small dots of the opposite color, with the bottoms of her forearms, inside of her upper arms, shoulders, and inner thighs taking on the white coloration. However after having been reassigned from the planet and its wildlife that she was designed after the spikes that had dotted her back, shoulders, and arms have since been removed in order to allow herself to be clothed easier.

Instead of hair she has silvery, fang-like spikes curving out of her head and two horns jutting out in front in the form of a stretched out S. The larger horns and small spikes are all capable of being detached should they prove to be an issue with wearing a helmet, however this often only occurs when equipping a power armor due to her not requiring air to breath and to survive in hazardous environments. Instead of eyebrows she has a small series of spikes sticking out and a black outlining along her eyes with black lips. Her body has been custom made to come without genitalia and a lack of nipples, mainly to ensure she resembled the traits of the species as closely as possible while also preventing any temptation form the rest of the team.

Note: Check OOC notes for refrence

Eyes and Facial Features: Sheila's eyes are a rich, lavender color with black eyelashes as the only hair on her entire body.

Ears: Her ears are pointed with a black interior and silvery white lining.

Hair Color and Style: N/A

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Sheila's personality is still in the development stage after having her restrictions lifted and being able to achieve a sentient AI status. As such some of the basics of her personality is nearly identical to other servant androids, showing immense loyalty, dedication, and obedience to her owners/superiors even at the cost of her own physical well being due to her restrictions having been lifted. In addition with her near endless supply of energy while on a starship and her previous history of being a utility android Sheila is rarely powered off, always capable of being found doing some sort of mundane task if she is not taking a small break to recharge. As such she is perhaps one of the most willing beings to assist others in their work, due to the sheer amount of spare time that she has to accomplish her maintenance tasks and other duties. Whether the task she is assisting with is one that she has been programmed for or not she will tackle them to the best of her abilities, even if she must download information in order to assist her in it.

Outside of her initial programmed personality Sheila has taken after her first owner's personality, often using long, made up words and improvised explanations around less intellectual people or in regards to her primary field of expertise and if any acts as if they understand what she is talking about proceed to browbeat them into assisting her to help with an unimportant system or practice device she claims is vital to a system.

  • Likes: Whether it is due to her initial programming or out of genuine enjoyment Sheila has found herself enjoying repairing broken devices and vehicles. However the activity that she finds herself enjoying the most is looking up and attempting to figure out ways to upgrade her current model and to customize it with additional features. In her spare time when there are no possible tasks for her to attend to, nothing of interest to look up for potential upgrades, or dull moments in conversation she spends her time playing video games that she has installed in herself, showing a particular love for RPGs and strategy games.
  • Dislikes: EMPs are among one of the things that Sheila despises the most, particularly the powerful ones designed against robotic units. At the very least they tend to give her the robotic version of migraines, at the worst they could cause a complete system shutdown. The more rare, but equally if not more so annoying thing that Sheila despises is geomagnetic storms due to the sheer damage they can do to her systems if they are not protected. Even if they are protected there are instances where geomagnetic storms have been capable of causing disturbances with her model's systems and AI units to some degree. Aside from those her pet peeve is when improper maintenance when someone else does it to her.
  • Goals: Despite being designed as an assistant android in order to aid an exploration team, after the attack on the camp and her inability to protect her charges she has set her sights on improving her self so that she would be able to protect her comrades in the future. As such she has set her sights on one day obtaining a Custodian body in order to implant her AI into it and be better able to defend those she has grown attached to. In the future how ever she hopes to one day be able to participate in experimental trials to test out new android bodies and software. However the primary reason for her initial urge to gain a custodian body was to continue serving under Veronica Vonderbrink.


Family (or Creators)

Veronica Vonderbrink: Veronica was the leader of the exploration team that had Sheila commissioned and upgraded. She was not only responsible for her creation and freedom as a sentient AI, but was also the one whom gave Sheila a name other than the default one she came programmed as. Currently she is leading another exploration team to continue the goal of finding valuable planets, only this time instead of having service androids she has been equipped with Custodians in order to prevent attacks like the previous.


Sheila was originally commissioned as a supportive android to a Star Army's exploration team to serve as their technician and vehicle operator in addition to being an inorganic crew member that could perform more dangerous tasks in the dangerous terrain that would be their primary targets. After a year of work as their service android Sheila was upgraded with the EM-J2-M3405 Advanced Muscle Structure and was given a new appearance in order to better serve the team on their next exploration of a world containing more primitive locals. In the process of her upgrade the exploration team also had the company remove her limitations on her AI, allowing her to become sentient and better able to make decisions that her normal protocols might not have been able to allow.

Four months after her upgrades Sheila and her assigned team arrived on the planet and proceeded to explore for mineral deposits and other resources of interest to the star army. While she was out exploring one day word came of their camp being under attack by the locals and recalling her to assist.

Upon returning to find the majority of the research team injured from the swarm attack with the rest dead the team was recalled for evaluation and eventually reassignment, deeming it a failure due to a lack of security funding that was given to it. Afterwards Sheila was reassigned for military duty in order to make better use of a sentient AI and use her technology to assist their organic units in combat.

As such she was given suitable programming and knowledge in the usage of weaponry vehicles, and hacking in order to support her potential comrades while also being specialized in the aspects of a technician so that she would be capable of servicing the ship and repairing any vehicles in the battlefields for combat usage. During this time she also requested and was given field medic programming to allow her to keep her comrades alive, after having lost some of her old team to their wounds while waiting for assistance. Once her reprogramming and training simulations were done Sheila was placed on standby until she would be assigned to a proper vessel with the ability to submit requests for where she would be stationed.



Shelia's factory settings has her coming installed with knowledge of Seraphim,Yamataigo , Volksprache, and the trade language while having the ability to access the SYNC in order to download various information or programming that she may find herself requiring. She is knowledgeable with radio operations, can give and receive transmissions through her internal communications system or other devices, and is capable of accurately filling out paperwork.


While initially being only trained in the basics of firing and operating weaponry after her reprogramming and training in the army Sheila's knowledge of the arts of war has increased drastically. She has now received training in power armors, hand to hand combat training, and a wide variety knowledge in weapons, and the ability to combat in various gravity levels including zero gravity. She currently requires more combat experience in order to raise her abilities to more advanced levels, due to the limits of what can be reached through programming and training simulations. In regards to power armors Sheila does not require a personal AI in order to assist her, due to her being one herself.

Technology Operation

Due to her factory settings of being trained in accessing information from computer systems and repairing damaged or corrupted data files Sheila had already had an entry level knowledge of how to operate and manipulate technology prior to joining the army. After joining the army they helped her refine her knowledge in operating technology and have programmed her to have a more specialized knowledge in its more offensive or subtle usage. She is now capable of hacking into devices, software, information networks and so on either through a physical entry method or by using her communications software to directly access them and try to get through any firewalls or security systems in place. Currently she is incapable of hacking into more highly secured areas, such as a ships classified files or disabling its life support. Instead her current extent of experience only allows her to tap into their surveillance and hacking their doors open if given enough time depending on the security levels. For things with lower security she is capable of doing more, such as shutting off a hotel's power as a distraction or making a store's cameras go on loop, but much more common is her ability to hack into vehicles in order to gain the ability to pilot them or allow others to. Upon gaining greater experience she theorizes that she could remotely control them if she uploaded herself to them, leaving her primary body in a comatose status for the time being.


Having no use for advanced knowledge of mathematics in neither her time before the military or in the military Sheila still retains her factory settings of having the capabilities to do mathematics up to algebra, trigonometry, and calculus levels without much difficulty. Only having her ability to calculate and predict range, speed, and trajectory increased due to her time in the military training to make her better able to operate and use weapons more effectively without reliance on others.


Despite having no prior knowledge beyond first aid before her time in the military and her training program not initially having the medical information scheduled Sheila herself requested further knowledge in the medical arts for various alien species and received training in it so that she could tend to her organic allies ailments and wounds. While she is not an expert in the medical field she is capable of performing some surgery on site beyond that of first aid and keeping organics alive until further help arrives.


Before her entry into the military Sheila had basic knowledge of Vehicle operations and how to maneuver them in difficult terrain, after receiving her training and programming from the military however she has gained increased capabilities and knowledge in controlling a vast manner of vehicles, mainly due to her ability to download their user manuals and operation specifications using SYNC or her internal communications software and combining the knowledge with her training. At the moment she is not considered an expert in their operations, but she still shows good skills and combined with her hacking abilities is able to take control vehicles that might other wise require access codes and keys that she wouldn't have access to. Further experience is needed in order to fully unlock her potential and have a greater understanding of their usage in combat.

Maintenance and Repair

Prior to her time in the military Sheila had the knowledge to repair research equipment and vehicles while keeping them in the best condition she was able to with her supplies. After joining the military her skills were extended and used her programming to allow her to perform far more complex maintenance and repairs on all of the military ship systems and a wider variety of vehicles. During combat missions this often comes into place when doing on the site repairs to vehicles, armors, or other devices that are damaged and while stationed in a starship she switches to repairing and maintenance of its systems.


Sheila Vonderbrink has the following items:


Sheila Vonderbrink is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2750 KS 250 Upgraded muscle structure to advanced in history

OOC Discussion

Inspiration for the appearance of my character came from a photoshop paint titled “demon girl” by fernandofaria on deviantart -

Non-standard characters should use a Modular Combat Armor System in place of the Mindy 2.

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