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Shen'leon U'trena

Shen'leon U'trena is a player character played by Kyle.

Shen'leon U'trena
Species: daur
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Height: 4'2'
Weight: 85
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: Scientist
Rank: Citizen
Current Placement: 147th

Preferred Plots

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Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'2'
  • Mass: 85
  • Measurements: NA.

Build and Skin Color: Because of her age, she has a child-like build with orange fur.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eyes are light blue, she has a baby-like face.

Ears: She has sharp-pointy ears similar to a fox with white fur inside.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is in a more military style cut but is blue instead of orange.

Distinguishing Features: She has a black tail with a white tip. Shen’leon was born without a sense of taste.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Shen'leon is rather serious about herself and also confident but only to a degree, she can be rather childish though largely brought upon her revival. She finds a lot of things curious to her, people, places, technology but she doesn't stray away from her duties.

  • Likes: Sour food, some Gartagens, those who help her, fluffy things, swords, technology
  • Dislikes: People who try and harm her, bullies, children who can't understand her situation, some aspects of society
  • Goals: To try and return to her people, but also to find out if any of her family are still alive.


Family (or Creators)

Too many to list, Shen'leon comes from a very large family.


Shen'leon is a young girl who lived during the old era, when the Neshaten Federation still existed. She was a member of a family of scientists whom were responsible for investigating deep-space, searching out ruins of old alien species and also doing general experiments away from civilized areas.

At the time, Shen'leon was located on a moon that orbited Shara - the Gartagen homeworld, where she spent most of her time assisting in the labs and learning from her parents on how to be a scientist. She was considered a prodigy, as she had already mastered her species biology and had graduated from primary school at the age of six, just a year before her family had set out to replace the crew of a science station.

During her time aboard the station she was resposible for the creation of a gas that could incapacitate other Shukaren but also got involved some of the stations research - mostly biology and socialogy along with evolutionary. Although she was also a child who attended school in the station, she spent the most in the science labs although she also quite enjoyed crawling through the vents and giving her parents gray hairs since the vents often lead to either to the outsides of the base or to air-reclaimation systems.

Shortly before her death she was been tasked to study the biology of a 'worm' that had been brought onto the station, it was only a child but still larger than she was. During her eighty days of studying the creature she made several discoveries, some terrifying, others interesting.

Then came the day she passed away, she was in the science labs when she began to feel light-headed and began to make her way to the top floor, realizing that what was happening was that the air was being pumped out - the stations life support systems had been turned off, either intentionally or a malfunction.

She only made it to the second floor before she passed out due to lack of oxygen, and died several minutes later due to oxygen deprivation. For nearly two thousand years she laid dead in the station's second floor, with the years having been rather unfair to the station, some areas of the second floor had collasped and in case some of the debris had had completely destroyed Shen'leon's body leaving behind just a stain of blood and broken bones.

This was enough for a Gartagen scientist to completely revive her from scratch, not just violating the laws of his people but also those of the Neshaten. When she was revived, she fought her way out of the facility with the help of a Core and a Gartagen Warrior who had been sent to assist her. However, she later found another unit known as the 147th and hooked up with them.

After this she found herself outside in a city and assisted the 147th in evacuating but not before she was nearly captured by a person who had been responsible for her revival. This person was killed by the 147th who had saved Shen'leon.

Now, Shen'leon finds herself her in old station, getting bad memories of how she died and also of some of the experiments. Knowing full well that something isn't right about the station, about how strange groteque things that she's never seen before…



Shen'leon U'trena has the following items:


Shen'leon U'trena is currently a Citizen in the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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