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Sheshren Aisaras Soruk

Sheshren Aisaras Soruk is a player character played by Shammy.

Sheshren Aisaras Soruk
Species: Gartagen
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5' 7โ€œ or 170.1cm
Weight: 151lbs or 68.5kg
Organization: ISC Phoenix
Occupation: Infiltrator, Blademaster, Blacksmith
Rank: 9 of Spades
Current Placement: ISC Phoenix
Birthday December 7th

Theme Music

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 7โ€ or 170.1cm
  • Mass: 151lbs or 68.5kg

Build and Skin Color: Soruk has an athletic build, kept with his practice and personal exercise that he performs daily. He has a pale blue skin color.

Eyes and Facial Features: Soruk has emerald green eyes.

Ears: Holes in the side of his head

Hair Color and Style: Soruk has soft hair, similarly colored to his skin. He keeps the tips grazing at the base of his neck, the hair swept back.

Distinguishing Features: He bears the standard scarring of members of his clan, scars along his arms and chest.

He has the crest of his clan tattoo'ed on his right shoulder.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Soruk is quiet and will almost always seek solitude and darkness when he is not working. He does not necessarily despise company, but prefers to be alone. He likes to keep his responses short, unless he is trying to trick or throw someone for a loop, which he will then speak in riddles.

Although he seems like a cold, or uncaring individual, Soruk does not dislike anyone unless they give him sufficient reason to. He'll help those that look in need of it if he has the time and the resources to do so, however he will not go too far out of his way to help. Those who have the privilege to call him 'friend' enjoy the company of a reliable, competent, and 'wise' gartagen.

When it comes to business, business is business, and fooling around is unacceptable when the job is at hand. This is especially applicable when the topic of his parents arises, or anything that could be related to it. He does not tolerate anyone talking down to him, and will react accordingly. One would be wise to avoid the assassin's wrath. He does not follow the Clan's tenets as fiercely as other members might.

  • Likes: Solitude, Darkness, Spicy Food, Roar of Flames, Sparring Practice, Meat, Reading, Soft Music, Crimson Kestrel's Ventilation System
  • Dislikes: Large Open Spaces, Bright Lights, Loud Noises, Firearms, Uninvited Physical Contact, Extremely Sweet Food, People not Answering Questions, People talking down to him
  • Goals: Figure out where his parents went and respond accordingly to their disappearance


Family (or Creators)

  • Father - Sheshren Aisaras Garuk (Blade Master) (Fate Unknown)
  • Mother - Sheshren Aisaras Sira (Blade Master) (Fate Unknown)
  • Adopted Parent / Mentor - Sheshren Aisaras Esram (Clan of Blades Leader)


Soruk was born into the Aisaras family, one of the three leading clans within the Clan of Blades. His father is/was a brother to Sheshren Aisaras Esram, one of the three leaders of the Clan of Blades.

He grew up much like any other of his clan mates, being trained in the arts of the blade and forge, learning the values and tenets of his clan. He was jointed trained by both of his parents, both of them being highly ranked Blade Masters.

His childhood was mostly uneventful, until the day his parents didn't come back. After a few weeks of being missing, the clan was unable to contact them in any way, they were declared dead, though their bodies, and clan symbols, were never recovered.

The grief-stricken Soruk was adopted by Sheshren Aisaras Esram, his father's brother, a clan leader. Esram resumed Soruk's training, amping the rigor to keep his mind away from the whereabouts, and fates, of his lost parents. Esram trained him in an art much like his own fighting style, stealth and deceptions.

When Soruk received his three symbols, signifying he was an adult of the clan, quickly set out on a journey to strengthen his skill, and as a side mission, find his parents. A few years later, he returned to his clan to challenge for the rank of Blade Master. Soruk received it quickly, displaying his new found skill, mirroring Esram's own techniques.

After staying at his home for a short time, he has set out again, now with the intent to discover his parent's fate, and carry out the necessary actions once he does.

ISC Phoenix II - Mission 2 (Choke)

Upon arriving on Yamatai, searching for clues as to where his parents had gone, seeing how Yamatai was a place of information, the blademaster found himself talking to Luca Pavone. A conversation was struck up over the amount of weapons he had in his possession. Apparently Luca likes weapons and those who carry them. Though he did not officially 'join' the crew, he tagged along, believing that Luca could help him retrieve information, using his status. On the walk to the meeting place, Soruk found himself robbed by one of the gartagen crewmembers, Sura. Upon catching her, he made her his student. One broken hotel door lock, a climb up a skyscraper, and a meeting in a penthouse later, the gartagen found himself helping Luca and friends blow up a cafe. It wasn't his style, but he did take some satisfaction in it.

Post Mission 2 (All the While)

With some time to himself, the gartagen heard a beautiful instrument while meditating atop the hotel. With the beautiful sound still in his mind, he sought out a shop where he could purchase his own 'violin'. He did so and started practicing.

When the left Yamatai, he immediately searched for a hiding place within the maintenance ducts on the [i] Crimson Kestrel [/i]. The gartagen seemingly 'appears' in places now, on the ship.

Side Job (To the Wife and Family)

Soruk met with Luca and unintentionally Vita. He discussed his true reason for being aboard the ship with Luca in greater detail and with Echelon's help, they found a potentially lead. He is deeply grateful for this.

Mission 3 (Rocking the Casbah)

Soruk helped the Phoenix take on some pirates on the pleasure cruiser, Fruna Ruica. While most of the crew made a ton of noise in the process, the gartagen tried to keep it quiet. He was only partially successful, but nevertheless, they were successful in saving a large shipful of strange people from pirates. Hurray!

R&R - Clan Clashing

Soruk went to pick some stuff up that he had requested from his clan, namely a forge he could install aboard the ISC Phoenix. While doing this, he was challenged to a duel by a rash member of his clan, Sheshren Ray'kel Vuras. Before the duel actually took place, Vuras was forced to concede after learning his father was assassinated. Soruk spoke to his father, detailing his exploits thus far.

Mission 4Q (In Desire)

Soruk went on a 'quiet' mission with his friendly friends aboard the ISC Phoenix. He disguised himself as an ambassador for his clan, which he is actually qualified to do. Fell asleep in his hotel room, ate some good food and fought rock monsters. A great day, all in all.


Communication - Understand in Order to Learn

Soruk can read, write, and speak Sharan, Nepleslian, and Yamatarian, the knowledge collected over his journey across the galaxy. He can use basic communications devices, such as phones, radios, and communicators.

Physical - Attack from All Sides

Members of the Clan of Blades are expected to maintain peak physical condition at all times, as dictated by their first tenet. Soruk is no slacker in following this tenet, exercising in the morning whenever he has the time. His endurance is very good, his strength is admirable, as is his speed. He can climb relatively well.

He also put some time into acrobatics, allowing him to 'Attack from All Sides', including up. Although he doesn't use this too much in combat, more for a 'getting around' skill. It comes in handy when parkour is on the table.

Fighting - The Blade and the Bow

Soruk is an avid user of two weapon types. The Blade and the Bow.

His main training is the art of the blade. Like all Clan of Blades members, he can use most swords with ease, and is well-versed in hand-to-hand combat. His skills shine in his specialized training with his Rura's, or hidden blades that are sheathed under his bracers. These weapons are best suited to stealth, or silent combat.

His second main weapon is his hand-crafted compound bow. As weapons of the blade can only go so far, instead of training into firearms (Which most of his clan dislike), he picked up archery. He's not the best shot in the world, but he'll hit mark most of the time.

Stealth - The Unseen Predator

Soruk's specialty, remaining unseen, and removing hostiles from the equation. He blends in well with dark areas, and possesses the talent to remain unseen and unheard, allowing him to creep around, undetected.

He will strike from the shadows whenever he is able, using the element of surprise to the fullest advantage.

Metallurgy - Your Tools are Your Own

A staple skill of the Clan of Blades, all members must be able to craft their weapons, armor, and tools by hand, and with the assistance of technology. Soruk can craft nearly anything made of metal, as long as it is a reasonable size. He mainly puts this to use to craft or repair his equipment. He can also make other small trinkets, such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Engineering - Your Tools are Unique

Engineering goes hand in hand with Metallurgy, not only being able to make a tool, but craft, and implement, the necessary contraptions to make them work. Soruk enjoys tinkering with his equipment, testing out new gadgets, and contraptions that he adds to his weapons, or armor. He can't make a bomb out of pudding, but he has the know-how to make a cannon.

Demolitions - Expand Your Options

Soruk took a liking to demolitions when he discovered the non-lethal sort. He can make his own bombs, although they are quite small, about the size of a marble. His primary explosives are fragmentation, smoke, EMP pulse, and a clan specialty, the sliver scatter. He could probably make something else, but he'd have to do a bit of testing to get it right.

He believes small explosives complement the 'deception' part of his technique.

Technology Operation - Let No Door Stop You

Soruk has delved a little bit into the art of bypassing locks, primarily door locks, but not limited to them. He's only an average bypasser, still learning the finer points of the art.

Soruk primarily acquired this skill in order to discover information that wasn't very 'accessible' and to prevent lockouts keeping him from getting where he wanted to go, just in case he was detected by some off-chance.

Entertainment - Silent Song

Upon hearing a violin player's beautiful song, Soruk has sought to learn to play himself. Although he is still unskilled in this art, the gartagen prefers the slower, softer tones of his instrument, over the much louder and quicker ones. He practices when he can, though he doesn't play for others enjoyment.


Combat Gear

  • Two Up-Armored Clan Robes (Blade Master Variant, Inverted Color Scheme)(Has pouches attached around the waist for explosives. Quiver for arrows attached on the back, four separate compartments for arrow types)
  • Pair of Metal Bracers - Coated with sarquahi. These bracers have their own individual gadgets. Right Bracer features a cannon, which can fire nearly anything put into it. (Primary Ammunition are metal slugs. Not Uncommon for Soruk to fire his explosives out of it) Left Bracer has a harpoon/grapple launcher. Used to climb things, can also be used to pull things to Soruk
  • Two Rura's - Hidden Blades - Triggered by wrist movement, sheathed underneath his bracers. The blades can be removed for use like a combat knife. Blades are made of sarquahi
  • Hand-Forged Compound Bow - Nano-Fiber String
  • 24 Arrows - 9 Broadhead (Black Tail) - 5 Lethal Poison (Red Tail) - 5 Non-Lethal Sleep Poison (Blue Tail) - 5 Sarquahi Bodkin (Yellow Tail)
  • Two Sheshka's - sarquahi edge
  • Five Combat Knives, Jagged Edge - One sheathed on each limb. One on each upperarm, one on each thigh, and one strapped beneath his cloak on his right leg.
  • Small Pouch of Fragmentation Bombs (Marble-Sized)
  • Small Pouch of Sliver Scatter (Golf-Ball Sized)
  • Small Pouch of EMP Pulse Grenades (Marble Sized)
  • Medium Pouch of Smoke Grenades (Golf-Ball Sized)
  • A Spare Wrist-Gauntlet from Seiren. Has a mechanism to launch the slotted blades. (Soruk doesn't know what he's going to do with it yet, has done some engraving on it)
  • A very un-Soruk melee weapon with ammo (Combat Axe) . From Zeta

Personal Gear

  • 2 Black Duffel Bags (One holds Forging Equipment, Other holds clothing and other gadgets)
  • Engraving Kit
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Forging Tools (Tools necessary for hand-forging)
  • Advanced Forging Tools (Allows him to create weapons and other metalworks from scratch) Requires a forge.
  • AwesomeCorp DataJockey - Factory Issue
  • Spare Vials of Lethal and Non-Lethal Poison
  • Spare Sarquahi Arrowheads
  • Replacement Parts for his tools/weapons (Including Bomb casings)
  • Small Block of sarquahi
  • Small Block of buk
  • Small Pouches of Elements needed to make explosives
  • A Violin with a sturdy black carrying case. His clans seal presides on the bottom.
  • Candy from Seiren
  • A strange crystal that contained his likeness. From Rebeka
  • 5000 DA Coupon with a Lazarus Consortium Catalog. From Aiesu
  • A small figurine of his likeness. From Makari
  • Map and Manual detailing the Kestrel and how to use doors. From Zeta


  • Ceremonial Clan Robe (Blade Master Variant, Normal Color Scheme)
  • Cross Sheathe for Sheshka's - Worn on Back
  • Shield, Sword, and Hammer Trinkets (All have a sarquahi Chain)
  • Forging Gear - Heat Resistant Gloves, Bracers


Sheshren Aisaras Soruk is currently a 9 of Spades in the ISC Phoenix.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 KS Starting Funds
1,500 KS 1,500 KS Starting Equipment
3,420 KS 1,920 KS One Year of Pay (Dec. '13 to Dec. '14)
11,720 KS 8,300 KS Pay (Jan '15 to April '15) Additional Pay
28,320 KS 16,600 KS Pay (May '15 to Dec '15) Additional Pay
25,000 KS 3,320 KS Yuletide Gifts

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