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Sheshren Grakvash Leru

Sheshren Grakvash Leru is a player character played by Shammy.

Sheshren Grakvash Leru
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 4' 10โ€œ (147.3cm)
Weight: 131lbs (59.4kg) [Without CORE Attachments]
Organization: Gartagen Navy
Occupation: CORE
Rank: CORE
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. SNS RedFall

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4' 10โ€ (147.3cm)
  • Mass: 131lbs (59.4kg) [Without CORE Attachments]

Build and Skin Color: Leru is slim, with little athletic form or ability. As his occupation requires very little physical interaction with things. His skin is dark green.

Eyes and Facial Features: Leru has a young face, not yet hardened by the world, mostly due to the lack of his interaction with it. His eyes are dark blue.

Ears: Holes in the side of his head

Hair Color and Style: His soft hair is a slightly darker tone of green than his skin. It is kept short, otherwise he doesn't do much else with it.

Distinguishing Features: Besides all his CORE-things, he has some chest and arm scarring as all members of his clan do, but not nearly as extensive.

Whenever he shows up as a holographic projection, he usually portrays as multiple different color cubes intersecting each other, whilst spinning. This is mostly because he loves geometric shapes, not organic ones.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Leru is very talkative, and likes to mess around with people when it doesn't interfere with the ship running. He likes to make comments about generally anything. He's smart and he knows it, and will sometimes go out of the way to prove it, for better or worse. Praise Appreciated.

He doesn't like being disconnected for extended periods of time, and will steadily grow more anxious while out and about. Social encounters in person are somewhat common, but not long due to this fact.

He's never actually been in a real combat situation, so serving aboard the RedFall will test his abilities while under fire.

  • Likes: Jokes and Pranks, Space, Art, Friendly People, Showing Off (Just a Little), Geometric Patterns
  • Dislikes: Waiting Around, Excessive Violence, Being Outside for Extended Periods of Time, People who Don't Listen
  • Goals: To be the very best CORE, like no CORE ever was


Family (or Creators)

  • Sheshren Grakvash Relar - Forgemaster
  • Sheshren Grakvash Irys - Forgemaster


Leru was born into the Clan Of Blades, his parents both better forgers than fighters. He was picked on for being small and weak during his childhood, but he was brighter than his fellows. When he began schooling, he scored high on the aptitude tests, and was taken in for the CORE program.

The CORE Program suited him more than the life his clan had to offer him, so he shined where he could, and took pride in it. He had no problems with the mental strains of the program, but was close to washing out due to the physical augmentations. Now that Leru has completed the CORE program, he is ready to be connected to his first post, the SNS Redfall.

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