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Shibui Mame

Shibui Mame is a player character played by Legix.

Shibui Mame
Species & Gender: NH-29S Female
Date of Birth: 3日 1月 YE 29
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Intelligence
Rank: Chusa
Current Placement: Anisa - Deployed in Operation Bakuwana undercover as Idol Manager

Physical Description

A simple but Neko-wise staggering 5'5“, Mame is considered one of the more rarer variants of Neko; one of the select few created with jet black skin, known as a “Kuro”. Like all NH-29, she only has three fingers and a thumb on each hand with her feet only bearing four toes. Much of her slim and almost boyish figure is draped in holographic projection skin, capable allowing her to appear transparent or project clothing over her. Her chest is flat enough to be wrapped and allow her to pass as a male, with her hips only just slightly flared and a rather unappealing butt. In stark contrast to her black skin and body's androgynous or simply blended-in state, Mame has two ruby-red eyes and long blonde hair she keeps tied into a lengthy blonde ponytail that reaches halfway down her back. Two blonde-backed, black feline ears stick out on either side of her head.

Like any NH-29 series, she boasts the tremendous strength, agility, hemosynthesis capacity, and the various other machine body capacities. In particular, her variant - NH29S - grants her the ability to not only become invisible and change her appearances, but grants her the ability to feel light on her skin. This means that if she were blinded, Mame would still be quite capable of seeing.

As a Neko, Mame has lived a long life but shows no signs of aging past early adulthood; she has also retained no scars from her wounds over the years and is remarkably blemish free. However, Mame still retains the her model number, creator, and her name tattooed alongside her serial number on her right buttcheek. While she often chooses not to have a scent, she tends to favorite smelling like lavender to avoid dealing with annoying bugs that live on the water-rich worlds of Yamatai. Mame's voice tends to lean on either playful and moderately pitched or gruff and baritoned when she grows angry, often leading to the idea that she might have been a man who became a Neko instead of created.


Although she has unhinged a bit from her memory corruption, Mame still retains a calmness expected of SAINT Agents. However, much of her combat mental preparation training has thinned out; this makes her an impressive commander and dominant woman off the field, but an absolute mess when exposed to combat that may give the every day soldier a small jump. As long as she's assured and can trust someone telling her she'll be fine, there's no issue; otherwise she might cower and hide like any other civilian when the shooting starts. This stems from her corrupted identity's cover being that of a young Minkan woman who simply wanted to enjoy her life. Although Mame has since ascertained this was just her cover, it still prominently hinders and has actively kept her from engaging in an active soldering or SOFT team member role.

Outside of combat and her rough life, however, Mame is a chatterbox; she enjoys annoying and picking on her juniors while simultaneously relaxing and hiding in the dark. True to her name, she'll babble off personal secrets and occasionally risk getting in trouble from talking about still-classified or restricted topics from her glory days; this is why many of them are memory-locked or removed outright and she only knows of them from her sprite companion. But bigger than anything is her hatred for enemies of Yamatai; as she harbors a massive anger toward Mishhu whom had originally attacked her “homeworld” and now the Kuvexians. Under the impression they are an aquatic species, she has since taken a staunch stance against eating any other meat apart from fish; as if she could take her enemy's strength through some sort of Nepleslian ritual. Suffice to say, she has little interest in relationships beyond flings and friendships; simply wanting to have her peace and serve her nation.

Of course, there is the biggest part of her personality; her fascination with the Doki Doki YSA! culture of Yamataian idols. Perhaps because she never really had a choice or saw her job too important, she has always wanted to work at the chains but never quite had the time. Her personal house on Tatiana is notoriously filled with merchandise ordered from the chain and was a massive part of her desire to construct her cover using the company. From the smallest plushies to custom-ordered larger versions of them, Mame has a next level obsession that has likely kept the Neko from climbing higher despite her service record both in the field and behind the computer. She openly desires to one day own and run one of these chain maid clubs, hoping that the success of Operation Bakuwana and her eventual retirement could one day lead to it.


Shibui Mame was born in YE 29 at the Star Army Depot on Nataria; Mame's name originally came from how she seemed initially to be a poor fit for her specialized role as a member of SAINT. She would often “spill the beans”, a skill that was quite poor for field operatives. Additional fields in her evasion and stealth - perhaps aided by her black coloration - ensured the rare-print Neko was able to not only pass INDOC but set high scores within her Identity Creation, SERE, Covert Infiltration and Extraction, and Sabotage Field Evolutions. This led to her assignment to SIN, otherwise known as the Strategic Initiatives Network, and eventually saw her into action during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

In action, Shibui's service record is sketchy; this is due to an accounting error as well as a near-fatal incident involving memory failure. Specifically in YE 33, Shibui and her team were deployed to Nataria during the Second Battle of Nataria. The team made it back from a daring lightning raid on enemy Mishhu forces, but Mame suffered a head wound that seemingly loaded one of her cover identities. Although her hard-trained instinct and teaching was self-evident, there was a freak accident that corrupted Mame's ST Copy and left the Star Army unable to re-engage her more calm demeanor. Once cool under fire and a great field operative, the SAINT agent was deemed unfit for continued duty as a field operative; instead, she was assigned as a field adviser and handle indefinitely or under the conditions her memory state could be rectified and the data repaired.

It was during these years that she met her friend and companion Baku - a sprite assigned to Shibui on one operation that did go wrong; the pair of them were the only survivors that escaped the vessel's catastrophic demise, leaving Baku damaged and in need of a new home. Originally a hero, Mame understood being “broken” and has since made Baku her partner; relying on the sprite to handle technology while protecting the little fella. This had eventually left Mame as a field advisor and support agent within SIN since nearly YE 34. She continues to enlist and serve despite her change of job, proving her worth with her various assignments over the years through successful strategic reading of operations both SAINT-run and run by the Star Army itself.

Around YE 39, Mame was granted her rank of Chusa upon the passing of plans to her higher ups being deemed worthy for an operation; specifically one built to combat the Kuvexian threat. Identifying the presence of Kuvexian insurgents and intent to inflict either sabotage of subvert the planet of Anisa, Mame outlined the basic operation intent to root out all Kuvexian-supporting citizens to mark them for de-radicalization and protection whilst simultaneously hunting and narrowing down Kuvexian intent and operations within the breadbasket-planet. Due to her inability to keep a secret and a lowered capacity for combat, she intends to primarily act in her supportive role; providing cover, advise, and organizing the operation's execution from a field office or - if the stars aligned - in the field as a cover asset.

Social Connections

Mame is connected to:

  • Baku (Sprite & Partner)
  • Nanaki Shigo (Young SAINT analyst and desk-jockey she picks on)

Inventory & Finance

Shibui Mame has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Shibui Mame currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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