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Shiho Ishii

Shiho Ishii is a player character played by Dumont.

Shiho Ishii
Species: Type 33 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: <1 Year
Height: 168 cm/5'6“
Weight: 62 kg/134 lbs.
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Space Infantry
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis Plot

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 168 cm
  • Mass: 56 kg

Build and Skin Color: Scraping in at the upper limits of Type 33 height, Shiho is tall and tomboyishly built: Were it not for the programmed femininity of the Nekovalkyrja interfering she would be downright burly. Broader but sloping shoulders lead to well muscled but still slim arms. Her bust is moderately large, but is nearly unnoticeable due to a somewhat broader chest overall. She has a veritable washboard abdomen, with a well toned and powerful lower body. Overall she doesn't have much in the way of curves, with less of an hourglass or pear shape, and more an abstract and androgynous form fit for a low weight boxer. Her skin is a deep terracotta red.

Eyes and Facial Features: Almond shaped eyes so dark a brown they may as well be black, underneath long and well-formed, but slightly over-thick eyebrows. Slightly protruding cheekbones, with a nose that sticks up just a little. Thin and perfectly straight lips, and a rather square jaw. Looks overall rather boyish, and can be mistaken for male due to her built in good looks falling on the 'handsome' spectrum rather than beautiful or cute.

Ears: Cat-type ears, black furred and slightly downwards sloping most of the time.

Hair Color and Style: Black and bushy with a slight curl to it. Cut messily to just barely below shoulder length. The effect is less feminine, and more “wandering ronin” for some reason.

Distinguishing Features: Standard SPINE interface on her lower back, and serial number underneath her foot. A single beauty spot just beneath her right eye.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Although still very young by standards of her race, Shiho is one of those whose personality is generally more fiery and pronounced. Her issue seems to be that she is somewhat more observant than one would expect, and thinks it best that her opinion be known.

She is honest, and earnest: But also brash and hardheaded. Shiho has little limiter on her negative feelings; if she hates something she lets it be known, if she is angry she acts that way, and more often than not she doesn't agree with what is happening around her.

This has a tendency to get herself in trouble when speaking out of turn to officers, however it also leads to her frequently jumping to the defense of others as she still feels for her fellow soldiers. She reasons that if there is a problem she can see, then it's better she point it out and have it corrected than to let it sit there and cause a problem. Of course being quite young, she doesn't understand a lot of things she considers problematic.

Shiho came to the conclusion early on in socialization training that she didn't actually enjoy the military life as much as one where she could do absolutely anything else: Later being introduced to the concept of 'sleeping in' solidified this attitude and resulted in her spending a good deal of time trying to earn herself money on the side to buy her way out of her mandatory service term.

  • Likes: Exercising, sleeping, salty or nutty foods, warm tea, action movies, sparring, gambling, earning money, making others happy.
  • Dislikes: Spicy or sweet foods, the Star Army of Yamatai uniforms, shouting, pain, the potential for being shot, seeing others get hurt.
  • Goals: Survive her service in the military. Kick butts. Make one of these 'friends' people keep going on about.


Family (or Creators)

Star Army of Yamatai (Creators)


Created in Kyoto in a production line with many others, there isn't much history behind Shiho to date. While performing admirably during the first few weeks of training, she proved more difficult and was flagged as a potential disciplinary risk as time went on: This was initially mainly due to her frequent misinterpreting of what she was told and taking some things more literally than she should have. The result of disciplinary actions being made upon her seemed to give her a negative opinion early on of her superiors, and as a result caused her to more deeply scrutinize their decisions and actions… Which she followed up by pointing out what she considered them to be doing wrong, and resulting in yet more discipline.

Passing her training after some (mostly successful) persuasion for her to follow the rules more consistently, Shiho has spent most of her time shipboard and on base skirting various regulations by the skin of her teeth, and working various side jobs for other soldiers in exchange for hard Kikyou Statsu.



Shiho is, like just about all factory born Nekovalkyrja familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through all standard Yamatai military equipment in both combat and non-combat conditions. Fluent in Trade and Yamataigo (邪馬台語). She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and in any capacity required of her by the Star Army of Yamatai, however she has remarkably poor penmanship and is slowly developing a foul mouthed vocabulary.


Shiho received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor. In particular she seems to have a liking for close quarters combat; excelling in bare knuckle brawling, and the sword.

Technology Operation

Capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She seems to mostly uses this expertise to download huge quantities of music for her standard issue personal assistant drone to play back for her when she's doing something boring.


Shiho received basic mathematics training, including up to algebra and trigonometry. She hopes that some day, some how she will find a use for them; it remains a mystery to her every day why she was born knowing this, and later had it drilled into her very boringly.


In spite of general Yamatai conditioning for obedience; her attitude towards the military has resulted in an aptitude in breaking rules. She seems to have the beginnings of a capable liar and haggler, also showing a talent for hiding things.


As a side effect of her ambivalence with authority; Shiho has proven to have earned some skills in the fields of cooking and cleaning. Her times seconded to a unit cook for disciplinary labor, or being forced to go over the barracks with a toothbrush have given her a hand for these skills.


Shiho has a working knowledge of Yamatai Law, and History. That and a growing fascination with forensics and investigative techniques.



Shiho Ishi-i is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

Power Armor

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