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Shim'moto, Alis'tar

Shim'moto, Alis'tar is a player character played by Soki Ryugamine.

Shim'moto, Alis'tar
Species: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 154.94 cm (5'1β€œ)
Weight: 52.1631 kg (115 Ibs)
Organization: Youth Corp
Occupation: agent
Rank: A'Fuereb
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 154.94 cm (5'1”)
  • Mass: 52.1631 kg (115 Ibs)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Alis'tar has a rather androgynous build, slender limbs and frame. Though androgynous in build, he has an athletic build through training to keep himself in top physical condition; his skin color a light olive, with the skin being hidden under a thin layer of green fur, his tail being a much darker shade of green, with the tip being the same shade of green as his body.

Eyes and Facial Features: Alis'tar has a child-like facial features due to his race, the full round cheeks a small nose. His eyes a crystal-like blue, with the pupil slit-like.

Ears: Alis'tar's fox-like ears are green-furred much like his body, with the inside fur being a lighter shade of green

Hair Color and Style: His hair green like his fur, kept at a medium length, so has not to cause any issues with sight.

Distinguishing Features: as a Daur he suffers a sensory disorder, one that effects his eyesight; even at night he's near-sighted.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Like most Daur, Alis'tar is quite curious of all things, be it what's out there amongst the stars as to what he can learn on a day, to day basis; and along side that curiosity is a mild-mannered attitude. He tries his best not to step on others toes, or even cause any unneeded stress to his superiors or his crew-mates. A unique part of Alis'tar's personality, though most Daur are pacifists at heart young Alis'tar has nothing against any type of violence; though that's not to say he goes looking for it. all, and all the young Kit is a happy one, always offering a friendly smile to those he knows, as well as offering help if asked for it.

  • Likes:learning new things, bettering himself in every area he can, exploring, and swords.
  • Dislikes: undeserved arrogance, firearms, surprises, broken blades, and underwater environments.
  • Goals:To earn a place amongst the elite swordmasters, and to see to the dismantling of any, and all terrorist groups.


Family (or Creators)

  1. Father - Shim'moto, Kei'ji 46yrs (alive)
  2. Mother - Shim'Moto, Adr'iana 44yrs (alive)
  3. Brother - Shim'Moto, Dm'itri 22yrs (deceased)


Shim'moto, Alis'tar, born 746 ER in the city of Sereia. First born son of the Shim'moto family, but not the eldest. His brother, Dm'itri having been adopted a year previous at age ten; orphaned by a terrorist action caused by Netrunu'marol, leaving the kit without his biological parents and heavily scarred. Though even with these conditions in Dm'itri's past he treated the young Alis'tar good, as a brother should. Their parents both having jobs that demanded long hours,leaving both boys to their own devices under nanny supervision of course. The elder brother teaching the young kit skills with a sword but with games instead of actual training, a cunning way to give the younger kit a better chance if any danger should occur in his life. Alis'tar throughout his youth would put this hidden training to use, within school; and within daily life. The first true time he was tested happened when he was eight years of age. Throughout his scholastic career he had been picked on by another kit; a Laibe, though Alis'tar bore no ill-will to the other kit, it was only a matter of time before things would escalate.

The encounter between the two ended quickly, the games he had played with Dm'itri ending with him standing over the Laibe kit; there had been no blood spilled a simple pushing escalated by reflexes on Alis'tar's part to put the Laibe kit on his tail-end. The whole scene watched by a teacher, who instead of (completely reprimanding) gave the young Alis'tar a bit of guidance; guidance towards the Youth corp. His natural curiosity made the choice ever so clear to him. It was an exciting moment for him, upon returning home to blab to his elder brother about it. A couple days later, his family was visited by another recruiter; this one for Or'ion mentioning young Alis'tar as a prospect for future training. The years that followed showed just how dedicated the young kit was to his learning, and to the youth corp; with all that was offered to him throughout the school year and on breaks and vacations Alis'tar had all but decided on what he wanted to do with his life. Throughout his primary education, and training he excelled quite well; even with his natural impaired sense of sight. It wasn't until he was twelve years old that the second biggest event happened in his life.

It's a funny thing how a simple trip to a parent's work place can change a kit's life so drastically. The trip in question was the visiting of a Movie production set; one which his father, and brother worked at; his brother actually a hired on bodyguard for the lead actor, his father said actor's manager. The trip had been going well, a simple visit to inspire new actors/actresses, that only ended in horror. A splinter cell of the terrorist group Netrunu'marol, saw fit to gain access to the set, placed improvised explosives in key areas of the set to turn the entire production into a raging inferno. It was with a great amount of luck that Alis'tar and a few of his classmates had been outside when the explosion happened, but unlucky enough to be within few of a few of the terrorists who had set the bombs. One of the adults being quick enough to gather the young kits and send them fleeing, but young Alis'tar could not leave behind his father, or his brother not knowing they were in danger.

When given the chance to flee, he did the exact opposite running straight towards the flames and wreckage to search for signs of anyone left alive, he was greeted with the sounds of screams and yelling of orders; being young; and short enough to make his way quietly and stealthy hidden by the smoke was able to make his way towards where the orders were being barked out. Alis'tar had limited visibility thanks to smoke and his own poor eyesight; but the sound of voices was all he needed; the sound of his brother fighting back with words and the sound of metal contacting metal. Alis'tar would have cheered for his brother if not for the sound of a gunshot and the scream of a recognizable voice of his father. Alis'tar could put the situation together, and without pause moved out into the open; just lucky enough to be behind the men who killed his brother. The young kit was all but a rapid little blur, charging the first of the men disabling him (through pure accident) with a kick to the back of the knee sending the man into a kneel and the weapon in hand skittering towards the hostages, the second of the men having witnessed it paused for mere seconds either out of surprise of his friend being put to the ground, or the fact that the attacker who had done it was just a kit with tears in his eyes. This had been all the time Alis'tar needed to make a dash towards the man, to say things went well would have been a lie; even with training young Alis'tar was no match for two armed men, but with the gun of the third man having been forgotten one of the hostages saw fit to rise and put down the two men before any type of harm could come to the kit.

The whole thing ended soon after, with what was left of the terrorists escaping and the hostages making it out of the fire and wreckage all but unharmed; all except one; Alis'tar's brother, though Alis'tar would become a very desired prospect by Or'ion, this would serve as a constant drive for the young kit to grow stronger and faster to never allow a situation like this to occur ever again. Within a few days of the incident having passed, and with having already graduated from primary; the recruiter from Or'ion who had visited all those years ago came once again, this time to offer the young kit the chance to join. Alis'tar readily accepted.

Young Alis'tar was shipped off to the capital for his Or'ion training, stage one being the physical training. The young kit excelled here, with a drive that didn't allow him to give up, nor quit when he had reached his peek. The thirty days of training was intense; days upon days of continuous training in different environments, each just as difficult as the last and none of them forgiving for any mistake made. He truly shined with training in parkour, finding that relying on pure instincts and reflexes was something he could do easily. The part of stage one that gave him the most trouble; underwater training. The swimming was something easy, but the honing to stay under water for several minutes; here was where trouble brewed, his problem with holding his breath, though never mentioned, and readily hidden he did have a fear of drowning; which was perfectly natural, and with this psychological issue, caused a bit of trouble. Though he fought at his fear, a fear that would only hold him back from his goal, he eventually conquered his fear and the first stage of training.

The second stage no less difficult but something that worked in Alis'tar's favor. He was already good at retaining information, and with his previous encounter with terrorists learning how to recognize a threat came quickly. The part that took time was the mental fortitude training, withstanding situations and possible pain so not to give up any information that could critically impede the Kingdom, though even under this difficult strain on his mental health he learned, he grew, and he adapted to the situation. The third stage; team training, something he didn't think would be a focus when training to be an agent, but regardless he greeted it as a personal challenge to overcome. Though with this training he questioned his uniqueness, where as the others he had been grouped with had a natural affinity for what they were good at; young Alis'tar began to question what he was good at. Throughout the days of working with the team he came to understand what his unique traits and talents were, and how it affected his abilities within the group. He had a gift for melee oriented combat, along side a natural skill of telling when someone was lying, a trait that would serve him very well in stage four.

Stage four; the final stage of training. The stage where all the previous stages would come into play along with the fundamental training. Assassination, stealth, hacking, identification; and creation of basic impromptu weapons. Hacking, stealth, identification and Impromptu weapons came naturally within controlled environments of course. The assassination was something he had trouble wrapping his head around. Though with the knowledge of what he would be using that skill for it made it easier; assassinating those who would do harm to the Kingdom and it's people, that was enough to persuade the young kit to learn. The true test wasn't so much in learning of the skills, but in the testing them; mastering them in the field. Throughout all the practice training one thing stood out; it had all been controlled; with an actual mission there was no control, one mistake out there and the whole mission could end up going horribly. Though with the training he had gone through, and his will to succeed things didn't go bad, in fact the mission ended up going well beyond expected perimeters. His mission (though monitored, and coordinated by his teachers) turned out to be to track down the cell that attacked the production set when he was eight, a mission that would test both Alis'tar's resolve to not outright kill the men, but to bring them in alive. The overall mission ended in good fashion, only one casualty; one of the terrorists thinking his trigger finger was faster, than an already drawn blade, His success was treated with the reward of being in the room for the interrogation.

The proceedings seem to be going smoothly, until Alis'tar caught the man in a lie. It was a simple one, one that the young kit guessed that the Or'ion agents had ignored it completely to see if their young protegee' would catch it; fortunately he had,with Alis'tar all but leading the interrogation through each lie the man decided to spill, only to be digging himself a deeper hole, with each lie Alis'tar came closer to the truth; the questions they had been asking were of the whereabouts of the leader of this particular splinter cell of Netrunu'marol. The information was gained, through subtle manipulation and lie sorting by Alis'tar; the young kit's reward graduation of sorts, and the right to decide the man's fate. The pain the man had caused Alis'tar and his family, here he was the rights to strike him down; but he choose not to, deciding that the fate of living and being hunted by his friends would be sufficient punishment enough.

With the young Kit's final test under his belt, and graduation; there was only one last thing. His assignment. The SNV Gam'trosha, with his training complete other than what his teachers pointed out, that one day he'd have to choose his sub-occupation, and that he would be given ample time aboard his assignment to study, train and learn.


Technology operation

Through the fundamental training given by Or'ion Alis'tar has basic knowledge of hacking into software, and hardware; with the hacking he also has the knowledge of being able to search for records or needed knowledge on people, or subjects when needed.


He has had the history of the kingdom, and it's laws all but drilled into his memory; almost to the point where he can summarize it on command.


Through basic training, as well as the couple of years of β€œgames” him and his brother playing he is an adept swordsman, as well as hand-to-hand combatant. Thanks to basic he also knows how to handle himself in a combat situation with a rifle, or energy bow.


With both basic training, and the intense regimes under Or'ion. Alis'tar is adapt at parkour, running and swimming long distances, a natural at ground-based acrobatics, and rapid-response time in clutch situations.


Through intense training he has all but learned how to blend into an area, either effectively using the shadows or the people around him, while still being able to maintain the look as if he belongs in the area he's currently trying to sneak in. Through Or'ion he's also had training in picking locks both electronical and physical.


with the intense training he received throughout stage one he has learned how to not just survival but thrive in several tough environments including zero g.


Through basic training within the youth corp he knows how to drive most military vehicles.


Shim'moto, Alis'tar has the following items:


Shim'moto, Alis'tar is currently a A'Fuereb in the Youth Corp.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

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