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Shimabumi Akiko

Name: Shimabumi Akiko

Species: Nekovalkyrja

Age: 2 years old

Family: Shimabumi Yoko (mother), Shimabumi Shizuka(older sister)

Organization: Star Army of Yamatai; Yamatai Star Empire

Occupation: Star Army Caretaker

Rank: Santo Hei

Current Assignment: YSS Miharu

Height: 5'2

Weight: 125 lbs

Bra Size: B cup

Build and Skin Color: Small and petite build with a light skin tone

Facial Features and Eye Color: Upturned bright brown eyes with a small pointed nose, low cheekbones, and tiny chin

Hair Color and Style: Short close cropped brown hair

Distinguishing Features: No tattoos or distinguishing marks

Personality: Akiko is bubbly and cheerful with a bit of a childish side. A happy go lucky girl with few cares in the world besides singing and dancing with her older sister. She can be clumsy at times and gets wrapped up in thoughts so as not to pay attention to her surroundings leading to her klutzy escapades. It is only when performing that she is in tune and graceful. She is proud of her older sister and their performances, always striving to both support Shizuka and improve their performance routines.

Likes: Her family, cooking, singing, performing

Dislikes: Mishhu, Daughters of Eve, Black Spiral, anyone who would harm her sister

Goals: To follow her sister everywhere and support her

History: Akiko is the youngest daughter of Shimabumi Yoko. Born on Yamatai she enjoyed a happy younglinghood. Akiko soon became interested in everything Shizuka did and latched onto her as a result. Shizuka did not mind and they were both immersed in their endless days of singing, dancing, and performing. Akiko was nicknamed Shizuka's Shadow for always following along behind her sister wherever she went. Thus it was no surprise that she followed Shizuka into the Star Army.

They were both assigned to the YSS Sekkou where she became quite popular among the crew. Her personality cheered everyone on and held their spirits up. Some of her dishes made her even more popular since she possessed a knack for cooking. Unfortunately after the ship's crew was captured by the Daughters of Eve that pleasant time came to an end. Akiko was singled out as a ship favorite and allowed to visit the other prisoners under the premise of serving them meals. Their captors would usually turn it into a torture session where the prisoner would be forced to choose between allowing Akiko to be beaten or to take the beating themself. The ship's captain however began using it as a means to pass coded messages along to other crew members. This tactic was shortlived and was soon discovered. As a result they placed Shizuka in a situation where she had to choose between allowing a Mishhu to abuse Akiko or taking the punishment herself. Unfortunately for Akiko her sister froze in terror and was not quick enough to respond. As a result Akiko was severely assaulted by a Mishhu and impregnated. Afterwards Akiko slipped into a catatonic state until after the eggs had been laid and hatched. When she came to her mind had rewritten the events in order to better deal with the trauma. Instead of herself being raped she imagined that it had been Shizuka who had suffered for her sake.

After their rescue Akiko steadfastly followed Shizuka by also becoming a member of the Miharu.

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