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Shimabumi Shizuka

Name: Shimabumi Shizuka

Species: Nekovalkyrja

Age: 3 years old

Family: Shimabumi Yoko (mother), Shimabumi Akiko (younger sister)

Organization: Star Army of Yamatai; Yamatai Star Empire

Occupation: Star Army Caretaker

Rank: Santo Hei

Current Assignment: YSS Miharu

Height: 5'5

Weight: 125 lbs

Bra Size: B cup

Build and Skin Color: Solid muscle build much like a professional dancer's with a slight tan skin tone

Facial Features and Eye Color: blue slanted eyes, low cheek bones, small pointed nose

Hair Color and Style: Reddish blonde hair that goes down past her shoulders to the middle of her back

Distinguishing Features: No tattoos or distinguishing marks

Personality: Shizuka is quiet and hard working while being fully devoted to her family. She tends to dote and spoil her younger sister but is still firm in trying to keep her in check. Despite her quiet demeanor she loves to sing and perform in front of an audience. She blended her enjoyment of cooking by creating performances to compliment the food she makes. Her expression attempts to portray the celebration of both the enjoyment of food and the company of others who have gathered to eat. She is sociable but not overtly sexual. Her devotion to family overshadows desire for romantic entanglements. Recently the torture of her sister at the hands of the Daughters of Eve has created a jaded side to her that has become determined to pursue some form of revenge and it is for this purpose that she has joined the Miharu.

Likes: Her family, cooking, singing, performing

Dislikes: Mishhu, Daughters of Eve, Black Spiral, anyone who would harm her sister

Goals: To become an actress

History: Born on Yamatai, she is the first youngling created by her mother Tomo Shimabumi. She was raised by her mother who had just finished her military service. While growing up she became interested in performance. After the birth of her younger sister she began to sing to her along with dancing. As a result the two began to work together as well as grow closer. Shizuka could no longer go anywhere without Akiko following her and thus Tomo began to call Akiko the little shadow. The two sisters are very close and have shared almost every bit of their lives together. When Shizuka decided to enlist as a Star Army Caretaker Akiko followed closely and they were both assigned to the YSS Sekkou. After the ship was captured she endured much hardship as a prisoner.

During captivity Shizuka was forced to choose between allowing a Mishhuvurthyar to rape Akiko taking the 'punishment' herself. She was so frozen with fear that she hesitated and was forced to watch Akiko suffer at the hands of the Mishhu. The result left Akiko so traumatized that she went into a catatonic state for days. During this time the eggs that had been implanted in Akiko began to swell. Shizuka watched in horror and in a fit of insane horror and rage she ripped off a couple of her own fingers and consumed the meat until there was only bone. She then sharpened the bones until they could be used as weapons. Once the eggs were laid she then killed the small hatchling Mishhu with the sharpened bones. A few days after the mess and the bone knives had been confiscated (although the scene had given her captors amusement) Akiko finally came out of the trauma. When she did though she believed that Shizuka had been raped instead of her. Shizuka in a fit of guilt chose to accept the lie and allowed her sister to believe that. As a result Shizuka bears an enormous weight on her shoulders.

After rescue she decided to join the YSS Miharu to seek revenge against the Daughters of Eve.

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