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Shiori Ozawa

Shiori was a Player Character played Kel. She is currently unassigned.

Shiori Ozawa
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Family (or Creators): Ozawa Mayu (mother) Ozawa Kyo (father) Ozawa Shiro (younger brother)
Height: 5' 3“
Weight: 122 lbs.
Bra Size: B
Organization Independent
Occupation Saboteur/Technician
Current Placement None

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 3” Mass: 122 lbs. Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Color: Shiori, like basically every other Geshrin, is at a healthy weight, but tends to strike people as a little sickly-looking, thanks to her baggy clothes making her look thinner than she really is. The grease and dirt usually smudged on her (otherwise pale) skin don't help.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Face permanently decorated with a scowl and a few piercings, Shiori isn't usually particularly pleasant to look at by anybody's standards. On the rare occasions when she actually smiles, she can be halfway pretty.

Hair Color and Style: Shiori's hairstyle is more of a lack of style. Her hair is black and straight, and it's currently long enough to reach halfway down her back. If she brushes it, its usual condition hides it well. Her hair is naturally straight, which keeps this from being a huge disaster, but it's still rather disheveled-looking.

Distinguishing Features: Two eyebrow rings (both in the same eyebrow) and a lip ring are the most noticeable things setting her apart. The right outfit shows off a less easy to spot, but rather more unique one–a tattoo across her back of a hissing snake wrapped around a bomb with a lit fuse, the insignia of some long-defunct gang. Whoever drew it wasn't exactly a world-class artist.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Shiori fairly ruthless when it comes to all things monetary. It certainly doesn't help that she has a well-developed sense of schadenfreude and a taste for revenge. Efficiency is the key word when it comes to all transactions, and if she doesn't see what she's going to get out of it, it's probably not happening. Fortunately, for those who have little to offer her, she can be friendly enough, even if her sense of humor runs toward the morbid. In particular, she tends to be a bit protective with children and anybody who gives off that whole innocent vibe–though she's still a major bad influence for them.

Despite the fact that she's gotten the short end of the stick about six times over through her life (as far as she's concerned, at least), Shiori seems to ignore all evidence that some (read: most) of her problems have been her own damn fault, and she remains self-assured and cocky. She's still not reckless, though, and she can be downright cowardly when it really comes to saving her own hide. Such is it that she likes to fight from afar. Fortunately, her military training provided for this, giving her a decent eye for guns and a skillful hand for sabotage and traps.

In order to downplay her heritage, Shiori usually gives her name in Nepleslian order, given name-family name, rather than Yamataian order.

Likes: When you, personally, get hurt. Competitions, both mental and physical. When a plan comes together. Respect. Coffee dark enough to use as mortar. Likes that she won't admit: Kids. (No, not like that. She threatens to shove people out airlocks for suggesting such.) Dislikes: Authority. Art. The fact that she's about as physically intimidating as a kitten if you take off the piercings and put her in normal clothes. (Pointing out her height is another airlock-worthy offense.) Goals: Step 1. Get rich. Step 2. Use the cash to buy herself a better place in the world. Step 3. Repeat.



Shiori's parents worked on one of the mining colonies in the Nepleslian Core system during the Yamataian reign. The two managed to scrape up enough money for the family to move to Nepleslia itself when she was young, but growing up in the bad end (not that it had a particularly good end in those days) of Funky City wasn't much better.

The girl fell in with one of the city's crime syndicates to support herself when she was older, working as a street-level foot soldier, until she was apprehended by the local private security force a few too many times. They hinted to her rather heavily that Bad Things would happen if they ever saw her again, and for once in her life, Shiori took a hint and took advantage of her heritage by signing up for the Yamataian Star Army for a nice long trip off the planet.

Not that the army had much use for a barely-educated kid who could barely follow orders. She scraped through basic training and started training to be an armorer, but Nepleslia seceded from the empire mere months later. Shiori had some rather strong (and unpopular) feelings about that, and her discipline file from the time afterward is large enough that, if printed out, it could rival some people for height. Thanks to this, it was only so long before she was kicked out, and the Species Restriction Act helped things along a little–her refusal to upgrade to a Yamataian body was all the excuse her superiors needed, given her previous discipline problems.

By this time, Nepleslia was under its own rule, and the situation was a bit trickier to navigate, let alone for somebody who had recently been in the Yamataian military, and she had to struggle to find much in the way of employment, legitimate or not. Shiori got by, but her reputation never really grew enough for her to get any lucrative work. So, recently, she has resolved to just buckle down and work for somebody else, hopefully with a better reputation than she has.



Shiori's writing skills were never exactly top-notch, and they've only gone downhill. As long as it is verbal (or written when nobody cares about spelling), she does okay. She's fluent in Nepleslian and can struggle through Yamataian, though she likes to pointedly leave off honorifics.


Shiori already had a rather thorough grounding in the field when working for the military. Since being discharged, she's gotten plenty of practice in her illicit activities, particularly at disarming and jury-rigging them. This includes knowing which household items can be made to go boom. When combined with her engineering skill, they can go boom in new and interesting situations!


Shiori was originally trained in the field to make her a more effective armorer, so the majority of her skills involve working on and upgrading weapons and armor… though she's since turned them toward improvised solutions to all manner of problems. This goes double if it can be used as a trap or involves sabotage; only an idiot fights fair.


Shiori was given standard Yamataian military training, and that included the normal hand-to-hand combat and energy weapons. Most of her experience since has been in gravity and barehanded, though she remains a decent shot with a rifle. Thanks to only having access to them while she was in the military, Shiori is a pretty lousy power armor pilot.

Maintenance and Repair

About the only skill Shiori really picked up in the military was repair. She thus knows how to work on a wide variety of starships and a few ground vehicles to boot. The majority of her experience is in Yamataian military vessels, though, so anything else can take her some trial and error. And thanks to knowing how to fix things, she isn't half bad at breaking them, either…


Shiori perhaps got a little more experience in this while in the military than her superiors would have preferred, but her skills have truly blossomed since leaving. She has a long-time street-dweller's natural instinct for staying out of tricky situations, as well as skill in all manner of dirty tricks. She mostly specializes in sneaking, con games, and subterfuge… outright stealing has just never been as reliable a way to make a living as work. Still, between a little practice and her engineering skills, she can pick a lock here and there if pressed.

Technological Operation

She spent enough time on Yamataian vessels to learn her way around a Kessaku operating system, and is also vaguely familiar with most Nepleslian civilian OSes, as well.



Weather Gear

Workout Clothing and Undergarments


Personal Hygiene


  • Electronic Money Card (New characters start with 3000 KS)

Weapons and Armor



Reason Change Total
Starting Funds 0 6000 DA
Xaser Assault Rifle -1000 DA 5000 DA
Ulti-Tool -50 DA 4950 DA
Vest -500 DA 4450 DA

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