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Shipkeeper Aurora Seven-One 71-0952-4481

Shipkeeper Aurora Seven-One 71-0952-4481
Species: Type Three Automata
Gender: None (associates as female)
Age: 7
Height: 182cm
Weight: 95kg
Bra Size: D
Organization Origin Industries
Rank Corporal
Occupation Armor Technician
Current Placement OIF Atuan

Shipkeeper Aurora Seven-One 71-0952-4481 In Roleplay

Shipkeeper Aurora Seven-One 71-0952-4481 is a Player Character played by Vesper.

Physical Characteristics

  • Note: The following is describing her current ‘person’ form used when interacting with others. She periodically changes it, adding or altering features she likes and has observed on others. It is currently quite different from the person form she used while she was amongst her fellow Freespacers.
Human Form

Mass: 95kg Height: 182cm Measurements: 99D-68-97 Bra Size: D

Build and Skin Colour: Athletic build with a light-brown skin.

Facial Features and Eye Color: A slender, rounded face with Asiatic features. She has red eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Bright red hair reaching to the shoulder blades. She usually keeps in a single braid (as it is easier to maintain that way).

Distinguishing Features: She has a bronze-colored swirling tattoo on her right check that extends to the base of her neck. Her eyes have a slight metallic tint to them. Her hair can appear stiff when she is busy working on things (or otherwise very busy). She almost always wears a necklace made of a dark-grey metal with a pinky-sized sliver of a brilliant blue crystal given to her by her friend Calypso when she left the Azure Star (the crystal is a piece of entombed waste from the Motherships reactor).

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Aurora goes through life with great energy, rarely doing things by half. She is generally quite upbeat both about situations and people and as a result she is somewhat naïve. She is quick to consider people friends and greatly dislikes social conflict, becoming distressed and agitated quickly in such situations (it was the biggest thing she disliked about Nepleslian society). When working she frequently bounces between several tasks, which can give others the impression that she is flighty.

She has a tendency to be rather reckless, both in her work and in her own endeavors. She has a casual disregard for most safety procedures (unless she believes that not following them will cause damage to what she is working on or would seriously endanger others), which has caused her problems in the past. As a result of being fired from a previous job due to this, she will faultlessly follow the procedures if she believes a superior (or someone that would tell them) is watching. Left to her own devices though, she will quickly go back to old habits.

She loves new things and loves to examine them. Combined with her Freespacer view of personnel property this has made her something of a kleptomaniac. If something has caught her fancy she will usually try to get the item through more generally accepted methods but if those fail she may resort to theft (which was the case with the situation that led to her imprisonment and flight from Nepleslia). She holds no malaise when doing such and will usually return the item after it has become boring. Her quarters are full of knickknacks that caught her eye, some valuable, most not.

Likes: Bright colors, broken or malfunctioning machines, Mai (her Nekomata friend/assistant/pet), math, new experiences and things, sculpting, spicy foods, unfamiliar machines. Dislikes: Clothes, magnets, planets (specifically the surface of), rigid procedures (and the people who insist on following them), selfishness Goals: To design and build a whole new ship



Aurora is currently in her 6th reincarnation, though her first in the nanomorph body. She was ‘born’ 7 years ago aboard the Freespacer mothership Azure Star Seen Through The Veiled Heavens. Her mothership was amongst the first to meet the Nepleslians in YE 29 and she jumped at the opportunity to explore a whole new world of technology.

She spent much of the next year working as a engineer for various Nepleslian interests until late in YE30 when she was arrested for attempting to steal a box of crystal baubles from a warehouse. Only a few hours after her imprisonment the police station came under attack by one of the local street gangs (an attempt to liberate a number of their members captured in a recent raid). Aurora was able to escape in the confusion and, quickly deciding it would be best to leave Nepleslia, she booked the first flight to Yamataian space that she was able.

She worked a number of odd jobs throughout Yamataian space before being hired by Origin in early YE 31, where she has been employed since. After scoring well in a series of aptitude tests held by Origin she was recently transferred to the weapons testing division to assist with the trials of the Ashigaru.



Aurora’s favorite hobby is sculpting whether it is with clay, metal, or crystal. She has become very skilled in it (due in no small part to her forms capabilities) and is capable of producing beautiful works of art. One of the reasons she is so taken with sculpting is that it allows her to represent the beauty of the universes math in a physical form and because of this many of her works are based on mathematical solutions, creating flowing creations. One of her favorites, which she keeps in her quarters, is titled “The Tau-Pi Solution to the Char-Ceti-Hex Integral Describing Electro-Gravitic Flow in a C-Coil”


Aurora is an expert in the materials sciences area of chemistry. She is extremely knowledgeable in regards to the molecular and atomic structure of a wide range of materials. She is knowledgeable in regards to general chemistry (reactions and such), but is by no means an expert in this area.


Aurora is a skilled in using the communication protocols used amongst the Freespacers and in interpreting the variants thereof both for sending and receiving transmissions. She is knowledgeable in the civilian protocols used in Nepleslian and Yamataian space. This includes a wide range of communication methods from radio to laser to subspace wave systems. She can speak Neplsian fluently and Yamataian with an accent and can write in both with fluency.

Engineering and Physical Science

Auora is very knowledgeable in the field of engineering particularly in regards to high-energy systems (such as power-plants) and nanotech, both in terms of theory behind and in regards to designing, building, and maintaining them. When given the opportunity she loves to work on systems to make them ‘better’. More than a few engineers that she has worked with in the past have disagreed with her view of what was ‘better’. She tends to be rather careless in regards to safety precautions (at least with ones that will not result in explosions).

Fighting and Physical

Aurora has received some self-defense training while living in Nepleslian space and has a basic proficiency in hand-to-hand and is a excellent shot on the range but she has no actual combat experience. She has a basic understanding of how power armor and similar machines are operated (though she never used any of them prior to her transfer to the weapons testing division). Physically she is very strong for her size and has fast reflexes. Being a machine she can operate so long as her power lasts (~30 hours under her own reserves, essentially indefinite if she has her reactor with her).

Technology Operation

She is skilled with Freespacer computer systems and is capable with most of those found in Nepleslian and Yamataian space. She is knowledgeable (though not particularly skilled) in the field of programming for computer systems. Thanks to her skill with mathematics she is very skilled in cryptography, though she knows little to nothing about the encryption methods used by the militaries of know space.


Aurora has a talent with mathematics and is very knowledgeable in the field, including advanced maths.


  • 1 Origin Uniform
  • 1 Type 28C NSP
  • 1 Fission-fragment reactor (~17x9x7cm)
  • 1 Modified Nekomata (Mai)


Aurora is currently a -rank- in the Origin Industries. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
100 KS 0 0 Starting Funds

Nanomorph Abilities

Aurora is a nanomorph, a type of automata created by the Freespacers to work in small and hazardous spaces that other forms would not be able to. It is composed of trillions of nanites working together to form her intellect and physical form. Developed several decades ago the design has spread slowly through the fleet though the number of nanomorphs is still quite low due to a number of problems, most notably the high resource cost (since they require high-purity metal to replicate) and the difficulty to back up their consciousness. As a nanomorph Aurora has the following traits.


Aurora is able to alter her appearance at will. The more complex form is the more effort it takes to maintain (i.e. mimicking the texture of a knit wool shirt would take far more effort than a leather jacket). She can:

  • Change her physical form (accurate to the atomic scale, if data is available).
  • Change her color and texture (with enough detail to appear as a organic, barring the use of sensors).
  • Alter her density (though not mass).
  • Split her form into separate parts (the intelligence of each part, if unable to communicate with the rest is relative to its size).
  • Heat her form (in whole or part) to high temperatures.
  • Mimic sounds (though it would need a lengthy example of someone’s voice to copy it).

She cannot:

  • Change her chemical makeup.
  • Change her mass (other than splitting up her form).
  • Cool her form easily. Without a source of matter (like water) to act as a coolant she can only cool radiantly, which is very slow. As a result her body temperature is almost always at the ambient temperature or higher.

The nanites that make up Aurora can assemble and disassemble matter on the atomic scale. This is, however, time consuming and very energy intensive (taking much longer than a dedicated system would to make a item). Extended (or particularly complex) use of this ability can drain her energy extremely fast. To make any object (from a rock to a flower) Aurora must have detailed information on the objects molecular structure, obtained from a download (such as from a database or scanner) or by disassembling a already existing example of the object. Without this information she can only make a guess as to its structure and in most cases this results in an item that is obviously fake. If she has the materials available she can assemble more nanites to add to her form. Likewise, she can breakdown her own nanites to provide the materials to assemble other items.

Power Supply

Each nanite in her form contains a tiny battery that provides for her operations. With these a full charge she can operate normally for ~30 hours. Disassembling or assembling an object taxes her reserves far more, with involved construction (or destruction) consuming a hours worth of charge in a matter of minutes. She can recharge through a number of means:

  • Light (the slowest but most available)
  • Metabolic Processes (useable, but she would need to eat a lot to meet her energy needs)
  • Induction (although uncomfortable)
  • Direct connection to a power source (fastest)

She has a fission-fragment reactor that she brought with her when she left her mothership but rarely carries it around with her (it spends most of the time in a case in her quarters). While she still sees it as rather queer how paranoid most other beings are about radiation she has learned that they tend to “freak out” when informed that she has a nuclear reactor on her person.


As a being composed of trillions of nanites, Aurora can heal rapidly from most damage, assuming materials are available. She is extremely resistant to physical impacts as well as extremes of heat or cold, though they can disrupt or scatter her form if enough force is involved. She is substantially more resistant to radiation that a normal human. Directed energy weapons (lasers, plasma, etc.) are particularly deadly to her constituent nanites. Magnetic fields are uncomfortable (even painful) to her and can disrupt her form if strong enough. She can withstand immensely high currents and voltages traveling through her body.


Each nanite has the ability to emit and receive photonic radiation from the radio-wave frequency through the ultraviolet. She can generate visible light equivalent to a flashlight. She is able to see, taste, speak, and hear from any point on her body.

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