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Shizuka is a player character played by Readlliea.

Species & Gender: android Female
Date of Birth: YE 37
Organization: n/a
Occupation: servant
Rank: civilian
Current Placement: n/a

Preferred Plots

  1. Baba Yaga

Physical Description

Shizuka has a very crude and rather odd appearance, she appears to be a under developed female who sports a nearly flat chest; but there is some roundness there. She has a slim build but a pale complexion. Her eyes are different colors but that is mainly due to her right eye being replaced by a purely mechanical eye, while her left eye isn't. Her left eye is turquoise blue while the right one is yellow. A robotic cat ears and tails are clearly visible and have no sort of covering or flesh over them, they are functional but just barely. Resulting in her struggling to hear things as they actually are and if you're paying attention while talking to her, you'll see them constantly moving as they are trying rather hard to catch the sounds. Two of her fingers on her right hand are robotic with no skin or flesh over them, and she does have several scars on her body; due to her not holding the regeneration of a real Neko. There's also a metal hose sticking out of her throat with the area scarred over where it goes into her and the hose wraps round the left side and goes into her skull. Where thankfully, her green hair hides where it connects. In truth, this serves no purpose and it was punishment for her first act of defiance to her current master.

Going with her green hair, is a rather ragged and torn up green like dress that is somewhat styled to be like markings for her. She has a rather thick taupe belt around her waist and the sleeves and front of the dress are yellow green. She wears torn brown pants and often walks barefooted in the house. Though when out, she wears a pair of brown sandals. She stands at five ft five.


Despite her faulty appearance and crude creation, Shizuka has some personality already. She's kind and rather obedient, as she was meant to be a servant and do as she is told. However she has started to develop her own personality, she's starting to become her own being and seeing that what she's been living as hasn't been right. Her moments of standing up for herself are often short and she becomes submissive quickly. There is potential in here to become something more and better, but first she knows she has to get away from what she is currently in. However she is afraid to do that. Due to her bad hearing, she strains herself to listen and while she wants to know what is being said, she is very fearful of asking people to repeat their words. As she doesn't want to anger them for having em repeat their words too many times and she hates angering people in this way.


Shizuka was created in YE 37 in the city of Funky City, Planet Nepleslia. Her creator wanted a neko but had nowhere near the funds to buy one and he figured, that he could just make one. Well, needless to say he wasn't wrong part of that. But he could've done better. Shizuka was the result and she is nowhere near perfect. Not very gorgeous even before he used discipline on her, she was under average in many areas of her looks. It didn't help that all he had to dress her in was odd rags that he found and cleaned up but he was pleased to just have someone else to do everything around the house. They were living like a king for the first year, she listened and obeyed, used her tail to help her out at times. She learned to cook from shoes and books; as she can't connect to machines and do it that way.

However her second year of life at the beginning of the year started to make things change. She wondered why she was working for them and treated in such ways, she stood up for herself and she regretted it. The man said this was punishment for her daring to speak out against him, he gave her various scars and even attached a metal hose to her throat to the back of her head. It did nothing but hurt and make her voice sound off but she survived as the man didn't want to lose his servant. She hasn't spoken up against em but she does realize that this isn't right. She just hasn't the strength to do something about it though and thus, she lives this way for now.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Shizuka has the following notable skills:

  • Cooking;average at best and knows a few different recipes that aren't complicated.
  • cleaning; basic things like sweeping, dusting, and laundry.
  • Can read and write English as well as speak it.
  • She can use her robotic tail to hold things that aren't too heavy and if they have a handle.

Social Connections

SHIZUKA name is connected to:

  • Carlon Ven (Creator/owner)

Inventory & Finance

Shizuka has

Shizuka currently has 10,669 DA.

OOC Information

In the case readlliea becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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