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Shoki worked for a time as a stripper at the Foxhole Gentleman's Club; in addition to, being the “tool” for a local group of religious nuts who thought her to be an instrument of some Divine Salvation. She joined the Star Army of Yamatai after being recruited by Ketsurui Chiharu in YE 25 after a very odd set of occurrences 1) during a period of shore leave on Ralfaris. And for some reason, after Ketsurui Chiharu died, her body took on the physical traits of the late Taisho which prompted her to contact, Ketsurui Yui. It was their combined belief that the spirit of Chiharu has possessed Shoki for the sole purpose of bringing about end to the war with Elysian Celestial Empire. They took advantage of the event by exploiting Chiharu's personal connection to the Elysian, Kiriel Zemerias and managed to negotiate the Peace Treaty before the ruse was discovered.

She is currently still a member of the infantry continuing her career as she tries to get a hold of her own identity and sense of free will. Shoki is currently in a standard Yamataian body with no remarkable special abilities and is leading a fairly unremarkable life. Her good friend, Kevin Jones has long since retired from active duty with Planet Yamatai and has since returned home to Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It is rumored that he asked Shoki to join him in retirement as his wife but she declined the offer.

Personality wise, Shoki is still relatively naive and uncertain of what she actually wants to do with her life if she ever leaves the Star Army of Yamatai. Her time with the Army has loosely given her some direction and training but ultimately, she doesn't see herself as a career soldier but hasn't been able to decide if she wants to do something else. She misses the simplicity of working as an exotic dancer but is trying to live up to the challenge.

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