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Shu'teggere Aiu'tarou

Shu'teggere Aiu'tarou is a player character played by Aria.

Shu'teggere Aiu'tarou
Art by: @notahazard
Species & Gender: Female Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)
Date of Birth: Age 18 Year 770
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: Neshaten Healer
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: NSV-Furi'ken

Physical Description

  • Height: 3'7β€œ
  • Weight: 72lbs
  • Cream blonde fur and hair that stops a few inches above the shoulder. Her tail is the same color, with both the tail and ears having white tips.
  • Her right ear doesn't stand up straight anymore, limply hanging slightly outwards. This ear also doesn't move like the left ear does due to nerve damage.
  • Sky blue eyes.
  • She has a lowered sense of touch. She can still feel if something is pressed onto her, but she might not feel anything if something brushes up against her or she lightly picks up something. She compensates for this by looking at anything she picks up so her sight can help her in grabbing things.


  • Goal: To protect and heal as many people as possible, as well as to discover more effective healing methods.
  • Aiu is brave and selfless, but she lacks a sense of self-preservation which can lead to danger.
  • She is frank when asked questions and doesn't sugarcoat the truth, but often reassures the questioner.
    • β€œYes your wound is really bad, but don't worry, we'll fix you up!”
  • When faced with a problem, Aiu hates to give up, even to the point where people will have to drag her away for being stubborn.
  • She wants everyone to be happy and safe, so she would even patch up enemies after a battle as long as they surrendered.
  • She has learned to fight with a small sword, but she strictly stays on defense.
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Likes: Strong herbal teas, upbeat conversations, smiling friends, a quiet nature-like area
  • Dislikes: People with combative personalities or with no apathy, lack of sleep



Aiu had a pretty relaxed childhood growing up with both of her parents and a little brother. Her father is a Daur of light blond fur and her mother is a Daur of pristine white fur. Aiu's resulting fur color was almost as if her parent's fur blended to form a new color, something her parents love to remind her about. Her brother of 4 years younger took after their mother's white fur.

Aiu's parents taught her from a young age to respect and help other people. Hurting another person only brings sadness into the world. Pain is inevitable though, so she should always do what she could to help other overcome that pain. When her brother was first able to walk on his own, she'd follow him around like a personal guard escort, keeping him out of harm's way. The two were inseparable as they got older, always playing together in the woods near their house.


When she was 13, a chance encounter played a major role in her life. One day when walking home, she saw a group of Laibes laughing while leading a smaller Daur into an alleyway. Aiu followed and peaked around from the corner, just in time to see one of the Laibes swipe at the Daur. The Daur fell to the floor, clutching their bloody cheek with a scared, innocent look. Without thinking things through, Aiu ran between the Laibes and the fellow Daur and threw her hands up to block their way.

β€œWhat has this person done that you can't just talk it ou-” Annoyed, the leader of the Laibes swiped at Aiu, knocking her over as well. Perfectly willing to have a substitute victim, the Laibes took their aggression out on her instead. They beat her on the ground until she was left struggling to breath on the floor. Laughing, the leader stomped on Aiu's right ear and grinded it with their foot. Aiu screeched in pain just as a some soldiers ran into the alley and subdued the Laibes.

Now that the beating was over, Aiu leaned over and smiled, blood running down the side of her face.

β€œAre you okay?” she asked, more concerned over the stranger than herself. The stranger at first starred in shock, then smiled greatly and nodded, tears falling down their face.

β€œThat's good,” she muttered, collapsing on the floor. She didn't fully pass out, but went in and out of a daze until she came about in a healer's bed. Her family was there by her side, telling her how glad they were she was okay, scolding her for getting involved in a fight instead of getting help, and reassuring her that the Laibes were apprehended.

All Aiu could think about was the smile on their face.

Aiu recovered from her injuries, all except for the damage to her right ear. From then on it hung more limply on her head, bending a bit outwards. She couldn't move it much compared to her other ear anymore. She wore this injury as a mark of pride for standing up for another person.

From that point on, Aiu decided that she wanted to make people happy and feel safe. She began to study the ways of the Healer. Her family persuaded her to carry a sword from now on and to practice it often. Despite the weapon's violent nature, she practiced diligently, but only ever focused on blocking and parrying attacks. She had no interest in hurting the opponent, only defending herself and others.

Her brother, motivated by what happened and with Aiu's decision to become a healer, picked up the sword as well and trained with her. He swore he'd grow up as someone who could protect her since she protected him all those years.


Upon becoming an adult, Aiu wanted to put what she'd been studying for the past 5 years to practical use and joined the Volunteer Army. Soldiers would always need healing and the rough nature of their job meant they needed someone who could constantly keep an eye over them. Also, traveling the stars meant they might interact with new species and learn about their medical technologies. For this reason, she studied the Trade language while studying healing as well.

Her family saw her off on her way to basic training, giving her one last hug before leaving. Her brother promised that he'd be right behind her once he was old enough to join as well. That and not to hesitate to call if any of her crew mates were giving her a hard time!

SNV Furi'ken

Aiu's time on the Furi'ken started with a literal bang. During her regular work, terrorists attacked and surprised her group with an explosive that knocked her unconscious. Waking up surrounded by blood and bodies terrified her, but she soon gathered hope that she could save someone. Alas, it was too late for those around her, but she soon regrouped with the other survivors who held off the terrorist's advance. Someone thrust a gun into Aiu's hand, but she couldn't bring herself to hurt anyone, even an enemy that wanted her dead. Without her help, the other survivors held off the terrorists long enough for reinforcements to save them. Due to the damage the Furi'ken took in the attack, its launch was delayed, and she was transfered to the SNV Cercatore Di Stella.

SNV Cercatore Di Stella

Aiu recently received orders to be stationed as a medic aboard the SNV Cercatore Di Stella.

Skills Learned


To train to become a healer, Aiu studied biology so she'd understand how the Shukaren and My'leke bodies work.

Medical Science

In addition to biology, Aiu trained in the latest medical technologies and how/when to apply them.


As someone who wants for everyone to be happy, it helps to know about everyone. She particularly focused on reading stories written by those on both sides of a conflict to try and understand why they decided the solution to their problems was to fight.


Ever since her injury, Aiu's family pushed for her to learn self defense. She's proficient in the Seta'sis Sword, though she refuses to strike back after a block or a parry.


Aiu knows the history of her people and of the nation to the extent that any soldier or schooled citizen should.


Aiu has trained to become proficient in basic computer operations in order to maintain patient records and add new details to the records remotely from a datapad.

Communications (Trade)

In an effort to learn more about medical sciences from information that arrived from foreign star systems, Aiu worked to understand the Trade language. She's better at reading it than speaking it due to few practice partners.

Inventory & Finance

Shu'teggere Aiu'tarou has the following:

OOC Information

In the case Aria becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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