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Sigria Tokito

Sigria Tokito is a player character played by Gamerofthegame. She is a pilot based off the YSS Sakura II.

Sigria Tokito
Species: NH-33 (Tennyo)
Gender: Female
Age: 1 (Born mid YE 33)
Family: Tokito Yukito (Mother)(NPC)
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation Star Army Pilot
Current Placement Space Limbo
Theme Control - Benny Benassi

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'5“ (165 cm)
  • Mass: 112 lbs (54 kg)
  • Measurements: 35C-28-40

Build and Skin Color: Surprisingly curvy creature of wide hips, she has a mocha-bronze skin tone. Like most Neko, her muscular structure isn't very apparent.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has uninspiring pale hazel brown eyes and narrow lashes. Facially, she has a fairly sharp, narrow face which comes to a relative point at her chin. Her lips are similarly thin and narrow, a darker hue on account of her skin. She doesn't have any genetic markings on her face whatsoever, a clean slate - And it's rare for her to even consider make up, not caring for it.

Ears: She sports the usual neko ears, the same color of her hair. One slight stylized difference, though, is that the “fur” is commonly brushed out to a point, making them look longer and vaguely elven.

Hair Color and Style: She has similarly uninspiring black hair, which hangs down to the middle of her shoulder blades and is usually done up in either a bun or pony tail. It's also relatively thin, means she is rare to bother with trying to shove her bangs behind her ears.

Distinguishing Features: While Siggy could be considered fairly bland in appearance in comparison to her more outrageous fellows, she does have one claim to fame; A genetic “tattoo.” A rather massive one, even. On her back there is a sheer white coloring of a stylized bird skeleton, beak peeking up her neck with the bony wing tips going as far as her upper arms. It ends at the bottom of the small of her back in a show of equally stylized plumage, a simple quarter-disc.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Some might jump to the title of glory hog, though that might be a bit of a exaggeration. While Siggy revels in the fame and reputation and will slightly orchestrate things to go her way, she isn't so blind to chase after it needlessly, nor disrupt her duties. Slightly known for biting off more then she can chew in this regard, though, but usually comes out okay. She isn't one to brag and, paradoxically, has a bit of a tempered ego. This has geared her to having a slightly pushy attitude, though, quick to take a commanding role in situations over others. However, socially she prefers to be in small groups of close friends, not being one to go out of her way to talk to people. She isn't shy per se, simply reserved. While loathe to admit it, she is rather impressionable; the propaganda of the empire has gotten to her, considering the empire to have rightful supremacy over other civilizations and considering very little of them - Or even species outside of the Neko and associates!

  • Likes: Glory, Trophies, Ribbons, jealous people, the Empire, sandwiches and jazz
  • Dislikes: Crowds, vengefully jealous people, “lesser” Civilizations, soup and the opera
  • Goals: Become a renowned, textbook ace pilot with a legacy! Maybe pick up a life partner or two. Eat some sammiches, maybe.



Her mother, Tokito Yukito, retired to Tatiana in YE 34. She was a warrant officer trained in starship operations.


Born on a since destroyed cruiser, she acted as a onboard assistant in her youngling years. Her training was relatively haphazard, giving her a relatively poor basic training record. She was pressed into service as a pilot during a engagement and has, rather willingly, never looked back. Born in the midst of the war, she came to her own in a very target rich environment, adapting quickly and picking up quite a bit of skill through practical practice and study. Which is just as well; at two deaths to her name and minimal ejections she has a pretty clean record. Which is a good quality to have when you aren't strictly speaking attached to your ever endangered respawning berth.

Siggy found herself hopping from ship to ship - Or, rather, ending up homeless and becoming attached to the first landing pad she could find. It gave her plenty of locations, berths (Not to mention fleets) and travel, though put a painful revolving door on relationships. With the war coming to a close, though, this effect has lessened considerably.

By the end of YE 33 she commonly found herself in more estranged roles, becoming a bit of a specialist with the Nodachi craft after its debut. With the primary phase of the war long since gone, she found herself spending time in trivial escort wings.

In play

She isn't down yet, ass.

Service Record

YE 33

Hei, Fourth Standard Fleet YSS Valiant, Assistant YSS …, Pilot

Hei, First Expeditionary Fleet …, Pilot

Hei, Seventh Fleet …, Pilot

Hei, First Fleet …, Pilot

YE 34

Hei, First Fleet …, Pilot

Heisho, Second Expeditionary Fleet YSS Heitan, Pilot

YE 35

Hei, Second Expeditionary Fleet YSS Heitan, Pilot

Hei, First Expeditionary Fleet (current) Gemini Star Fortress, Pilot (Estranged)

Hei, First Expeditionary Fleet (current) YSS Sakura II NG-X1-395, Pilot


Basic Training

Sigria has gone through (a slightly haphazard) basic training, as well as having it partially imprinted onto her through birth. She has the usual common skills of a soldier, though she has rated poorly outside of standard and zero-g environments, as well as non-light (One handed, pistol etc) fire arm use. She also rates surprisingly poorly in power armor due to her fighter specialization. Beyond this…


Through trial by fire and gentle tutoring and study, she is comfortably able to lead relatively small, independent units, such as power armor, infantry and aerospace wings. She is comfortable with commanding a flight on a objective-based level in combat, as well as a smaller wing in more intimate detail. In larger, multi-crew vessels, however, this level of tactical expertise begins to wane due to lack of experience and knowledge on relevant systems.

Maintenance and Repair

She is capable of basic maintenance, specifically of that of Star Army of Yamatai aerospace craft. This maintenance includes daily work, minor repairs and reconfigurations. She can actively assist in hardier repairs, though is not able to do significant work on her own. Additionally, her area of expertise rapidly vanishes beyond aerospace vehicles, though is able to do work on similar systems.

Starship Operations

She is capable of idle operation work aboard a Yamatai star ship. This largely consists of bridge work during non-alert situations, specializing specifically in the sensors aboard a star ship. She could operate during a combat situation to a lesser degree, but she is not a dedicated attendant by any means.


She specializes in the use of aerospace craft, being quite possibly a ace with Yamataian craft using the SPINE interface. Of the craft in particular, she has developed a resounding familarity with the Ke-V6-1D "Hayabusa" Starfighter and Ke-V9 "Nodachi" Assault Fighter. She is entirely capable of flight within both space and atmospheric conditions, as well as during ailing effects. Of additional note, she seemed to have surprising skill as a conventional pilot in standard atmospheric conditions in simulation use.


Sigria Tokito has the following items:

TBD * Star Army Standard Issue Items Some medals, too. Nothing to heavy, probably just lightly from the obvious.

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