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No-J2-1a-00691 โ€œSigurdโ€
Species: Custodian War Android
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Height: 6'7โ€œ (200.66 cm)
Weight: 276 lbs (125.19 kg)
Occupation War Android



  • Hair: Close cropped black hair.
  • Eyes: Brown eyes.
  • Skin/Body: Caucasian skin tint with a massive 'herculean' build.


Sigurd typically wears a dark colored jumpsuit that looks like it is spray painted over his large muscles.


  • Height: 6'7โ€ (200.66 cm)
  • Weight: 276 lbs (125.19 kg)

Basic Background

Having transferred over with Kotori and Yukari from the YSS Sakura, Sigurd replaces what should be a slot for an NH-28. But due to the Kotori's influence, Sigurd is a part of the Miharu's crew.

Miscellaneous Info

Personality Quirks

Sigurd has a cool demeanor. He seems pleasant and courteous, but rarely offers more than the shadow of a smile: he is never moved to mirth. Sigurd can discuss at length any technical details that he has studied, but is somewhat impaired in more mundane topics of discussion.

Sigurd is an android, and while sentient, he has no emotion.


Sigurd is subserviant, but hardly stupidly so. He follows the proper chain of command and can refuse orders from enlisted crewmembers if he judges them inadequate. He will give strong consideration to warrant officers and will obey commisioned officers without fail, though priority rests with his assigned ship's executive officer, and then the commanding officer (i.e.: Sigurd obeys to Taii Kotori and Chui Suzuka over Taisho Yui).

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