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Silius Glassagow

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Species: Delsaurian
Gender: Male
Age: 186 years
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 206 lbs
Organization: Pirate, Freelance Mercenary, Secretly employed by Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials
Rank: Captain
Occupation: Pirate/Privateer/Mercenary
Current Placement: Delsauria

Silius in Roleplay

The insidious Silius Glassagow is a pirate NPC played by Moon Man, for use in his exploits against the good citizens of the Star Army setting (mostly those damned dirty UOC peons, hu hu hu).

Current Events

Currently, Silius is resting at the Delsaurian port city of Maharambi, awaiting his next raid.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6,6”
  • Weight: 206 lb
  • Build and Skin color: As a Delsaurian, his humanoid frame is very muscular, mostly centered in the back-jointed legs. His posture is more crooked than that of a regular Delsaurian, however upon standing fully erect it is revealed that his upper body is also fairly toned.

Dusty brown scales flecked with black and red running up his spine.

  • Facial Features and Eye color: Sharp, lizard-like face, with several old gashes around his eyes. His eyes are stark yellow.
  • Hair color and Style: No hair; he’s a lizard.
  • Distinguishing Features: His dorsal fin has been cut in several places purposely to create a jagged, more menacing effect, and he wears a cybernetic eyepatch over his left eye, which was lost during infancy.

Family and Friends

Other People

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: A bitter survivor of a harsh universe, or a predator keeping pace with an ever-growing hunting ground? It would be easy to place Silius Glassagow under any of these singular archetypes, but the truth behind this Delsaurian is far more complex than any moniker or name could justify.

As a pirate and a predator of older times, Silius revels in the exploitation of those weaker than him for nothing more than the ongoing survival of him and his own. This is not a matter of malice or revenge, however, but something of a merciful ending; Silius knows that if his quarry is not taken by him and him alone, there are many, many others who would be happy to take his place. In this respect, Silius feels he is doing his part in the universal circle of life and death; the strong thrive off of the weak. He understands this philosophy, and accepts it, knowing that one day, he himself will become the prey to the larger carnivore. That said, his actions are not fueled by his primitive instincts alone; he has much distaste for the governments of the universe. Nepleslians, Yamataian, Jiyuians…all of them are led by lies, oblivious to how downtrodden those like him are if they relinquish so much as an inch of their freedoms.

There is a part of Silius, however, that rises above his primal instincts of predator and privateer to form a loose semblance of honor. As much as he despises the followers of corrupt governments, the killing of harmless civilians does tend to cause more trouble than it is worth, whether it be a stain on his reputation or the heavy-handed Government response it might summon. As such, he would rather be referred to as a villainous thief, rather than an insidious murderer.

Silius has a very commanding, yet subtly charismatic personality…he knows what really gets his mens’ blood boiling before a raid, and constant dealing with the criminal underworld has left him savvy to its wiles and ‘turn-on’ words. He isn’t that bad a captain or commander either, and can be rather jovial when certain conditions (mainly the immediate evacuation of any and all things he dislikes) are met. Silius enjoys basking in his stolen wealth, as well as otherwordly delicacies (which, considering Delsaurian diet, include small, bite-sized living animals.)

  • Likes: Thrills, unarmed combat, money and riches, lavished surroundings, individuals after his own heart, good grog and Delsaurian pea-chicks, shooting games
  • Dislikes: Governments, weaklings, being defeated, murderous pirates, weaklings, role-playing games
  • Goals: Serve his purpose on the galactic food chain with gusto, all while fighting the corrupt governmental powers permeating the universe.



Born a young spawnling of sixty or so siblings, it was clear from the start that Silius was meant for great things. Despite his near-exact age, he commanded respect between the rest of his tribe and was held in high esteem for his hunting ability, physical prowess and combative expertise. His tribe was known as the Glassagow, which in old Delsaurian tribal tongue stood for the sharp, jagged black volcanic glass that fell from the sky every year weather_advisoryglass_hail . Glassagow was a strong tribe, and like Silius himself, commanded respect amongst the trival councils. It was during this time that Silius lost his left eye in a fight over a crafted spear, given to him as tribute from a weaker tribe; the tribesman who fought Silius over it, however, left with far worse.

This was all before the UEF arrival onto Delsauria sands. Bringing in their advanced weapons, flying ships and war knowledge, the tribal Delsaurians stood little chance defending their home planet, let alone their system, to the UEF conquerors. While many laid down their mounted spears and battered shields, the Glassagow tribe fought to the bitter end; Silius and a few others were injured enough to not warrant immediate extinction when their tribes’ holdings were raided by the UEF advance. It was here that Silius developed a deep-seeded hatred for not only UEF ,but any and all who in shape or form mimic their ways…which, if you take structured government into the formula, meant most of the ‘civilized’ universe.

Bitter at the downfall of himself and his people, Silius did not integrate as well as the other Delsaurians after the UEF leadership came into play. His recovery from his injuries was full, and he quickly learned the cost of his rebellion against the newly established Government time and time again.

Silius’ life quickly went from worse to best after that point in his life. After many years of Delsaurian jail for his petty crimes acting out against the hated government, he was enlisted into a band of pirates whom had quietly docked into Maharombi Spaceport to hire some expendable riff-raff for a raid. Silius was quick to work his way up the seedy food-chain of the pirate ship, kill the captain in his sleep and assume command of the vessel.

He has been living his life in defiance of his hated foes every since.


Fighting and Physical

Unarmed and Melee

Many of his years spent before the advancement of Delsauria into the space age was spent in a warring tribal society, where strength dictated power, and power dictated respect. As such, he was taught physical combat, both unarmed (a heavy reliance on the Delsaurian’s exceptionally powerful legs) and with weapons (mostly the symbolic branched war-axe and shield) by his tribesmen. Combined with his above-average muscle mass, the imposing figure Silius permeates is not unmatched by his fighting skill.

Common Firearms

Through trial-by-fire use of the newly-introduced firearms brought by the United Empire Forces, Silius has learned how to use many hand-held weapons which dominate today’s ‘civil’ age. Of course, it isn’t very hard to learn to point the shooty bits at your prey, and press a trigger. Silius has little knowledge of fixing guns, however…he would just rather use them until they give out, then pick up another.

Armored Combat

Most recent raids have proven to be quite difficult to survive without some manner of external protection, and a good old bullet-proof vest does not seem to cut as far as it used to. As such, Silius has learned the basics of powered armorsuits and how to move and fight effectively within. Given that not many powered armorsuits are made to fit Silius’ ‘unique’ Delsaurian frame, he only has experience with one armor; his personal special-order powered armorsuit Pushnagatt, named after the old Delsaurian deity of anger and fire.


People Skills

Through either fear or respect, Silius hold a commanding authority over his boys and prefers to keep it that way. Accustomed to frequently having to prove his superiority to his old Glassagow tribesmen, Silius knows the subtle difference between the conniving smile and the genuinely scared smile…and often makes an example of the former to remind his crew just who wears the eye-patch around these parts.


Harsh Environment Survival

Having lived in times before the fast-food restaurant, indoor plumbing and combustion engines, Silius had to learn how to live in the harsh Delsauria wilderness from a young age. An exceptional game hunter, both big and small, Silius has vast knowledge of tracking man and best alike, as well as the quintessentials of camouflage, traps, and environmental hazards.

Big Nose and Ears

Delsaurians, due to their large and extremely sensitive nasal sensory canals, have exceptional smelling power. They smell smelly smells that others would smell as only not-so-smelly smells. Delsaurian ear canals are also well-adapted.


Spoken Language

Delsaurian vocal chords are somewhat different from the ‘purer’ humanoids of the universe. As a result of this unique structure of the chest cavity and bone placement, Delsaurians can attain the correct wavelengths to speak in a tone and volume acceptable to any hearing correlation, albeit the shape and density of the Delsaurian tongue creates a definitive “sssss” sound as it vocalizes “S” sounds. Silius can speak most common languages around the setting, but is most fluent in Delsaurian tribal and Trade.

Communication Technology

Through consistent use, Silius is fluent in the use of most common communication methods used by the more civilized denizens of the setting. It should be noted that he (like most Delsaurians) detests using headsets, as having the sound so close to the ear is quite uncomfortable to Delsaurian ears.

Starship Technology

Starship Commanding

While not knowledgeable about every menial aspect of a star vessel, Silius has, over time and experience, learned how to properly command a starship through his bridge staff, as well as his own commands to the ship itself. Why drive when you have perfectly good lackeys to drive for you?


Criminal Knowledge

Constant rolling around in the criminal filth of the universe has led Silius to be privy with just how filthy galactic scum can be. He is knowledgeable about what to get, where to get it, what it’s used for, and most importantly…where can he go steal it. Silius has several acquaintances in the The Nepleslian Black Market as well, and is knowledgeable in how to get in touch with a supplier.


Shootan Games

Silius enjoys first and third person shooting games, and regularly takes time out of his busy schedule (basically any time he isn’t raiding or counting his wealth) to enjoy a casual virtual game of blowing the heads off of virtual representations of several different species. He has a special preference to shooting games that depict gritty, realistic combat and, at the same time, games with wildly fantastic and impractical weapons.

Trigger Happy

It could be noted that Silius, in his shooting games, prefers fully automatic weapons, especially machine rifles and the like. This preference leaks into his application of real-world weapon use, but all the same, his preferred weapon of choice in any shooting game is the one that lays down the most fire in the shortest amount of time.


5 undershirts, white (For Delsaurians)
4 T-shirts, misc. logos (For Delsaurians)
6 pairs boxers (For Delsaurians)
5 pair khaki pants (For Delsaurians)
1 Delsaurian space-suit
1 pair gloves, leather, black
1 pair boots, black (or khaki)
6 pair boot socks, white
1 Belt, dark green (pants)
Weapons, Weapon Accessories
1 DA Card, Balance: 552,763 DA
1 Large solid blue-diamond statue of himself: Valued at 200,000 DA
Several crates of stolen valuables: Valued at 320,000 DA

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