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Sinfa Fomm-Helfa

Sinfa Fomm-Helfa is a player character controlled by raz.

Sinfa Fomm-Helfa
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Female
Born: 1767ce, 3rd Month
Age: 37
Occupation: Master]
Rank: Warrant Officer
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

Height: 8'2” (249 cm)

Weig}}ht: 285 lbs (129 kg)

Build, Skin Color and Skin Pattern: Sinfa is pretty short by Kishargal standards, and maintains a fit build for her small stature—though not as muscular as one would expect from a Royal Army soldier or deck hand—but is definitely stronger in her legs and core than she is in her arms. Her skin is a rich gold (#F2C456) that shimmers and gives off a dull reflection under hard light.

Small dark purple (#5B3696) spots are scattered across the bridge of her nose and cheeks and continue down to her neck, where they blend and fade into a more visually-dominant striped pattern that flows down her spine to the small of her back. The bio-luminescent freckle pattern present on her face also runs along the inside of her arms from the pit and falls down the backs of her legs from just under the callipygian curves of her rear.

Eyes and ears: Big, vivid blue (#6EA4FF) eyes glow above the purple spots that cross the bridge of Sinfa's nose. Her pointy ears are just under six inches long and point backward, staying close to her head.

Horns: Sinfa's horns grow up and diagonally backwards from just above her ears. After approximately five inches, they jut downward and slightly back for two inches and then continue upward again and end in a point five inches later, giving them the appearance of an upside-down lightning bolt. They are a pale off-white bone color and have some specks of the same purple that dots and lines her skin.

Hair Color: She has long coral (#FD968D) colored hair that she braids into two ponytails that are fixed back up at their source, hanging in loops from the back of her head.

Tail: Her tail is hairless and long for her height. It has a large pointed spade at its tip.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

  • Personality: Sinfa is quiet and attentive, but has an adventurous streak and always errs on the side of daring despite first appearances. She is kind when confronted and patient when necessary. Coming from a long line of both planetside and starbound traders, Sinfa knows how to strike a deal and makes a good mediator because of it.
  • Likes: Calm seas stretching out around around her lonesome sail dinghy. Staring out over the cold, endless void of space. Navigating ships. Fried sweetbreads and cute confections.
  • Dislikes: Chaos. Argumentative sailors.
  • Goals: Become the Master or Navigating Lieutenant of a First Rate. Retire to a small island back home.



Sinfa is the daughter of Post Captain Aksesor Fomm-Helfa and his wife Nenet Fomm-Helfa, who herself has lived out a lengthy career as a captain in the interstellar Merchant Marine and sailed the oceans of Planet Ersetu before that.


She grew up in a small hamlet on the southwestern corner of Planet Ersetu's northeastern island closest to the sun, surrounded by family and close friends from the tight-knit village. The pail twilight she was accustomed to remained the backdrop to Sinfa's earliest memories and adventures, often absent both her mother and father due to the hustle of their jobs, but she never thought poorly of the experience; community was important for her and the situation in which she was brought up was normal through her eyes. It gave her a certain measure of independence, too, and she would chart her own maps and charts of the coastline near home after exploring in whatever little boat she could get her young hands on.

At 10 years old, Sinfa's father got her positioned aboard the HMS Warspite as ship's girl so that she could have the requisite three years of experience required to become a midshipman in the Royal Navy. But rather than continuing on the path to become a lieutenant after her time on the Warspite, Sinfa went to stay with her mother at 14 and learned about stellar navigation through the Merchant Marine. It was Nenet's turn to make an impression upon her daughter Sinfa, anyway, and the diminutive Kishargal girl remained there for five more years—traveling between Ersetu worlds and colonies aboard a trading ship was often more exciting and eventful than the experience she'd had aboard the Warspite in peacetime.

Early Life

Now 19 and a young adult, Sinfa took a posting as the full quartermaster of the HMS Thistle because there were no available midshipman billets available at the time. Though she could have waited, she was eager to get back into space when her time in the interstellar Merchant Marine came to an end. Her time there had been fun and adventurous, but she honestly just wanted to wear a uniform and serve the Dominion while she was still young and capable. Though cutters weren't FTL capable, and hers was stationed out in the middle of nowhere as a Border Guards ship, the posting gave Sinfa ample amounts of hands-on time at the helm of a ship.

By 1788, she'd steered the Thistle at STL for just over three lightyears—an incredible feat for two years as the helmsman of an in-system patrol ship—and then transferred to the HMS Mersey, schooner that served as courier and dignitary transport with the Home Fleet. Finally a midshipman, Sinfa could finally put what she'd learned about FTL navigation in the Merchant Marine back to practice and learn from a real Royal Navy Master. She spent three years as Midshipman aboard the Mersey before being promoted to Master's Mate. When she was 26 years old, the ship was attacked by pirates during a routine run to colony at Baile Caenn, an action that resulted in the incapacitation of the Mersey's Master. Sinfa took on his duties for the remainder of the mission.

On her 28th birthday in 1795, Sinfa was given a spot as a Master's Mate aboard the HMS Elector. She served admirably in the position for another two years and passed her lieutenants exams in that time, but left Royal Navy service to take command of a small cargo hauler, the HM Favorite Flyer under contract with the Merchant Marine before space opened up for her to receive the commission. Life in the Royal Navy had been good to her, but the offer was too bountiful to refuse.

Sinfa remained a merchant captain for nine more years. They were happy, exciting years, and the pay was far better than that of a Master's Mate—or even a lieutenant—but they left her yearning for more. In 1804, Sinfa's father contacted her with a new opportunity that would bring her back into naval service, and he was willing to pull some strings and call in favors with friends in the admiralty so Sinfa could take it:

The HMS Nemesis needed a Master of Navigation.

Service Record

  • 1786 - Quartermaster - Helmsman, HMS Thistle
  • 1788 - Midshipman - Officer-in-training, HMS Mersey
  • 1791 - Master's Mate - Navigational assistant, HMS Mersey
  • 1795 - Master's Mate - Navigational assistant, HMS Elector
  • 1797 - Merchant Captain - Captain, Royal Merchant Ship Favourite Flyer
  • 1804 - Master - Ship's Master, HMS Nemesis


Common Skills

Sinfa received basic instruction in mathematics, reading, writing and basic technology use. She is skilled in stellar navigation and driving spaceships.


  • 1 Mess Dress Uniform Set
  • 1 Space Service Uniform Sets
  • 2 Duty Uniform
  • 1 Fine Uniform Seaman's Cap
  • 1 Regular Uniform Seaman's Cap
  • 5 Undergarments
  • 1 Space Service Pistol
  • 6 Rechargeable Shot
  • 1 Axe
  • Comlink
  • Collapsible telescope
Other Items
  • Toiletry Kit
  • Naval Gazette, 3rd month 1803 edition
  • Chartbook


Sinfa is a Master and receives a monthly salary of <number> Sovereigns.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
100 Sovereigns Starting Funds

OOC Information

In the case raz becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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