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Sitara Dhawan

Sitara Dhawan is an NPC controlled by Legix in the ISS Dig-It plot.

Sitara Dhawan
Species: Kudhacari
Gender: Female
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Miner
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS Dig-It

Character Description

Sitara stands at four feet and seven inches tall, with a lithe frame that seems more fitting on a frail race than on a Kudhacari. She has sharp, solid brown scales covering much of her head and down her back, all the way to her armored tail. Her chest is a modest B-Cup, accenting her slightly flared hips and lightly toned pale body like a small athlete. She wears a pair of black panties and matching bra underneath a white short-sleeved shirt and form-fitting shorts. Above all this, she normally wears a brown jumpsuit with comfortable boots. As one might expect from her frail form and well-caring friends, Sitara is kind and social. She enjoys talking to others and hopes to have a large family of her own one day. To this effect, she washes clothes and handles a lot of the domestic issues to ensure things can go smoothly and she can properly find time to enjoy herself.

History and Relationship Notes

Born in YE 15, Sitara was raised in a traditional upbringing and chose to mine and dig for resources. Becuase of this, she would end up heading to space in her kind's attempts to harvest resources. After being saved by Dhaval, she vowed to get close to him. Because of this, she has grown close to him. This has led to her respecting the relationship between him and his wife, even now that they're so far from home. Getting along with the other two women in Dhaval's life, she has spent her time learning to tend to the needs of everyone.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade & Kudhacari
  • Mining
  • Domestic Life
  • Void Walking
  • Basic Education
  • Mecha Operation

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