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Skeggason Bjarkmar

Skeggason Bjarkmar, nicknamed “Skegg”, is a player character played by yoerik. He is currently involved in the ITC Volume I plot.

Skeggason Bjarkmar
Species: Minkan, before Yamataian
Gender: Man
Age: 23 (born YE 13)
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Organization: Intergalactic Transport Corporation
Occupation: Lead Scientist
Current Placement: Danketsu Station

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 179 cm (5'9“)
  • Mass: 52 kg (114 lbs)

Build and Skin Colour: Slender, yet somewhat muscular. He is long for an Minkan, and his muzzles are long, but not broad. As a scientist, he doesn't have to be very muscular. But you can his experience with heavy mass. His skin is light, not very tanned.

Eyes and Facial Features: Round,light blue. Slender face. No facial hair.

Ears: Neko-style, small.

Hair Colour and Style: short, brown curly hair. Size just above the ears, over the eyes.

Dominant Hand:Skeggason is Left handed.

Voice:Skeggason has a mezzo-soprano voice.

Distinguishing Features: Small tattoo of black stripes resembling a hand on his left cheek.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: A born scientist, Bjarkmar wanted to be in a important science corporation for all of his live. He however, got no job so far.

  • Likes: chocolate, justice, nature, science
  • Dislikes: injustice, ignorance, destroying nature
  • Goals: Inventing new technology for the ITC


Family (or Creators)

Skeggason Teitr(father), Skeggason Anskard(mother), Skeggason Borgar (older brother, deceased)


Skeggason was born on Planet Yamatai, his father was a mechanic and his mother a nurse. His brother worked in the First Expeditionary Fleet, where he attained the rank of Jôtô Hei.

As a young kid, his parents tried to give Bjarkmar everything he desired. However, they refused to say the child was spoiled, and instead said they were “encouraging” him. He finally got up with science, and after 6 appliances to the University of Science he was accepted. After his study at Advanced Science, he tired to apply for work.

At a relatively young age(only 10 years old), his only older brother died in a venting accident at Gemini Star Fortress. Bjarkmar's parents were devastated. Not able to comprehend the situation at that time, he learned of his brother's dead years later. At the age of 16, he got a tattoo on his left cheek which resembled his brother's hand.



as a youngling, Bjarkmar already spoke well and had interest in reading. He can be very persuasive at times. His work as a scientist depends on his good leading communicating. He is fluent in Yamataian, Nepleslian and Lorath Language.


his interest for science gave him better understanding of nature, which he loves. He dislikes destroying nature and is never seen without an orchid or an rose on his desk.

Medical and Science

His study in Advanced Science gave him an opportunity to learn more about medical science as well. His medical skills are above average, but not excellent.


Bjarkmar also loves history. It wasn't really in his study, but after graduation, he followed History classes for 16 months. It gives him better understanding of plant life.


His study also included chemistry. He never was very good in it, though. However, he's got the basic skills necessary.


His love for science also included his love for measurements. In his field of Advanced Science, Maths is very important. It's is not his first occupation, but with the ITC it has become more important.


he loves the human thinking and his science study gave him a change to further experience that. It is not his first occupation or study, though.


Skeggason Bjarkmar has the following items:

  1. 17mm Pistol
    1. 225 Gyrojet rounds
    2. 5 magazines, 9 round
    3. Black leather holster


Skeggason Bjarkmar is currently a Lead Scientist in the ITC.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
1530 KS -1465 KS bought 17mm pistol + 5 magazines & Black Leather Holster

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