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Skyanariel Flight

Skyanariel Flight is a character played by Kashton1. Skyanariel will be referred to as Sky in this article.

Skyanariel Flight
Species & Gender: Elysian (Patrician), Straight male
Date of Birth: YE 15
Organization: Owns LuxGalatica- Luxury Spacecraft
Occupation: CEO

Preferred Plots

  1. Business Communications
  2. Small Plots
  3. Parties

Physical Description

Sky is a very fit Elysian Patrician. He stands proudly at 7'1β€œ, with a surprisingly large wingspan. He's able to sustain very high-speed flight with his fluffy white wings. Sky's long hair is the same pure white as his wings, and he likes to experiment with many different styles. Sky has a comforting deep voice when relaxed, but when it comes to business it is powerful and moving. Sky looks pretty young, and is for an Elysian. He has standard Elysian elf ears.


  • Sky's social behavior is a mix between serious business and a friendly social side. He is respectful and kind but he likes to be realistic, sometimes even harsh when dealing with serious matters. Sky is very prideful and sometimes he can get cocky, even though he doesn't mean to. In public he likes to display a strict formal appearance, but he has a very friendly side, if you get to know him. Sky is loose with friends and family but he has stringent requirements with any other relationships. Sky is a hard worker and accomplishes his goals. He is not afraid of taking risks, but he is always careful when making decisions. Sky has never been in a relationship, maybe his standards are too high?, or perhaps is he too busy? The fact that he lives such a lavish lifestyle has made him uncomfortable with poor and dirty conditions. As a result of his work ethic Sky hates to see lazy people.



  • Knows how to pilot a variety of ships, Including manual driven craft. (Elaboration coming later… has to do with the fact that he and his father produce(d) ships)

Inventory & Finance

Sky has the following items:

  • Notebook
  • Fancy $300 pen
  • Redundant pen
  • Holographic communication device
  • Napkins
  • Wireless ship key(s)
  • Wallet

$k 3,540 his own spending money (not including family and business money.)

OOC Information

In the case Kashton1 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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