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Sloan Rax

Sloan is a player character played by Sloanrocks2.

Sloan Rax
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth: YE 20
Organization: NA
Occupation: engineer/inventor
Rank: NA
Current Placement: Baba Yaga

Preferred Plots

  1. survival

Physical Description

Sloan is a human 5 foot 2 inches tall barely 130 lbs, that appears to be barely 20 years old. His face is elongated to a pointed chin that holds a goatee. His eyes are hazel. Beside his spiked hair on his head and face his body is hairless with a paleness to it as if he has spent very little time in the natural sun light. The most recent of physical and most obvious physical feature on Sloan is has burn scars that cover the left side of his face, left ear, down his neck both front and back left shoulder, across his left ribs, and down his arm to his fingers. His scares though healed have a constant red inflammation to it that is always painful, especially when they move.


Sloan is a very social guy who likes to talk, which he sacrifices physical comfort to accomplish. He has his secrets and is very general with descriptions from his past. He loves technology and has a natural affinity for repairing, maintaining, and even advancing it. He is an ok pilot of fighters, ships, and Mecha(skill enough to test his new tech). Unfortunately, he is absolutely horrible with ranged weapons to the point of even being a danger to his friends and crew (so don’t ever give him a gun). He also is decent at melee combat. Sloan is very consistent with his open interaction and inviting nature, but when he starts working on a project he is ultra-focused and barely raises his head up from what he is doing. Sometimes he needs to be reminded to sleep.


Sloan's father was a engineer on board a border patrol ship for the Great House of Diligenza. As a rule children weren't allowed on board dedicated military ships like this, but Sloan's father was an only child and Sloan's mother passed away when he was but 8 years old. Sloan was a patient and very social child who most of the crew enjoyed. He was effectively adopted by the rest of the crew. Sloan was raised in the belly of a ship and engine with his father teaching him everything he knew. Sloan's father took not only every opportunity to teach his son what he knew, but he pushed his son to read and put his hands every peace of tech that could come accross his hands form out of system. When not learning tech Sloan got his exercise learning hand to hand combat and melee weapons from the other crew. When Sloan turned 18 years old he truly was going to join the Great houses of Diligenza military, and introduce them to his new tech he was working on most of his short life in private time, but the cruelest thing happened to a man that could happen. His father died. Not in combat like a true military officer but due to negligence. The explosion, that was caused by Sloan's father, resulted in his fathers death that also burned Sloan profusely. The dishonor on the Rax Family name from this negligence resulted in the crown banning Sloan from military service in the system and he was driven with all his personal property away. He given a enough money to transport Sloan's collected tools, personal cargo, and personal items out of system.

Skills Learned

Sloan has the following notable skills:

  • Technology repair and upgrading, also including computer use programing and hacking.
  • Hand to hand combat using bladed weapons
  • Hand to hand using bare hands and feet
  • rudimentary piloting skill of fighters, mecha, and ships
  • Highly skilled at cooking
  • little to no skill in use of range weapons with unlucky secondary side effects

Social Connections

Sloan is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

variety of personal cloths toiletries and black uniform that has no insignia

personal cargo container 40β€œx40”x40β€œ in size

complete tool box from variety of cultures and personal tools from his culture.

Weapon Classification Type: short sword Size: 30 inches Weight: 4 lbs Components: Durandium, Molecular Knit, Monomolecular Edge, Vibro blade, Rechargeable Battery

Sloan currently has 1500 KS.

OOC Information

In the case sloanrocks2 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
  • My own hand drew the image

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