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Shrie "Pinpoint" Zar'koe Fyunnen

Soldier Shrie “Pinpoint” Zar'koe Fyunnen is a player character played by ShotJon.

Shrie “Pinpoint” Zar'koe Fyunnen
Species: Lorath Matriarchy Characters
Gender: Female
Age: 25 LY (50 Yam-years)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 7“
Weight: 209 pounds (95 kilos)
Organization: LSDF
Occupation: drifter
Rank: none
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

Height: 7” Mass: 209 pounds (95 kilos) Measurements: D Build and Skin Color: Shrie is tall and wiry. She had muscly build and could be called bony. She is quite pale. She doesn't seem as imposing as members of house Fyunnen tends to be. Shrie is fairly skinny now, not eating properly.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has a slim face, with almond shaped eyes, thin eyebrows and small pointy nose. Her lips are usually shut tight and are rosy in color. She has green eyes. There is a net of small scars covering much of her right part of face. Her right eye-iris lost colouring in iris, due to heavy trauma.

Hair Color and Style: As like all Lorath, Shrie has white hair. After leaving Lor, Shrie let her hair grow long. It reaches to the middle of her back. She has a three black stripes in her hair. One in middle, parting her hair and other two black stripes go from her bangs back. She usually lets her hair hang free, or tie it into pony-tail.

Distinguishing Features: Due to the accident in sword training Shrie lost her left wing. She has large tattoo over the scar. (OOC: just some shapes to cover the scar) Shrie has a slight limp on her left leg, which causes her some pain. She is able to overcome it though. Augmented to include male sex organs.

Cybernetics: Reinforced skeleton (regular bones replaced with carbon composite bones) and augmented muscles. Eye-augmentation (HUD, night-vision), Neural Interface implant was disconnected upon her imprisonment.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: After all that happened in her past life, Shrie is now fairly quiet and shy person. She tries to stand away from troubles and just live. She tends to drink as it chases away her inner demons. Her ability to kill without a thought gone be now. She lost herself for a time, not feeling anything, when ending lives of other people. Luckily she found herself again and hopes to never to have kill again. Still she is able and willing to defend herself, although in non-lethal way.

Both her inner and outer beauty long gone, she tries to stay away from being involved with others in romantic way. Shrie became an introvert. She also seems to loose the ability to properly understand emotion of others.

She still likes to read and draw and take picture, though now she focuses on nicer things.

Likes: Alcohol, novels (mainly thrillers and detective stories), drawing. Dislikes: Combat, LSDF, Bullies. Goals:

Personality before prison

Shrie is usually very calm person. She uses aggression only when needed or found suitable as a solution to a problem. When she thinks someone deserves a punch in the face, she is not reluctant to do the deed. As a sniper she was trained to set her feelings aside. But in order to not lose them forever, she developed a sense of humor. She tends to be ironic and sarcastic. She is not opposed to casual sex, but she is not kind of girl who would sleep around. She has to think it through (or needs to be really drunk) in order to go to bed with someone. She likes alcoholic beverages and is always happy to have swig and chat. She likes photography and drawing, as a hobby. She likes to draw peoples faces.


Family (or Creators)

Clan Zar'koe Mother: Shii'na “Iron” Zar'Koe Fyunnen (105 LY) Father: Priest Maah'tar “Swift tongue” Zar'Koe Fyunnen (92 LY) Sisters: Zentara(38LY), Sii'mar (21LY), Naty (17LY) Brother: Marek (51LY)


Born to the house of Zar'koe of Fyunnen class, Shrie was trained to be combatant from the young age. She showed a certain talent ranged combat. She become skilled marksman and soon was set upon training herself as a sniper and sharpshooter. As soon as her mother said she was ready, she joined LSDF. Shrie received additional training and cybernetic augmentation. She is now infantry woman set on being good soldier.


Just after finishing her training, Shrie was assigned to serve on LSDF ship called Trishka. Soon after she was on her first mission when she and three other members of the ships infantry infiltrated NMX jamming station. They managed to battle through enemy and Blast, one of the team-members blasted the station to oblivion. For that Shrie and other were promoted and she even got her own command.

She was put in charge of long range ship to ship combat. Shrie got to try it out, when Trishka happened to have technical troubles and part of the ship were without power. She got coordinate firing teams to use point-defense weaponry to combat enemy PAs and Torpedoes. As soon as 200mm railgun was armed, she personally used it and advice from Blast to tear enemy ship apart with it.

Few more months, Shrie served on the ship, trying to do her best. At one point it seemed she might even become involved with Ruby. Then things went wrong. Shrie wanted to move another ship, she was denied though. Angry she went drinking and… overdone it. Next morning she woke up in a detention, being told, that she beated up officer who denied her transfer.

Shrie was tossed out of LSDF, not to mention sent away to prison.


The prison. A horrible place even fro normal criminals that were there. Those who could fight had it even worse. The director seeked to make some extra money, so her turned the prison into illegal gladiatoral arena. Ex-soldier like Shrie was a perfect fighter for the director to toss in.

So Shrie fought, it was that or die. Month after month, some fights were a setup, in some she fought for her life. Including things like fist-fight with an ID-SOL or being given as sword and told to kill a NMX crab. Shrie was loosing herself once again. This time it seemed to be for good. Her person disappearing, only thing on her mind being survival.

After some time, official from Lazarus company appeared, seeking skilled individual. He tried to buy Shrie, alas director of prison was not willing to sell his prize warrior. The Lazarus official was clever though, using a rouse, he poisoned Shrie. The poison made it seem that she was dead, the director was then all too happy to sell “dead body” to the Lazarus official.


Within Lazarus, Shrie had a bit of time to recuperate. But they did not go out of their way to free just out of their good will. They needed someone to do some work for them after all. Off the books. Thinking she had little choice, Shrie became to work for them.

Under someone called The Cleaner, Shrie carried out assignments which usually ended up with someone being unlived. At first this seemed simple, but once again all the death was starting to hit Shrie's conscience. Within some time, the woman was starting to loose it. Her employers saw this. Normally it would be easier to dispose of someone like this, but seeing how capable Shrie used to be, they just decided to let her go. See if she could be of some use again in future.


Out on her own, Shrie traveled. She saw places, she could not imagine before. Gartagen space, Abwehr, even some of the outward Yamataian planets. But in the end, she ended up in Nepleslia. Easiest place for someone like her to exist. Her luck was still not with her though, as she kept loosing equipment, not willing to kill anymore unless she had to, which for someone who only knew how to fight is not easy way.

The Fringe

Shrie ended up on a mining ship for work after some bad time in Nepleslia space. She was badly hurt and just started recuperating. Getting a job as a cook on a mining ship was not a bad gig, as a Fyunnen she was also able to help around with heavy-lifting. Until the accident happen.

Shrie was just loading up the shuttle when explosion happen and hangar decompressed. Shrie locked herself in the shuttle just in time, but everyone else died. She spent several days on the ship with nothing to do but think and listen to metal music.

Luckily for her a Freelance ship Concordia Veil arrived and freed Shrie. She got on the Veil along with young technician Amelia Stroud who saved the Fyunnen woman. Amelia did so withoue captain's knowledge and Veil's captain Sienna was not all too happy about strange Fyunnen woman on board.

Luckily there was no time to over-think it as Amelia told Sienna about torpedo in the mining ship and not too long after Vampire class ship showed up. A space battle happened during which Shrie manned the Veil's guns and manged to put in few hits. Luckily Yamataian ship heard their SOS and came in, chasing off the Vampire.

Shrie remained on board of Veil and soon became part of a crew as caretaker and cook. She accompanied them on their next mission which lead them to Abwehran space, where some gartagen hired them remotely to pick him up. The Veil landed and Amelia with ships XO went out to see the Gartagen.

Shrie meanwhile went out to accompany them, but she heard strange noise. She found on top of the ship a strange bug-like robot that tore off a piece of hull and wanted to carry it off. Shrie and ships doctor a freespacer named Six-Four chased it and retrieved the piece of hull, Shrie was hurt in a process so she remained on the ship fro treatmant.

Soon the Gartagen man, called Tam returned with Amelia and XO, but the ship was attacked by the robots. Whil Amelia, Sienna and Six-Four fought in cargo-hold, Shrie went outside. XO broke his leg and Tam was just so managing to defend him. Shrie took the XO and carried him back on the ship.

After getting XO into infirmary, she rejoined Tam in one of the Cargo holds and helped fight of remnants of the robots as the ship escaped.

Dawn Station

After landing Shrie and rest of the crew got paid. Tam joined the crew and he went with Shrie and Six-Four on the station. Together they helped Shrie create a bank account and went for dinner.

Skill Areas


Shrie is trained in martial arts, knife-fighting, sword-fighting and long-range weaponry. She is an extremely precise marksman, which is the origin of her nickname. She knows how work with Lorath and UCO weaponry and is able to do needed maintenance on it. She is also trained in use of combat-suits and power armors. In close combat she is a very agile and fast martial-artist, able to deliver swift and damaging punches and kicks. Her house's style is largely set on evading and counter-attacking.

After her latest experience, Shrie decided not to kill. She focused on honing her combat skill in a ways where she did not have to kill. Using submission holds, throws or punching where it hurts, but could not be deadly. She also more focused on her defense, willing to just defend herself until her assaulter just gives up.


Fyunnens must be trained to be able to handle their own home affairs, this includes preparing their own meals, handling their own laundry, providing for their children, and keeping their living space clean and efficient. Shrie often cared for her younger sister. She can cook simple but tasty food and take care of a household.


Fyunnens must be trained in the workings of a leadership role; they must be able to command individuals on a one on one level, or be able to lead a full company if needed. This involves being able to converse with large groups, gathering intelligence, being able to seek out a diplomatic solution if it is apparent that it is needed for survival, and being able to direct their subordinates out of a dangerous tactical position. Shrie, being very calm in most situations, has an edge over the others in making tactical decision. She won't panic, and has more time to check her situation and decide as best as she can on what her other move will be.

Survival and Military

A Fyunnen is trained for individual survival, they must be able to find their own food and water, be able to construct makeshift weapons, navigate by use of landmarks and stars overhead that are visible, construct shelters, signal for assistance, and conceal their positions. Additional training is encouraged. Shrie knows how to make shelter for the night, what animals on Lorath worlds are edible, and is very at tracking. Her stealth and camouflage skills are above average. She can lie still, without any movement, for hours. She can also accurately read maps and navigate herself.


Shrie is able to set or disarm booby traps. She can decide accurately upon how much explosives is needed to bring her target down. She can make home-brewed and improvise explosives. Her calmness make her also good at disarming mines and booby traps. She is able to disarm simple bombs.


Since she was trained to be behind enemy lines, Shrie learned quite a few languages. She speak fluently Yamataian and Trade with no troubles to engage conversation in both. After traveling she is able to create very simple sentences in Abwehran. Other then she is trained in using communication devices and some cryptography for coding messages if needed.


Shrie took on photography as a hobby. She likes to carry her camera around when she is off duty, catching moments that could be forgotten. She is also pretty good at drawing and has good face memory. She like to sketch her friends every now and then.

Finances and Inventory

Shrie “Pinpoint” Zar'koe Fyunnen is currently a Soldier in the LSDF. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 5500DA Received payment from Sienna
4420 DA Bought various equipment and weaponry

Accessory Items

  • 1 Combat skin-suit made by Lazarus, black, bullet-proof, limited self-repair thanks to structol material (chest area Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel)
  • 1 Ragged gray cloak

Personal Weaponry

  • 1 Long-knife, neriminium-durandium alloy, blade 35cm long.
  • Zesuaiaum long sword, Molecular Knit - Blunt
  • Standard Energy Pistol, 4 baterries, Black Leather Holster, Charging base

Personal Items

  • 1 old picture of Ruby
  • Basic Communicator
  • EM-G8 Type 33 Datapad
  • Various sets of clothing, jumpsuits, cargo pants, work T-Shirts and tank-tops.
  • Underwear
  • Various spices for cooking

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