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Wayfarer Somerset Two One 21-5642-4864

Wayfarer Somerset Two One 21-5642-4864
Species: Type Three Freespacer
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6“1'
Weight: 141(187)
Organization: The Free State
Occupation: Ex-Hitchhiker
Placement: NSS Ichaival

Somerset Two One in Roleplay

Wayfarer Somerset Two One 21-5642-4864 is a player character previously played by raz. Now adopted by Ethereal.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6”1’ Mass: 141 lbs (187 with non-organic additions)

Build and Skin Color: Somerset is tall and lithe. His skin is very pallid, indicative of his life amongst the stars.

Facial Features and Eye Color: The parts of Somerset’s face that one can see appear handsome, but no comments on his facial features can be made for certain. He always wears a re-breather that covers most of his visage. The smooth, rounded mask is painted with a large, jagged-toothed grin and two animal-like nostrils, radiating an ever-present, jolly feel from the Type Three Freespacer. His eyes are a dark, flat turquoise and look empty of all emotion or life.

Hair Color and Style: His dark brown, almost black hair is parted from the right.

Distinguishing Features: Somerset’s left arm and right leg have been extensively modified over the course of his life. Both are now more machine than flesh. The arm is made up of a bundle of tentacle-like appendages of various sizes, each with three manipulators at the end for interface with other objects. A hypodermic injector and personal defense weapon1) have also been installed onto the arm. His artificial leg is heavy and nowhere near as agile or efficient as the real one it replaced—the unfortunate result of a mishap during his life.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Somerset's disposition could be described as many things such as whimsical, dark, narcissistic, optimistic, or sarcastic. Before Yamatai's attack on areas that his people inhabited, he was an ordinary Freespacer with an ordinary trade, and now he is still a very ordinary Freespacer. One who constantly breathes in a psychostimulant cocktail (that he describes as tasting like the ice cold sound of purple mixed with fresh mint and base of orange zest) in order to numb the pain of what he lost. And that is likely the explanation for his outlandish behavior. Most of the time, if not a little odd, he seems like a really amazingly together kind of guy who simply enjoys living life.

Likes: Among many other things, Two One enjoys a fine stinky cheese, psychostimulants, watching a good holo-vid, and the cycle of life and death.

Dislikes: It's hard to tell what Somerset dislikes. This one time, he expressed a begrudging acceptance for making the eighth left turn after the abandoned mining asteroid following a trip through the northwest part of the Rosenthal Nebula. Maybe he doesn't like taking turns that are two cubed and abandoned industrial facilities.

Goals: Right now, Somerset has the driving urge to ride the mighty Moonworms said to inhabit one of the satellites orbiting the world the Nepleslians call Abjection.



Somerset worked as a used electronics and parts salesman at out of a demilitarized gunship at the Great Lighthouse before its abandonment. When Yamatai's attack came, his business and everything he cared for was destroyed. This included his beloved partner, a Type Three whom he'd managed his little trading post with. He lost his own leg during the extremely brief conflict. With the empty feeling that was present where he should have felt the warmth of his Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator emanating its sustenance, he took his little ship and jumped it away from the Great Lighthouse. Out in the endless void, he fashioned himself a new leg and arm with the parts lying around his little spacecraft and fixed his RTG. But even then, he felt empty, so he took the only course that he could imagine–he threw together every hallucinogen, stimulant, and depressant together and aerosolized the concoction, attaching it to his Voidwalker gear's re-breather and spent weeks breathing down the splendiferous mix.

Eventually, Somerset would sit upright and have the urgent and grand idea to go and explore the galaxy that was out there (as well as make himself a nebula shark sandwich). And so, he pointed his ship in a random direction, eventually selling it to some pirates at Port Hope for a punch in the face and a walking stick that looked exactly like the one he'd owned before he sold them the ship. Now, he wanders the galaxy, looking for things to do with all of the wonderful free time he's found for himself.


Looking for a direction of sorts, Somerset joined the Ichaival on a whim. Perhaps this would give him some focus.


Maintenance, Repair, and Engineering

Somerset can fix and make all sorts of electronic and mechanical things, useful and otherwise. He's a lot like a real-life version of that Nepleslian holo-vid character McKaizer.

Medical & Science

He knows how to fix himself up in a jam and make medicines and other useful brews. Somerset is especially proficient at creating elixirs and gases that make the user feel awesome.

Starship Operations

Being able to drive one's own business is pretty important, so Somerset knows how to make starships move from point A to point B.

Technology Operation

Somerset is pretty good with computers. He's found that as long as you're friendly to them, they do whatever you'd like! If he still had the stuff paid to him by all of the grade-A nitwits who wanted new systems just because they couldn't go a day without giving the AI too much sass, he'd have a small gunship filled with stuff!


Knowing how a being's body works is an important part of making wonderful psychostimulants, so Somerset knows a thing or two about biological systems.


If he wasn't always so jacked-up on his delicious vapor, he may have the wherewithal to tell you what the thinks about life, the universe and everything. Good luck to any who might try and decipher his philosophy otherwise.


Although Somerset hasn't been seen eating anything since the last time he put on his re-breather, he is damn good at making sandwiches. If another being asked him for one, he'd probably oblige.

OOC Notes

Somerset is not up for adoption and may not be used by FMs or GMs if raz becomes inactive. Raz gave permission for Ethereal to adopt this character as per the date listed on the wiki edit log. Somerset may not be adopted from Ethereal without contacting raz first.

Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel

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