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Mauro 'Soul Savior' Komodo Lmanel

“A long time ago, on a helicopter far far away, I decided to finally choose a casual name. And at the time I was heavily injured after a power distribution accident and didn't have any sensation below my neck. And then I thought about all the times that I nearly died but didn't, all the near-misses that could have so easily gone another way. All the scars. So I thought about it for a while, and eventually, I settled on this one. Because I know that no matter what happens…my soul's always comin' back home.”
Mauro 'Soul Savior' Komodo Lmanel
Species: Lorath (Lmanel caste)
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Height: 6' 1“
Weight: 200lbs
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force, Stalwart Defense Industries
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer
Occupation: Test pilot
Current Placement: Nyli II Military Base

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 1” Mass: 200lbs Build and Skin Colour: Fairly broad-shouldered but not too much so, rather like an American high school football player. Slightly tanned skin. Facial Features and Eye Colour: Tends to be smiling all the time, though the kind of smile varies. If he isn't smiling at least a bit, something is wrong. Green eyes. Hair Colour and Style: Yellow-blond dyed hair; a rather conservative, short style. Distinctive for a Lorath - in the sense that it is rather boring. Distinguishing Features: A lot of scars, burns, and other various scrapes on the body - but none on the face. Wings look like they've seen better days.


“So let me get this straight. You want me to strap on some barely-tested flying suit of armor, looking like it came out of some fairy tale, made by an alien crackpot who got the idea from watching ancient cartoons? Sounds like fun.”

Mauro is a soldier's best friend and a commander's nightmare. While he's good at taking orders, as such seems to be his lot in life, he's remarkably bad at not questioning them. While he isn't terribly abrasive - rather easy-going, in fact - he tends to get on the nerves of commanding officers who would really rather have someone who will just shut up and do the job.

Despite this, Mauro makes a perfect test pilot - a thrillseeker who knows the limits that his orders give him, and has little to no regard for his own self-being. Nothing seems to phase him or even really make him angry - but he hasn't yet seen the face of true war, and is relatively short-sighted. Even so, he's always ready to put himself on the line in front of everyone else - probably because of his aforementioned complete lack of regard for his own self-being. Perfect friend, shitty soldier, and amateur philosopher, Mauro leaves quite the impression.

Likes: Good drink, good conversation, close combat, new technology, space travel
Dislikes: Annoyances, politics, manuals, wolves, injustice
Goals: Stay alive long enough to die of old age; preferably, live forever. Find a path to galactic peace, or barring that, write songs about the galactic peace that hasn't happened yet. Make the perfect Mood Swing.


“Death isn't so bad, really.”

Mauro's history is largely a series of near-death scrapes and other various brushes with the reaper. Since his conception, he's basically stumbled through life, mistake after mistake, accident after accident, and yet despite all of it went through with an admirable optimism. Largely an unnotable life, Mauro's real story begins somewhere around what the Lorath now know as YE 29.

Despite training as a shaman, it never really felt quite right to him, particularly as he was pretty shitty at it - and as soon as the LSDF was formed he signed up, jumping at the call. Trained as an enlisted soldier, due to the rapid pace of Lorath development he was tossed about from post to post, seemingly doing more training than actual deployment, given promotions and then transferred off after the commanders got sick of him, and eventually assigned to Nyli II after being randomly chosen for the SDI-X testing program.


Fighting (blades, firearms)

“What you call recklessness, I call standard tactics.”

Mauro's main combat strength is his skill with dual knives. Using folding monomolecular knives he performs rather incredible combat feats - using Searing Blade technology, he can use an added plasma edge or even extend the plasma longer than the blade itself. This is probably one of the few things he didn't screw up in his shaman training, but not only did he not screw it up, he was a natural at it.

Natually, he chooses to use this skill as often as possible in simulations by rushing everything he sees and knifing them. The fact that this even works is either a testament to his skill, or more likely his luck.

In addition, he is competent with all the major firearms the LSDF operates. His aim is at military standard regulations and he's substantially less reckless with guns than he is with knives. Thankfully.

Physical (Lmanel training)

“I did get top marks in Phys Ed, though. That counts for something, right?”

Despite being a general failure at actually being part of his caste, Mauro did pass with flying colors in one vital way - physical training. Mauro can run, swim, jump, and climb with the best of his clan, even giving some Funnyen a run for their money. (Not to their face, of course; that would be rude and probably get his face punched in.)

Vehicles (automobile, mecha, aircraft, other)

“So far they've trained me to use starships, motorcycles, tanks, fighters, armors, giant robots, buses, tricycles, those little electric wheelchair things…”

The military training of the LSDF has been…erratic, to say the least. Due to rapid advancement, the loadout of the LSDF has changed dramatically and their soldiers have been trained to match. Mauro can be called upon to operate just about any piece of equipment in the Lorath roster - and in fact, makes it his duty to, specially trained to familiarize himself with new craft quickly and efficiently (given a manual and free time), especially with the Nyli II posting.

Communications (LSDF training)

“Hold on, Blackwolf, I'm gonna buzz the tower.”

In addition to Mauro's combat training, he has been trained in limited operations duties. In addition, in preparation for his test pilot duties, he has been trained to give proper reports and utilize proper protocols during the testing sequence.

Technology Operation (Xtal system, xenotechnology)

“First rule of xenotechnology - don't push the big red button.”

In preparation for his Nyli II posting, Mauro was trained in xenotechnology operation - that is, discovering how to operate alien technology, and knowing which button is the self-destruct button in case of emergency. He's also quite good at it, if he says so himself (which he does). In addition, he has been trained in use of the Xtal interface of the usually creepily sexy ARIA computer system…which he still doesn't entirely trust.


“Yannow, I make a mean Mood Swing…”

Mauro can cook things, make mixed drinks, and generally makes a good impromptu chef for that dinner party - or if you're on a horribly undermanned ship without anyone to operate the mess hall, as seems to happen all too frequently in the military these days.

Entertainment (music)

“♪Save a soul, save it now for a better life…♪”

Mauro's real passion has been in music, or at least it was before the LSDF came along. He specializes in electronic music mostly, eschewing traditional instruments mostly because he can't acutally play them. Not that great at singing, though.

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