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Spacecase Kiver Eight Zero 81-2300-0712

Spacecase Kiver Eight Zero 81-2300-0712 is a player character played by Dumont.

Spacecase Kiver Eight Zero 81-2300-0712
Species & Gender: Type Two Freespacer Female
Date of Birth: YE 26
Organization: The Free State
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: N/A
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Skeleton Ensemble

Physical Description

At a smaller height of about five feet, with mocha brown skin and a lightly muscular frame; with narrow shoulders, thin hips and no real curves or bust to speak of. Kiver's general appearance is very much up to the eye of the beholder. As a Freespacer she's quite plain: She's small, without the extravagance of Type Threes. Her hair is thick, chestnut brown and wavy, cut haphazardly with a utility knife and an utter lack of concern for style; although there are streaks of faded neon dye of just about every color here and there within it. She commonly wears synth-wool caps to keep it out of her eyes.

Facially she's unremarkable. A narrow jaw with a slightly pointed chin carves out a roughly heart shaped face. Her eyes are mismatched hand-me down cybernetics; both with a soft glowing yellow to them although the right eye seems slightly smaller, giving the eye a sunken look; and has a blatantly artificial gunmetal gray sclera. She has a small scar running vertically on her jawline.

She normally wears just her old sturdy Vac-suit, but as her job is usually less likely to encounter vacuum conditions; she commonly wears it belted at the waist with the upper segments tied about her narrow hips. While she doesn't own any clothing other than her vac-suit and a few pairs of thrift shop underwear; from the waist up she usually wears a rotating array of clothing borrowed from other crew members. It's pretty easy to tell whose style she likes the best by whose tops she borrows the most often.

The back of her neck has fine silvery circuit-like threading from her neuro-enhancement cybernetics, while her shoulders, arms and back are covered in tattoos in a deep royal blue ink: Most of them of various ships, segments from the Art of Never Again, and the serial numbers of her husbands and wives. Her wrists and forearms are mostly 'cheat sheets' of stellar coordinates, key navigational constellations, and technicalities of more complicated piloting maneuvers. An ominous few are Nepleslian prison tattoos.


Somehow combining the social awkwardness displayed by most type twos, with the swagger of an ace pilot; Kivar is… Odd. Her personality has a lot of contradictions: An outer shell of shyness and introversion wrapped around something rude, crude, cavalier and irreverent.

While she doesn't particularly like speaking when there's other things to do, she talks too much when prompted. While she doesn't have much value on interpersonal relationships, and will actively recoil from intimate contact, she seems to have a large number of committed (albeit long distance) relationships anyway.

She usually has a flat affect regardless of what is going on, but the measure of how assertive she remains seems to be who has what expertise. She is usually respectful of those who are doing their own designated tasks, and will defer to their expertise; but when it comes to her own area she is a tiny demon who demands respect.


Spacecase Kiver Eight Zero 81-2300-0712 was born in YE 26.

Like a lot of lives of modern Freespacers, Kiver's history has been defined by foreign conflict more than domestic peace. Birthed from the cloning vats in the galactic north, on board Mothership Starshot Cube Eyes: Heart of middling sized Freespacer religious co-operative. The fleet comprised of numerous small vessels that left more industrious flights, in order to come closer to a fleet that pursued spiritual asceticism more fervently.

While her early life was relatively quiet, her fleet was caught in the fallout of the loss of Freehold Factory. The hodgepodge of vessels reliant upon a series of hustles and thrifty exchange of goods was bound to a “close” migration path around the Industrial world which kept the decaying cult-ish cooperative in the skies. When Freehold was rendered to glass, the entire fleet was torn between differing opinions.

The older and more worn vessels had little choice but to seek shelter in Nepleslian space, hoping to gather enough helping hands to refit and choose different and safer migration routes. While the more intact vessels of the ramshackle fleet loaded up as many living bodies as they could and sailed off into uncharted deep space. Kiver: Now pilot of the Rithy Miffy, a small courier vessel elected to stay upon her ship: The Syntelligence which the ship nominally embodied being her first spouse.

The old vessel was close to a derelict. And within two years in DIoN space, she and its crew were forced into dock at a Nepleslian salvage station. Within a month at dock it was declared that the ship was beyond repair, and would be recycled. Kiver was out of a job. Within two months she fell prey to some little considered problems with Freespacers having to occupy space with a foreign sovereign nation: Cultural differences. Unused to Nepleslian material values, Kiver was incredibly confused to find herself being taken away and shut behind bars. Sentenced to two years in a Nepleslian women's orbital penal station for theft, and defacement of public property; all she thought she was doing was salvaging electronics that weren't being used.

Cut off from the Polysentience and subject to an unclean environment; the two years separate from her ship, her crew, and her community were hellish for the type two. Unable to fulfill her raison d'etre, and now subject to the criminal element of a far more violent culture; prison was a trial of epic proportions for her. She would spend weeks at a time in fever from immune-deficiency problems, and her general lack of respect for social boundaries kept her in the firing lines of other prisoners.

Two years of isolation and torment had her return to the Free State with tearful relief, but also disappointment: The fleet she was born to had long since disappeared into the space between the stars. Now looking for work, she found her way to Null and Void. First to see the wreck of the Rithy Miffy, second to seek work on dangerous jaunts into the event horizon of the black hole. Putting other derelicts to rest.

Between work she found herself becoming despondent: Spending days at a time in the polysentience, engaging in virtual piloting simulation to keep sharp, and finding solace in the arms of her community and ever expanding list of short lived and long distance relationships. She longed to get back to her roots, and leave Nepleslia and the wreck of her old life behind her.

Social Connections

Spacecase Kiver Eight Zero 81-2300-0712 is connected to:

  • Starshot Cube Eyes (Mothership)
  • Crew of the Rithy Miffy (Extended Family)
  • Mirthquake One One (Married)
  • Torti Three Eight (Married)
  • Antotope Four Six (Married)
  • Elee Two Five (Married)
  • Jingle Six Three (Married)
  • Cassiopeia Eight Seven (Married)
  • Scuttle Nine Two (Married)
  • Bitterpuck One Zero (Married)
  • Ibbysibby Four Two (Married)
  • Spoontang Three Three (Married)
  • Novii Nine One (Married)
  • Spyalf Five Eight (Married)

Skills Learned


Kiver speaks and reads Trade fluently, and is well versed in a variety of 'spacer dialects and slang spoken across the polysentience. Has a weird accent.

Starship Operations

Cloned, raised, trained, apprenticed and programmed from the birthing tank as an ideal Free State pilot: Kiver's skills in the cockpit are what she describes as her most loved trait as a living being. Equally able to pilot light craft and larger vessels; she is a huge starship nerd with a breadth of practical knowledge of their operations. Probably the sort to read starship operations manuals as opposed to conventional pornography.

Maintenance and Repair

A combination of training, experience of shipboard life, and an eye for improvisation make Kiver a good hand at maintaining them. These ships are her home, her hobby, and her job after all.

Technology Operation/Mindware

Like most in the Free State; Kiver has had access to mindware and the Polysentience since the first time she woke up. Although not as adept as many who make it their role in life to study its intricacies: She has had enough time about the polysentience that its everyday use is a second nature.


Owing to a combination of rewired reflexes, and long practice, Kiver is incredibly fast. She originally pursued neural enhancement for the sake of reaction time as a pilot, but found that such a thing had other applications. Her immune system is also slightly stronger than other Freespacers owing to exposure. She still requires medication and immuno-boosters but she is accustomed to the symptoms.


A combination of the increasingly wary post-Halna Free State, and her time in Nepleslian territory has given Kiver a good idea that self defense isn't optional. While not the most skilled fighter, she has learned a lot of dirty tricks, and has invested time in the Aggrodome to learn to use pistols for self defense.


Kivar's general lifelong obsession with piloting has made her quite knowledgeable about much of Aerospace Technology. With a near encyclopedic insight into the specifics of most ships out there, and a total willingness to have extremely long one-sided conversations weighing the pros and cons of various technologies… She's a spaceship nerd.

Inventory & Finance

Spacecase Kiver Eight Zero 81-2300-0712 has the following items:

  • Weathered vac-suit.
  • 4 sets of underwear, all mismatched.
  • Various bracelets and rings made of scrap metal and woven wires.
  • Synth-Wool cap, cunning.
  • Standard Energy Pistol II, with belt and holster.
  • Virtual Memory.
  • Neural Interface.
  • Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.
  • Cybernetic eyes.
  • Wired reflexes.
  • Two fingers on her right hand.

OOC Information

In the case Dumont becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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