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Spacecase Sync Seven Two 72-9823-1064 (Sparrow)

Spacecase Sync Seven Two 72-9823-1064 (Sparrow) is a player character played by Ace.

Spacecase Sync Seven Two 72-9823-1064 (Sparrow)
Species & Gender: Freespacer Type 3 Male (M)
Date of Birth: YE 23 (15)
Organization: USO
Occupation: Pilot and Technician
Rank: Contract Worker
Current Placement: Section 6

Preferred Plots

  1. Vehicuros

Physical Description

Sparrow is 188 cm (6' 2โ€œ) and weighs 122.5 kg (270lbs. He has white skin, brown eyes, short black messy hair, and an athletic body. Sparrow always wears a black hoodie, jeans, a black baseball cap and his gas mask while he is working for Vehicuros but he changes into more casual clothes when he goes on his supply runs.


Sparrow is always calm, cool, and collected. He takes his time to pick the best option when time provides it but other wise he is generally quite, only really socializing when others come to him, or when he is celebrating.


Spacecase Sync Seven Two 72-9823-1064 (Sparrow) was born in YE 23 (15).

Sparrow was born on the ship he currently owns. He was originally just a passenger on it until everyone else either died or was heavily wounded when the ship came under attack from pirates. He eventually made his way to Nepleslia where he settled down and worked at since he had nothing better to do at the time. That was until Micah Hysinth came to him about joining her terror group Vehicuros. Sparrow accepted since he agreed with her views and it would be a good change of pace. He recived the nickname Sparrow from the other members of the group since he is the only one who had a ship and is a crack shot able to hit targets 10km away. After the organization eventually failed and faded away into obscurity he found more work as a contract worker for USO when he had landed on 188604 to acquire more medicine and supplies.

Social Connections

Spacecase Sync Seven Two 72-9823-1064 (Sparrow) is connected to: Micah Hysinth (Close Friend)

Skills Learned


Sparrow can speak and write in Trade and Nepleslian.

Starship Operations

Living in starship environments his entire lives, he naturally learned quite a bit regarding starship architecture and related systems. In a pinch he can fill a wide range of roles.

Sparrow is the captain of a ship.


(Accelerated learning, digital memory, knowledge.)

Freespacers all have basic neural tech installed at birth for childhood education. These may be used later in life to accelerate learning ability, allowing a Freespacer to learn a skill in a fraction of the time it may take most humanoids. These also provide a small digital memory bank, allowing one to privately record and store memoirs, or share these with others. Finally one can download reference books or instruction manuals into this digital memory, giving others the illusion that a user knows much more than they truly do. This skills also allows them to stay connected to Polysentience and to access the collective consciousness of their race, and to remotely connect and interface to most technology.


Sparrow is an amazing shot due to his many years, aided by accelerated learning, with his favored weapon of choice Finagle's Revenge able to shoot a target 10km away. He can also hold his own in close combat.

Maintenance and Repair

Sparrow knows how to maintain and repair both his ship, his bike, and his weapons.


Sparrow knows how to drive his bike.


Due to his mainly robotic body Sparrow can move at a slightly higher speed then the average person and he almost never tires. His body also allows him to carry close to 44kg (100lbs).

Inventory & Finance

Spacecase Sync Seven Two 72-9823-1064 (Sparrow) has the following items:

  • "Finagle's Revenge" Recoilless Rifle w/ Autoloader, and multiple rounds of both types. (Restocks regularly)
  • SmAR/Fatboy w/ a black leather ammo belt, 10 batteries, the digital display sight
  • Multiple black hoodies
  • Multiple pairs of jeans
  • A pair of black gloves
  • A gas mask
  • Black baseball cap
  • A set of casual clothes
  • A pair of tan boots
  • A pair of black sneakers
  • An Airbike
  • The Eternal Pilgrim Heavily modified (Crew capacity decreased by 100 and replaced by Junkers. SI operates ship) (Ship)

OOC Information

In the case Ace becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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