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Jane F-26 "Spark"

Spark is a player character played in part by Madi Harper.

Species & Gender: Human Female
Date of Birth: 35ζ—₯ 9月 YE 30
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: NDC Armed Forces "Duskerian Legion"
Rank: E7I Corporal
Current Placement: Charlie Fire Team

Art by Cammy through Ikate Keda studios, chibi by Jack Pine

Physical Description

Spark is 6'3, and heavily muscled, weighing in at 260 lb with a mere 5% body fat content. She keeps her platinum blonde hair cut short, often in a frumpy mop, and has crimson eyes. Like her mother, she has a very obvious hourglass figure, with slightly wider hips and a significant bust, though smaller than her batch sisters due to compression and exercise burning away most of the fatty tissue.


Spark, to her memory, has never been like her batch sisters. Due to a neural abnormality causing a mild autism spectrum personality and learning disability, her programming didn't stick, being installed correctly and locked away as subconscious skills and muscle memory. This allowed her to blossom into personhood from near activation, immediately seeing that she was defective, and, at first, she wished to die in combat, not to be missed.

Now, she strives to be a leader and tactician on par with her father, a warrior who stands tall and protects her people, with no regard for her own safety in the process. In short, she cares about her people far more than she cares about herself.


In YE 24, cloning began for the Fenrir project, a initiative that sought to create mass produce-able soldiers. In this they were successful with the creation of their prototype who later became known as Jack Pine. A batch of 100 were created from him, 50 male, and 50 female. The males became known as Jacks, while the females were known as Janes. But events were put in motion that saw the products shelved in cryogenic sleep, the data being used else where. for 16 years, Spark and her siblings slept, fated to be forgotten, but the prototype rose against the wishes of his masters. In YE 39, Jack Pine founded Section 6, which he would later use to free the batch of siblings, having been unaware of their existence. He took them in, gave them a military to fight with that actually cared about them, and through it, hoped to help them break their changes.

Spark was one of two original defective clones. In her case, a small neural abnormality locked away the programming and her personality was never locked down. Most of her mental conditioning has failed, allowing her to have a distinct personality from the start. She was recovered by SABER forces during Operation Hades.

Due to this, much of her training was subconscious or not easily accessible, causing SABER to have to retrain her as a trooper. During training, she earned her name by attempting to clean a storm rifle while the barrel rails were still charged, severely electrocuting herself. While this incident put her in Medical for a few days, she proved to be a talented trooper, and was eventually selected for the special operations fireteam β€œBravo Team”. There, she proved herself to be a potent force multiplier and tactically savvy, especially during a recent bug hunt where she and several others managed to kill two Crab Misshhu in under a minute.

She was, however, minorly injured when a boulder landed on her cover, pinning her in Revenant combat armor under several tons of stone and debris. After recovering and returning to active duty, she continued to pleasantly surprise her superiors, even striking a competitive relationship with her mother, but cq Sarah Pine.

Later that month, there was a development. During a standard ST checkup, it was found that Spark's mind copied from ST behaved differently than she did, normally. This is due to the standard Psychopomp programming taking over and wiping her personality when the ST copy was activated, rendering her a normal and properly operating drone. The reason it hadn't until now been discovered was found to be minor neural structure anomalies consistent with autism spectrum disorders. These held the programming in the subconscious, just out of reach of her normal mind, and thus, what did leak through was the minor training imposed on a brain structure echo of her genetic donor. This was followed by multiple engagements wherein she displaued uncanny leadership and combat ability, Spark has accepted her role as a leader and beacon of strength for her sisters, an example of what a clone can become in Section Six's Armed Forces.

Unfortunately due to almost causing an international incident with her fireteam and parade drills, she was demoted from Warrant Officer, an NCO rank, to Corporal, the highest of the junior enlisted ranks.

Skills Learned


Nepleslian comms techniques. Familiar with most other species languages. Standard knowledge of basic military communications.

Fluency in Trade, Tsumi Proficiency in Yamataigo, Abwher, Lorathi Beginner in Gunja, Neshaten,

Starship operations

Basic understanding in the operation of small space craft and light vessels. Helm operation, and Astrometrics Navigation.


Basic understanding in the operation, modification, and maintenance of most vehicles: Mecha Tanks Cars Trucks


Proficient in the application of first aid and basic medical procedures.


Expert at hand-to-hand combat. Black belt in floor-nonrelative CQC, Blue belt Nepleslian brawling, brownbelt, Yamataian Judo. Intermediate grenade qualification, average throw 70 meters in 1 G. Expert in power armor operation and maintenance. Proficiency in weapon handling, maintenance, modification, and marksmanship across all current New Dusk Conclave platforms.

Expert qualification with Storm Rifle, Harbinger, and RCG-50.


Basic understanding in: Camouflage, Hunting, Shelter construction, Signaling, and finding water. Expert in Land Navigation.

Social Connections

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Inventory & Finance

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