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Gearhead Specs Thirteen 13-3685-7746

Gearhead Specs Thirteen 13-3685-7746
Species: Type Three Freespacer
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 136 lbs
Bra Size: C
Occupation Technician, Bridge Operator, and Cook
Current Placement ISC Enkidu

Specs In Roleplay

Specs is a Player Character played by Kyoki. She is newly assigned to the ISC Enkidu

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’3” Mass: 136 lbs Bra Size: C

Build and Skin Colour: Specs has nearly lifeless looking skin, with an almost gray color that has the faintest hint of cream color. Her body has the faintest sense of muscle, but isn't flabby.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Her eyes are a brilliant shade of pink that, in contrast to her skin, make her look rather evil. Her face is rounded, with cute, petite features.

Hair Color and Style: Specs’s hair is a dark blue, nearly black, with a few lighter blue streaks. Her hair is kept short-ish with it barely reaching her shoulders, and her bangs reaching just below her eyes. The bangs are generally pushed off to one side.

Distinguishing Features: Tattoos! The tattoo starts with a stylistic version of a star in the middle of her chest, which then feeds into wire tattoos that travel and wrap about her body, occasionally leading into more machine-like parts, such as gears and the like, before wires, once again, lead out. The wires eventually end in a node at the end of each of her limbs, and the back of her neck. There is also a large stylistic gear in the small of her back, connected to other parts, again, with tattoos of wires.

She also has cybernetic implants for her right hand and eyes. Her hand is essentially a multi-tool. Built into the fingers are a drill/powered screwdriver, a soldering iron, an adjustable socket wrench, and a pair of tweezers. They’re only good for smaller jobs, but they serve their purpose. Her eyes, on the other hand, are like glasses. They appear to be green lenses that can slide over her eyes like a transparent eyelids. They are normally hidden from view except when needed. These lenses can be used for magnification for use as a magnifying glass or as binoculars, as well as see infrared. Also, they can see EM waves emitted by electronics which allows her to see what machines are using power and even the inner workings of a computer’s wires.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Specs is uppity and peppy. She also knows not of the boundaries around topics such as personal space, sexuality, possessions, and the like. As such, she sees no reason to be secretive about such things as these things are just there. They are not special so need not be treated as such. She also has no qualms with doing the dirtiest of work, so long as they achieve her goals.

Likes: Machines Dislikes: Broken parts, secrets Goals: Live life to its short fullest, as well as ‘help’ others where she can.



Specs led a fairly average Freespacer-y beginning. She was cloned, as all 'spacers are, and programmed. After her basic education in stasis, she explored various jobs including a spacecase, a dollmaker, and a codetalker, eventually finding that her calling was as a gearhead. With her future job picked, she followed the usual specialized digital training followed by her apprenticeship.

Once she was older, Specs had a stroke of bad luck. She had visited another ship to help out with some repairs, but on her way back to her home ship she got onto the wrong outbound shuttle. But, it was far too late when she realized she was going the wrong direction. So began her very impromptu adventure into the great unknown. Essentially, the lost Freespacer became a nomad, wandering space and getting a bit of work where she could. Since she was always connected to the polysentience, she could have always found her way home, but being 'lost' was just too much fun.

Service Record

-Assignment name-

-Description about assignment-

-Mission name-

-Description about mission-


Starship Operations

As a Freespacer, Specs has obviously spent her entire life in the confines of a spaceship. Because of this, she knows enough to fulfill a variety of roles regarding running such a ship.


Freespacers all have basic neural tech installed at birth for childhood education. These may be used later in life to accelerate learning ability, allowing a Freespacer to learn a skill in a fraction of the time it may take most humanoids. These also provide a small digital memory bank, allowing one to privately record and store memoirs, or share these with others. Finally one can download reference books or instruction manuals into this digital memory, giving others the illusion that a user knows much more than they truly do. This skills also allows them to stay connected to Polysentience and to access the collective consciousness of their race, and to remotely connect and interface to most technology.

Downloaded- Fighting Not necessarily a skill that she has, but since she has downloaded basic information on how to survive a gun fight. This means very basic tactics and how to operate the basic archetypes of weapons. It is very scripted. Since it is only downloaded, this skill does not come naturally. This information that she's downloaded also includes basic maintenance of guns, though, again, it's more of a manual than a real skill.

Maintenance and Repair

As a Type Three Freespacer whose specialized as a technician, she knows how to fix the majority of systems aboard a ship. Even if she can’t, she can deduce the problem fairly quickly, or just download the manual into her mindware.


She knows some basic cooking, that she’s picked up out of necessity at different points in her journey about the universe. Her limited skill is supplemented by her ability to download recipes with her mindware. In addition, she can clean things pretty well since she likes to keep the machines that she loves so dearly squeaky clean.

Clothing Another skill picked up from the life as a Freespacer. She's learned how to patch up normal clothing, as well as to alter it. The work is a bit crude, but it gets the job done.


Since she has been working with machines so much, she has some knowledge as to how to put things together and make something functional. This could be jury-rigging a fix or designing a simple little toy.



  • Nightie

Weather Gear

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • Boyshorts


Personal Hygiene


  • Electronic Money Card (New characters start with 3000 KS)



Specs is currently a -rank- on the ISC Enkidu. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2250 KS 750 Minus Bare Starting Inventory (More will be added later)

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