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Speshurblax is a NPC controlled by GM Samuel in the XSS Tiavareth plot.

Species: Mishhuvurthyar
Gender: Male
Organization: NMX
Occupation: Commander
Rank: Commander
Current Placement: XSS Tiavareth

Character Description

While Speshurblax is assumed to be an Advanced-Type Mishhuvurthyar, he employs an avatar through use of a parasite-infected Nepleslian. This Nepleslian male appears to have red eyes and a bald head. The avatar stands at 6'1โ€œ and wears an NMX Officer Uniform (Type 31) with a saber and sidearm at his hip.

History and Relationship Notes

Speshurblax, like the rest of his kind, is forceful and humorless. He does what he says, and is truthful in an egregiously blunt way. He is not, however, truly very violent โ€“ or at least his avatar has never been seen to be. He allows his subordinates to dirty their hands instead of himself. Speshurblax is fair to his humanoid subordinates, doling out punishments only as they are due, but makes no secret of his distaste for them. Speshurblax has yet to introduce himself on the public stage; He first appeared before non-mishhuvurthyar aboard the XSS Tiavareth, and at this point very little is known about his background or goals.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Mishhuvurthyar; Trade; Yamataian;
  • Public Speaking: Speshurblax doesn't flinch away from a crowd. He betrays very little when speaking to individuals or even large groups.


OOC Discussion

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