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A veteran Mishhuvurthyar warrior born in YE 24, Sprufnikkamazzar participated in the first YSE/SMX war where he served as an intelligence analyst and operations monitor for several SMX fleets. When the Sprufnikkamazzar's group of Mishhu withdrew in YE 29 due to heavy losses and logistical issues, Sprufnikkamazzar was promoted to a top-level advisor position where his talent was able to shine. Linking up with Mishhuvurthyar creator Dr. Shinichiro Nobumoto, MD, Sprufnikkamazzar was able to come up with a new Mishhuvurthyar force…the NMX.

Sprufnikkamazzar was a cold, calculating, and ruthless strategist who cares about long-term victory more than the lives of individuals. As de-facto leader of the YE 31 invasion, his methods were simple and effective - to hit the strongest nation in its strongest parts with such force that the rest of the known universe will lose its foundations and begin to collapse. To further this goal, Sprufnikkamazzar made use of extensive intelligence networks, infiltrating agents and zombies, and overwhelming numerical superiority achieved by mass production and reuse of captured materials.

Sprufnikkamazzar was a member of the Mishhuvurthyar assimilation sub-faction.

He was killed by Taii Nyton Claymere and Nitô Heisho Tom Freeman of the YSS Miharu at the Battle of Yamatai in YE 33.

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