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Stargazer Alphara Null Null 00-8909-8888

Stargazer Alphara Null Null 00-8909-8888 is a player character formerly played by Skuld. She has since been adopted by paladinrpg1), and is currently involved in the Skeleton Ensemble Plot plot.

Stargazer Alphara Null Null 00-8909-8888
Species: Type Three Freespacer
Gender: Female
Age: 12 (Born YE 26)
Height: 5'1“ (155cm)
Weight: 91 lbs (41kg)
Organization: The Free State
Occupation: Druidess / Stargazer
Rank: None
Current Placement: Skeleton Ensemble Plot

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'1” (155cm)
  • Mass: 91 lbs (41kg)
  • Measurements: 29C-21-28 (73C-50-70)

Build and Skin Color: Her genes have given her a slight, waif-like build and light skin. Spending much of her life on board ship has led her never having to build much in the way of muscle, though in her extensive travels in civilized lands she has gotten a bit more toned and tanned as a result. Though she is only 12 years old, due to the fact that Freespacer's bodies age faster than normal, she is physically more mature, appearing as nearly 26.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has pale green eyes that seem to be too large for her small nose. The corners of her face seem to want to be sharp, but none of them are, all tapering off into a slight curve. She employs two functional 'Peeper' Sensor Monocle units, normally green lenses tinted one red and one blue, lashed together on a metallic frame (reminiscent of the style of 3D Glasses), with wire bundles that plug into her neural interface to help her see outside the visual spectrum.

Ears: She has small ears that appear as if they have been pinned back. Dangling from each is a pair of strange looking hoop earrings made up of a collection of broken-off computer keys that she alleges helps her hear what the machines are saying better.

Hair Color and Style: She used to keep her hair on the longer side, running down to just above the small of her back – however in recent years, she has switched to a more shoulder-length style with tips that splay out at intervals. It is black like a raven's wings, with bio-engineered fire red streaks through out that taper to more concentrated scarlet near the ends. A neural interface port for her Mindware enhancements lies just at the base of her scalp and neck, though the metallic implant is able to be tastefully covered up by her hair if she needs to appear completely natural.

Distinguishing Features: She is almost always seen in a PACT designed, skin-tight Voidwalker bodysuit (somewhat similar in function to a EM-G6 Emrys Ship Jumpsuit) that covers most of her organic body from the neck down and protects from decompression. On top of this drab protection, she wears a very colorful, handcrafted sweater knit from rainbow thread by her friend Medic Merril 'Soft Touch' Ghere Lmanel, of the LSDF Akahar (before she became a monster, that is). It is quite oversized for her waif-like form, so she tends to wear it slouched off one shoulder with the bottom draping down to stop at her hips and cover her abdomen up completely. Several pieces of semi-precious, colorful gemstones that Lorath use as a form of money are haphazardly woven into the ends of the sleeves and bottom to dangle, jingling slightly and catching the light as she moves. On her legs are also pair of mismatched thigh-high striped stockings, also in an alternating red and blue pattern.

Around her neck she appears to wear a black choker, but these are in fact her diatoms. On the back of her left hand there is a patch of bluish skin that appears to be a simple blob, but on careful inspection it can be seen as the Blue Rift expanse – though the color is actually caused by many of her lichens pooling there.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: “I can laugh, or I can cry, and right now I choose to laugh.” Null chooses to be upbeat, she knows that her life hasn't been perfect, but others have been far worse, she wants to spend what little time she has left exploring what ever she can in the world around her. She has a habit of giving people broad smiles no matter how badly things are going around them. When it comes to her intimate life she knows what she wants and is willing to let any partner know when they are disappointing her. One of the few things she protects is her true name (preferring to go simply by Null Null); everyone who has ever spoken it to her in the past is now dead, and she'd like to keep the number of bodies to a minimum if she can help it, even if it's just a silly superstition.

Since “finding religion” during her exile in Lorath space and return to the Free State, […]

  • Likes: Stars and starmaps, going fast, deep fried crab legs, collecting relics, her rainbow sweater.
  • Dislikes: Endings, bio-slurry, thrustless ships, […]
  • Goals: She once wanted to go home, though such is now but cinders and ash. Now she realizes she must help make a new home, and reconnect the Freespacers who have been lost in the Blue Rift back to the Polysentience.


Family (or Creators)

Mothership cloning tank and genetic samples.


Like so many others she was born from a cloning vat. Unlike so many she had known, she survived the Freespacer Genocide by pure luck. She had been on a training mission to a near by uninhabited system. She spent a month on a cramped ship with three others, with supplies that had only been intended to last for a day and a half, thankfully the air and water recycler managed to hold on as they waited for the end to come and find them. It never did. For a while she lived with the rifters, but found herself among the exiles, she left with them for the freedom of the unknown expanse, and she was ready to die away from the people that had tried to end everything she had ever known. She found herself with two others on a small ship sitting and watching a star that was about ready to go nova, it was just the three of them watch, a scientist that had wanted to see such a rare event, herself, and the spacecase that had managed to convince the others that a stargazer should be there to record the change in the stellar maps. The calculations were wrong, the star went nova nearly a day earlier than it should have. They were caught in blast the very moment they came out of FTL travel. The spacecase managed to jump them out of there, when the drive finally burned out they came out 100 AU from the planet P1-3 Hope. It was a week before anyone came to investigate their distress beacon, by that time the Mastermind that had been with them was already dead, and the two of them weren't far behind. It was six hours seven minutes and nine seconds after their rescue that the spacecase died.

LDSF Akahar

Finding Religion

Skeleton Ensemble



As part of her new druidess mindset and focus, Null Null quickly became aware that her smiles and optimism alone could only go so far towards mending the great schism of their race – one had to start first by understanding the hearts and minds of each individual Freespacer where the true wounds lied. To this end, she spent many long hours devouring databases and psychology and sociology texts concerning how to better relate to organics & inorganics alike and begin to find solutions to their unique mindsets. This new knowledge, combined with her cheerful demeanor and capacity for empathy, often has her functioning as a problem solver to settle disputes and encourage cooperation in the face of adversity, as well as provide spiritual guidance according to the precepts of The Art of Never Again. She also has the vital role of being the official “face” of the Skeleton Ensemble's crew and it's Syntelligence Jack-o-Lantern, negotiating with the many outsiders they come across in their travels.


Null is fluent in many languages, such as Nepleslian Trade, Seraphim, and more recently picked up a good deal of conversational Ly'thir from her Lorath hosts. This is in additional to understanding rudimentary machine code to speak to SI-based, mechanical Freespacers. While not an expert, she has learned how to send and receive messages on a wide range of devices from small personal transmitters to larger fleet ships.

Starship Operations

Null was always drawn to the stars that she could see through the various monitors throughout the ship she grew up on. She clamored at the heels of pilots and navigators at every chance that she got, always wanting to be able to do what they do. Flying ships is one of the ways she feels at peace, even if she rarely gets the opportunity to do so outside of small personal shuttles, though she could manage a larger craft such as the Skeleton Ensemble in a pinch if she needed to take the helm instead of just navigate.

Maintenance and Repair

When all that stands between life and death of a thousand people is a milimetre of reactive plating having the response of “I don't know how to fix that” while a hole is sucking the air from your lungs isn't good enough, drills ever since she was little


Though she professes pacifism, after the genocide of her people it became clear that they would need to be able to defend themselves should their best efforts to remain unseen in the hidden places of the universe fail. The majority of her training focused on simple unarmed combat and short range weapons like basic pistols. There's no need for a battle rifle in a hallway that only goes on for a dozen meters.


Like all Freespacers, Null has had implants for as long as she can remember. Her implant allows her to directly interface with electronics of the ship, use assisted learning systems, as well as the virtual world of the Polysentience. She can also use a hardline directly to another non-organic SI Freespacer, in the case where other communication methods have failed or are not practical.


Being trained as a cartographer meant having a keen understanding of the strange way that the void of space bends and moves. The majority of what she knows is based on how large systems move, but the mathematics behind the lay lines and how to understand the physics of the unpredictable blue rift space were also a key part of her learning.


Meal time aboard ship was never particularly interesting. The bioslurry that she consumed for nutrition always left her mouth tasting the same way it did when ever she didn't manage to keep it down. She discovered some rarely accessed memory logs about a Freespacer who had returned to her people after serving as a cook. She devoured every memory that she could about cooking and as a result has a good idea how to cook, even if she never really had a chance to put her skills to the test until recently. Her travels through Lor and Nepleslia have only served to broaden her repertoire of things to try, though she is still particularly fond of fried foods for both the taste and calorie density for a hard working crew. Thanks to the Skeleton Ensemble's onboard crustacean farm, deep-fried crab is always on the menu to supplement the staple organic bio-slurry.


Stargazer Alphara Null Null 00-8909-8888 has the following items:


Stargazer Alphara Null Null 00-8909-8888 is currently a in the exiles.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Notes

In the case paladinrpg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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