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Steelrender Lycosidae Nine Two 92-4561-8893

Lycosidae is an NPC by Primitive Polygon for the 188604 / White Lament / Skeleton Ensemble plots.

Species: Freespacer Type Two Organic
Gender: Female
Age: 28 Years Physically / 14 Years Actual
Height: 4“3 ft
Weight: 842 kg
Organization: Wire Guided
Occupation: Fortress Hermit / Engineer
Current Placement: Planet 188604
Theme music
Decisive Action Kaneda's Theme

Physical Characteristics

A small, rotund form with a vast amount of teal-metal cyborgizations. Their pale face has plumped cheeks and thick eyebrows, with contrasting large heterochromatic green-red eyes and messily braided orange hair. A slightly pudgy chest sits on a boxy, robust pair of tank track pods instead of legs. Both arms are also sternly practical robotic attachments, with the right limb frequently bearing a heavy firearm and only a smaller, more rudimentary manipulator as an afterthought.

Because of the all the hydraulics and pine-scented metal polish, it's noted that they have a bit of a strange 'new car' smell.

Psychological Characteristics

“Pumped full of false hopes and dreams… We were born to serve just long as they needed us, that's the real truth. You are the only one that keeps yourself alive.”

Personality: Bitter, short tempered, but distinctly cerebral, Lyco is an uncompromising individual who hates the weakness she sees in both herself and others. They value honor, but are not forgiving of those who follow blind idealism. Long periods of isolation have made them pretty verbose and over dramatic when talking, their stern and raspy voice often possessing little in the way of humor. Perhaps more desperate and lonely than they would ever freely admit, it's all hidden under a constant veneer of agitation and distaste for those around her.

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about them is that they are quite logical and completely willing to accept when their actions are wrong, albeit not always so honor-bound as to stop notions of revenge from controlling their actions.

  • Likes: Self reliance. Junk food. The ebook Discord Of Beings. Old Yamatai Anime.
  • Dislikes: Signs of pity. 'Parasites' who cannot survive without dragging down others. False promises. Hackers.
  • Goals: Break down the polysentience. Build really big fortresses.


Family (or Creators)

Freespacer Mothership “Silent Sun”, from the fleet “Celestial Circus”.


Believed to have originated in the same fleet as Treasure Three Three, Lyco was exiled from her fleet simply for being too cyborgized to operate within a colony which had now chosen to become completely insular and one with their new home planet.

The story that follows is one of almost continuous rejection. The pure-cyborg fleet that was forced to flee back to known space decided to become piratical, eventually employing extremely violent means which a young Lyco found quite upsetting. They ended up escaping simply because they did not believe their combat potential was high enough to remain alive among them, but later regretted her decision for abandoning the only family she had left, as twisted as they had become.

A degree of technical skill found her employed by the Astral Locksmiths for a while after this, which at first seemed like a stroke of good fortune. She soon found her typecasting as a backwater nobody basically relegated her to acting as a sentient forklift, work that the woman found highly demeaning.

It was almost out of spite that Lyco eventually took their secrets to the Viridan Array. The plan rather backfired on the ill-manned and not particularly charismatic tank-spacer, who instead found both sides now completely distrusting her.

Despair and confusion as to her direction in life eventually led them to a small hidden cult roosting in the Port Hope system, formed from many former IWL members who couldn't quite give up the war against Yamatai. It was here that she encountered a tome known as the Discord Of Beings, a counterpoint to famous The Art of Never Again. Within it's pages was pure individualism, talking of ideas such as civilization being a cage and human biology being the one thing still holding the Deoradh back from true transcendence.

After this point, they began using their knowledge of the Leyline system to keep an eye on Locksmith operations, eventually finding out about a plan to steal the incomplete remains of the strat-ops third computer from it's secret hiding place, deep within the vaults of Freehold Factory. Eager to get a one up on those who slighted her, Lycosidae hatched a plan to infiltrate the planet, disable all of the outward gates, and use the vast relics there to build up an army over night.

A new family, hundreds of nothing but pureblooded NU automata. One that would never demean her, or threaten to quash her small life for their own intentions. The cult of the Discord Of Beings offered their praises, but Lyco shot down their advances just the same. After all, only a real hypocrite would claim to be independent and then benefit from the work of others.

She'd use that mighty computer, and find a way to transcend all by herself…


Having her secret base suddenly attacked and invaded after an ill-advised warning shot, Lycosidae suddenly found herself the prisoner of Independent overnight. The manufacture of the Deathcrawler Autotank was still in early days at that point, and it ended up being the bargaining chip which they used to insure their personal survival instead. Transported to the planet 188604 but stuck without a ship of their own, their only option was now to further aid the new-fangled organisation in order for her to build up resources again.

They remained adamant about acting independently, however, and intend to strike out alone once more, when a better plan of action could be formed.


By the beginning of YE 39, the White Lament had left on its own errands, and Lyco was still stuck on planet 188604, now constructing a subway system with a smattering of local help. Progress was slow.

A plan (formed along with Alex Tasuki) to use the Strat-Ops to construct some new AI crew members was the unexpected turning point. This got the attention of the Wire Guided, along with the genetics work of Cloudy Truffleclub, which ended with them deciding to build a limited research base there. Lyco's workforce of junkers was heavily involved in the construction of the Throne Of Brass, unwittingly involving her in the organisation.

Now there was just the task of allowing those AIs to flourish, and protecting them from the imperialist ideals that they were technically created to work for…


Mechanical Fabrication: Lyco is extremely adept at creating and maintaining industrial robotics systems, even out of salvaged or recycled technology. They have a particular knack for junkers and land vehicles, often those built from heavyweight metals designed for combat or hard labour. Space ships are a bit more of a foggy area, but they are at least capable of repairing such systems. Yamatai technology on the other hand is something they haven’t had much of a chance to work with at all, and thus tend to improvise solutions with at the best of times.

Structural Engineering: Originally programmed into her as data concerning mining operations, Lyco has become surprisingly adept at constructing gravity-bound bases in recent years, particularly ones with underground elements. They are capable of designing something like a subway or an aqueduct, or to a lesser extent, providing assistance with above-ground buildings. Three years of building a secret underground base in isolation will do that to a person.

Mindware Communication: Basic trade and Freespacer cognitive machine language vocabularies. A radio transmitter is built into their head, but paranoia over being hacked or overtly influenced means they tend to leave it turned off in day-to-day business.

Programming: Lyco is an average level, self-taught programmer, who can write basic AI software for her drones, but not much else. They are a poor hacker, but could do something like open an electronically sealed door, or take control of a turret, if provided with a direct hardwired connection and about five minutes of trial and error.

Cybernetics: Rare amongst freespacers, Lyco’s body has been personally redesigned to deal with heavyweight industrial processes on planetary surfaces. They can crush metal with their bare fingers, and lift or drag up to four times their body weight. A bit slow and cumbersome to be used in a firefight, but they can carry extremely heavy firearms even over rough terrain.

Alrough she was already a cyborg from birth, many of these new modules were constructed personally using her knowledge of robotics. This makes her marginally capable of maintaining the cyberware of others, but an extremely poor surgeon.

Starship Operations: A dubious and disinterested pilot who hasn’t flown anything in years, but none the less had mindware-uploaded knowledge given to her at a very young age. It’s just like riding a bike, right?

Ambush and Sabotage: Lyco wasn’t originally designed for combat by any means, but years of striving for true independence have made them eager to design the perfect traps and bottlenecks for any that should come after them. They are knowledgeable about base defence, the convert movement of heavy drones to hide one’s true numbers, and how to set up explosives. It doesn’t always work out perfectly, but definitely something they put passion into.


Steelrender Lycosidae Nine Two 92-4561-8893 has the following items:

  • A Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel laser repeater gun for their right arm. It uses battery power.
  • Twenty Death Crawler Autotanks, through sixteen are either half-completed or broken down.
  • Eleven modified Junker industrial assistant drones.
  • A pile of computer consoles used to proxy a Polysentience connection.
  • Her voidwalker suit, or rather just the chest and helmet of one. Teal with a gold visor, and a detachable collar transmission unit. It's pretty old and outdated.
  • A gross pile of tank tops and panties, technicolour and contaminated with all sorts of industrial liquids and powders. They have evidently never heard of a washing machine.
  • A backup memory hard drive, contains The Discord Of Beings, plus various AI programming tools and blueprints.
  • A cardboard box filled with anti-bacterial capsules and a couple of small spare parts.
  • Eight rechargeable cybernetics batteries. They are starting to get a bit old and need to be swapped daily, fitting over the small of her back in pairs.

Alternate Art

(Light-metal body.)

OOC Information

In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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